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We even have a helpful guide to promoting for you!

So go forward and promote whatever you want! Post it to all the folders that apply. If it's pony-related and you can point to it, you can promote it. So be shameless!

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Hey, all you shameless promoters!  Let me try this... okay. Ahem.  (Epic Movie Trailer Voice)

Now, coming to a website near you!  The Amulet of Shades

Staring: Celestia! Don't show this, that was a bad memory!

And Luna: Wait!  Don't show that!  The ponies love me now!

And featuring: Twilight Sparkle! "Dont show that, that's when Spike burnt off my tail!"

And guest star, Tempest! "Umm.  No comment."

You will be riveted by daring rescues!  Narrow escapes!  Action!  Tender love!  And best of all, a sequel is already planned.  Come and read!  Come view the comic!  Its.... The Amulet of Shades!!!"

Am I doing this right?:pinkiecrazy:

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Hello everyone! We are a humanized MLP roleplaying group that runs on Skype. Our blog name is our-stories-of-friendship on Tumblr. If you could just give us a quick look to see if you’d be interested in joining that would be fantastic. We have a variety of characters available along with plenty of opportunities for you to meet writers and create stories with them.

Once again, here is a link if you're interested. Hope to see you soon!

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"Fans of Pwivate Pansy, co-founder of the Eqwestrian Nation... wejoice! I shall welease... a fan gwoup!"

Private Pansy, one of three, reporting for duty (if shaking a bit). It's a mare's life in the pegasus army. All volunteers welcome! Helmets and pikes provided upon entry. I, Impossible Numbers... hope to see you at the last days of Pegasopolis. Just, um, be careful a funny thing doesn't happen on the way to the Forum, OK?

Events this week: "Been-Hurt!" chariot racing, so-named because of its competitor's most popular war cry.

All fans welcome. Come show solidarity with Private Pansy!

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Equestrian City - Episode 1 is up and ready to read! Ten years after The Canterlot Disaster, we look in on how everyone is settling into life in the welcoming community of Equestrian City!

#1,251 · 4w, 4d ago · · ·

Full Friendships' Magic

four Part chapter is out! featuring the OC winners


How to read the new chapter

I would like to try experimenting on my new chapters by adding some OST music from Naruto and Ragnarok Online which I think it would fit in the scenarios. So I'll be adding this symbol ♬ for you readers to play the OST I pick on that moment, just right click at the symbol and open another tab.

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Full Friendship's Magic

New chapter coming soon. Check it.

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Hey...Hey you, I heard you like stories

Well guess what, I just put out my second chapter of The legend of Lee Roy

what! you didn't even read my last chapter!? what are you doing?

Okay, okay ask yourself, do you like OC's do you think there interesting?

Do you like Hero's, who doesn't like hero's you probably read stories about one or all of are six mane hero's

Okay your like, "But LeeRoy you handsome and beautiful man, I don't want to just read about an OC,"

whoa there my pony loving friend, it ain't just about him.

You like Twilight, we got Twilight being adorkable

You like Pinkie breaks, Ninety-five percent of her lines are Pinkie breaks.

Don't like Spike, your in luck he is barely in the story.

Hey I'm also Sixty-seven present sure Celestia and Luna here there too.

Okay,  some of you are completely convinced and will read everything, thumbs it up, leave a comment but some of you are still, Meh. Some of you are probably more experienced writers and are checking my spelling as we speak. But what do you have to lose come by and read tell me everything I did wrong, I can take it -my ego is far to inflated to be damaged now.

Come on by, you might like what you see.

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Don't mind me, just putting this out here...

Bound By Stars (Sci-Fi)

...there we go, and now, we wait!

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Greetings! I've got a story I'm writing that I'd love to shamelessly self promote :)

Following a single change in the Rainbow Rocks Movie, Sunset Shimmer fails to entirely learn her lesson of friendship and it's magical qualities. Instead, the choice she makes at the end of the movie has massive ramifications, sending the timeline spiraling into a completely new direction! Superheroes and Equestria Girls done with many nods to both old and newer comic book styles, Equestrian City starts here!

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I'm having an OC audition on who gets to be the mayor of who in a story. you lads should check it out.

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Is that Poison Joke on Sweetie Belle's head?

#1,244 · 6w, 6d ago · · ·


If that doesn't work...

Come one, come all! For this is a story about everypony's favorite MLP character, the Grrreat and Powerful Trixie!!! Nothing else, no cheap tricks, just Trixie and a honest day of work... And fun for everyone or pony!!!

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Hey what's up guys, it's Daddy Joe.  

i'm here to shamelessly fulfill my purpose in this group and advertise my first and latest story: Equestria

Please let me know what you think and leave a like if you feel like it. :moustache:

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My Little Pony Full Friendships' Magic

At long last, the chapter I'ven been troubling writing is done. It took me a while to post new chapters all because I have to re-think about the scenario I wanted to write. But I did write a few in advance but it's just I have some IRL stuff to do and I have little time to improve and even stay online to look for a proofreader who could help me with my story.

If I some I how I found a suitable proofreader/editor I could publish my chapters weekly (depends on the agreement). As of now enjoy what I could write on my chapters. Re-writes will be informed.

Thank you for all your support.

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Hey, y'all. Newbie here with semi-decent (in my opinion, which is usually terrible) story, my first. It's about alternate dimensions and Rainbow Dash, and will have two chapters by Tuesday, hopefully. Here it is:

Be gentle, my ego bruises easily.

#1,240 · 11w, 4d ago · · · active comments section. i think i can have fun with this...later.

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Hey all! I just published a chapter here for the first time in probably a year, and I'm feeling pretty good!

The Princess of Equality

In this story, Starlight Glimmer does so well in her studies with Twilight that she becomes an alicorn... and she's not happy about it.

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Hi all, I'm here to advertise my nice little story where I take dear little Sweetie Belle, plop her in the middle of a mass war, and slowly have her lose her innocent little mind and go insane as I make her a cold blooded killer.

Enjoy! :twilightsmile:

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Canary wakes in a dark and musty prison cell, deep below the earth. She and her people were repressed by a batpony regime, which brainwashed the pegasi into believing they couldn't fly.

FLIGHT follows her escape and rebellion, following themes of Truth, Depression, Revenge, and Love! :pinkiehappy:

Click here to read the story!

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Cause I can't resist a good title for a group like this, let's see what hidden gems we have to offer here.

That little voice inside my head: Hey, hey Scribe? Aren't you here just to promote yourself like the shameless doofus you are?

...maaaaaybe... ...ok, fine! On top of trying to find something new to fill my reading time, I thought I could get a few feedbacks on a piece that I'm working on too. Oh, and don't worry.

I like it rough :eeyup:

The Link

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