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This is a place where we will love and tolerate any self promoters, whoever they might be. In this group, you can promote anything pony-related without fear of reprisal. In fact, bashing on people for self promotion here is a good way to get in trouble!

Normal site rules do apply. You can't post or link to NFSW pictures or stories, and if you do, the thread will be deleted, though we usually give you a chance to edit your post first.

Of course, you can promote them. You just have to do things like link to your story list and mention which story you are promoting in your post and such.

Threads might get locked if they turn into a flame war, and you shouldn't be insulting other people, trolling, and so on. You can find the group rules here. Keep in mind you also are only allowed to promote the same thing once a week, too.

We even have a helpful guide to promoting for you!

So go forward and promote whatever you want! Post it to all the folders that apply. If it's pony-related and you can point to it, you can promote it. So be shameless!

[NOTE TO NEWCOMERS: please post promotions in the forum, not on this page! Nobody will see it if you post it on this page.]

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Comment posted by Samneo Ranvaal deleted March 2nd

Hi guys can you check out my new story the chaos theory also how do I ad stories to the group

Hi everypony!
I'm Scarlet Thorn!
I have a story that features yours truly! I fight monsters and am trying to save Equestria while maintaining my life as a Ponyville citizen.

If you would kindly read, and maybe like, "Tales from the Equestrian Others- The Fallen Angel of Ponyville" that would be lovely.
I'd be truly grateful.

HEY YOU! Yes, you!

Wanting to overthrow a goverment or have world domination at your hooves? It's your lucky day!

Visit Equelon Weaponry Solutions and White Trail Defense and Aerospace today and get an evil villain discount with your first purchase!

Depends, are you writing the story for the fans of the crossover or are you trying to write for any reader.
If the former, don't say the rules at all unless you make alterations.
If the latter, have the rules unfold throughout the series in well placed reveals.

If I'm about to write a fanfic about a card game some of my audience might not know how to play, how much time should I spend explaining the rules of the game?

I suggest to the admin to update some links, thank you for having me

Well...I mean couldn't you link to NSFW stories? This site hosts them.

It's not like a wall of text ever offended a passerby anyway.

Hey, kid, wanna buy some blank verse?

Read Much Ado About Friendship
It's that thing you like, My Little Pony, but with blank verse!

I don't really know what other group to put this in, to be honest. It's pretty unique, if I do say so myself, so hopefully it will be worth promoting here.

Flight tells the story of the pegasus rebellion against an oppressive batpony regime that taught them they couldn't fly. It's an allegory with many sub-surface themes, like true empathy and how to combat depression. I hope you enjoy reading it! :pinkiehappy:

WAIT is that Poison Joke on Sweetie Belle's head??!!!

A helpful comment from a friendly pony that loves Silverspoon? A Link to a spinoff of Hard Reset, the fic that made me notice Fimfiction?! Followed! I am new around here, so thank you for the guidance on my post to the Shameless promotion group. Appreciate the help, totally. Check out my fic if you get the chance. I am working on putting out a polished product and will add art too as my 14 y.o. daughter creates it. This is why it suddenly has cutie marks at story breaks and now a pic in the introductory scene for the antagonist. More to come. Should be fun, should be funny, should be major action and feels later, and should be entertaining!


No. :) Group members don't get notified when comments are left on a group's front page, so it's unlikely anyone will see this. You should post your promotion as a thread on the group's forum, which will ensure it shows up in people's feeds.

Hey, all you shameless promoters! Let me try this... okay. Ahem. (Epic Movie Trailer Voice)
Now, coming to a website near you! The Amulet of Shades
Staring: Celestia! Don't show this, that was a bad memory!
And Luna: Wait! How dare you! The ponies love me now!
And featuring: Twilight Sparkle! "What? That was a totally bad hair day!"
And guest star, Tempest! "Umm. No comment."
You will be riveted by daring rescues! Narrow escapes! Action! Tender love! And best of all, a sequel is already planned. Come and read! Come view the comic! Its.... The Amulet of Shades!!!"

Am I doing this right?:pinkiecrazy:

Hello everyone! We are a humanized MLP roleplaying group that runs on Skype. Our blog name is our-stories-of-friendship on Tumblr. If you could just give us a quick look to see if you’d be interested in joining that would be fantastic. We have a variety of characters available along with plenty of opportunities for you to meet writers and create stories with them.

Once again, here is a link if you're interested. Hope to see you soon!

"Fans of Pwivate Pansy, co-founder of the Eqwestrian Nation... wejoice! I shall welease... a fan gwoup!"

Private Pansy, one of three, reporting for duty (if shaking a bit). It's a mare's life in the pegasus army. All volunteers welcome! Helmets and pikes provided upon entry. I, Impossible Numbers... hope to see you at the last days of Pegasopolis. Just, um, be careful a funny thing doesn't happen on the way to the Forum, OK?

Events this week: "Been-Hurt!" chariot racing, so-named because of its competitor's most popular war cry.

All fans welcome. Come show solidarity with Private Pansy!

Equestrian City - Episode 1 is up and ready to read! Ten years after The Canterlot Disaster, we look in on how everyone is settling into life in the welcoming community of Equestrian City!

Full Friendships' Magic

four Part chapter is out! featuring the OC winners


How to read the new chapter

I would like to try experimenting on my new chapters by adding some OST music from Naruto and Ragnarok Online which I think it would fit in the scenarios. So I'll be adding this symbol ♬ for you readers to play the OST I pick on that moment, just right click at the symbol and open another tab.

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