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[NOTE TO NEWCOMERS: please post promotions in the forum, not on this page! Nobody will see it if you post it on this page.]

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Hey there!

The Ghost of Coltistrano is a fun, cape and cowl adventure diving into themes of heroism in a conflict spanning three entries, including Restless Peace and Phantom Eulogy. If you've been looking for something to scratch your pulp hero itch, this is the place.

Stop by and enjoy!

TThe Ghost of Coltistrano
There are stories children are told of a figure in black, emerging from the darkness to strike at those who threaten the goodness of the world. This creature is the Ghost, but for young Silver Spade, it's his last hope for vengeance beyond the grave.
EthanClark · 90k words  ·  29  1 · 1.7k views

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy my new work! It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’m super proud of it so far. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged!

Just making a comment here for those interested, I have posted a story a day ago that currently had 6 chapters and 11k words and is NSFW that you can find on my profile or by searching Corruption is Magic with Mature content on. If your in to some Twilight NSFW stories or just want a planned to be long running story then feel free to stop by and even it's not to your liking that's all good.

I hope you all have a good day and that those who pop by enjoy and say high in the comments. :D

hey so I accidently miskicked this story when it was being written and I can't repost it so act like this just got through the front page please as I just finished it

Comment posted by KenDoStudios deleted Nov 29th, 2022

Ponies Versus the Internet - Fimfiction 10 likes special! for the celebration 10 likes, I'm sharing this and advertising across all platforms! the story is still open so make comments for story topics!

Thxs for having me here guys!

HEY, ALL Chapter 2 pt.1 of my book "as the clock turns" is complete! if you thought chapter one had a crazy cliffhanger read this and have all the questions answered!

As The Clock Turns - Fimfiction

thanks for this post

This dude is hilarious! Help support the changeling who reviews fanfiction!

Hello all! I'm kenneth, and at the moment I'm just trying to make some traction on my follow count because so far it is 0, and it's been a month. I am currently working on one fanfiction and it's a story I think will be one of the greats, maybe even one of the pillars. hahah maybe not, but still would like people to read it and see what you think, but mostly looking for friends of the same caliber who want to be watched without having to deal with the baggage of accountability... because i think this will be the only thing i write. as of right now. so give me a follow I will def follow back and read the stuff you have in return.

here is the book I'm currently editing in case your interested As The Clock Turns - Fimfiction

Howdy everyone! I write fanfics from obscure fandoms and small tags like watchdogs and Bastion. If you're interested in watching Aiden Pierce get adjusted to a magical body, check out Determination on my profile! If you wanna see the survivors of a devastating Calamity make an alliance with the Changelings, check out "Who Knows Where"

pls read! I need criticism! Like all of it. Enough to make me comatose.

Hey, I am a new joiner. Just wanted to say hi!

Dude, no one wants to listen to you go on and on about a stupid crusade that’s not going to accomplish anything except give you a bad reputation.

I have the right to promote Save MLP as much as once a week, not once a month, just like every other member of this group. Stop being biased.

Normally it ain't my style, but I wrote something In a genre I'm unfamiliar with and I would like to see if I can get a bit of feedback on how I could improve. If you wanna read something sad and tell me how I could convey the sad better, give my latest fic, Beside Myself a look and tell me what you thought ^^

Hiya. }:)

I write stuff, but I won't post it here; that's what the rules say NOT to do.

Instead, I'll say that I've really come a long way since I started writing, and the work I've done here has been rewarding in its' own fashion. I've been a bit, er... hesitant to join this group, as I actually have a fairly decent-sized amount of shame. Not because my stories are NSFW, really... more because I'm just a bashful person, and I don't do too well with the idea of openly self-promoting my work.

On the other hoof, I really should learn to get over myself and make that chance happen; to put forth my characters and their story into the world where they can find the right eyes and minds... and even hearts... to dwell in.

So... well, here I am.

I'd be humbly honored if anyone wants to check out my stories, but it's not necessary - I'll still be your friend, if you like. }:)

How do add folders to a group after you’ve already made it ???

Comment posted by Reactception deleted Apr 7th, 2021
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