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This started as a place for the fans of the Haylo fanon, where news on new spin-offs can be posted and you can talk with other fans of Haylo, Halo, and MLP: FiM. However, it expanded to all Halo crossovers, and all fandoms involving Halo and MLP: FiM. If you have written, or are currently writing as Halo/Pony crossover, please add it to this group. Also, as much as I enjoy freedom of speech, please, keep the hate and flame to a minimum.

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I know that now, idiot. :ajbemused:

Decided to return since Halo is finally on PC. Of course I've still been playing Xbox One; but just not Halo on it.

Man what I wouldn't give for the EQSC clan to return to its former glory right about now:applejackunsure:.

I want to try or have someone try to make a story with a Stoic San'Shyuum or a San'Shyuum Prelate in equestria.
Remember that not all things are black and white some of the prophet could generally be good being just

What this page needs is more Forerunner stuff like the Fucking Didact, Liberian and bunch of other Forerunner stuff I REALLY MEAN IT THAT IS MY REQUEST.

How about a civilian class space crusier, just jam packed with secret doors that reveal guns

382474 that is the most correct thing ever, ever

382473 Romance writing is full of examples of too fast or too slow. With Halo though, it's a tricky line to walk. What would be classified, and what wouldn't be? How many aliens have they killed, and so on. They spend all their time on the romance part and nothing on pacing with regards to how much character growth is even possible when the main character can't even talk about themselves without breaking every regulation imaginable.

382471 there are few good stories with romance written correctly ether it is to fast or way to slow start then there are haylo fics were unsc members surrender there armor or weapons to ponies who in there right mind would think that Is a good idea

382461 Ah, so it's not really the romance part that you don't like, it's romance with ponies. I can see that I suppose. Fighting aliens for years would sort of make "Pulling a Kirk" kind of difficult, and thus unrealistic. Then again, that probably won't stop people from writing it. I've seen a few where it seems to work out fine, but for the most part, it's usually terrible.

382384 well I understand with other Spartans but not with ponies I ment to say anypony in my last comment but I was in rush

380712 Actually, it is possible for the III series of Spartans to have a Romance in the stories that they're featured. The main reasoning behind this is that they used different methods to gain their augmentation results. What caused the suppressed sexual drive the series II was a a type of Thyroid implant that caused intense muscle and bone growth; Something that is non-existent in the III series (which used a chemical cocktail in order to achieve a similar result). I'm already writing a crossover that features a S-III romance. Hence the research.


You know I just don't like when people write stories with a spartan 2 or 3 that have them in a relationship with anyone because Spartans basically have no sexdrive because of there augmentations which would not allow romance to happen because it would 1% in 900000000%

He lready has 1 sooooo:facehoof:

Comment posted by Cheezer1212 deleted Oct 10th, 2014

Hey, does anyone want to be my beta-reader? I'm working on my first-ever story, and I don't think it's as good as it can be. However, I don't know what to edit. The story's name is "I? I am the Vanguard of Your Destruction."

Why is it that people on here post stories that they will never finish and or will take months to update? I see more stories added here than are finished. Come on people!

I need help finding a story I once saw in this group, I can't remember the name but the main thing was that a huragok (engineer) was teleported to equestria and apple bloom found it.

Someone should make a story about ghost and his badass prototype armour.

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