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Part-time writer, pony enthusiast, and currently building a world around The Ghost of Coltistrano. Here to present tales of adventure, heroism, excitement, and a hint of romance.



For decades, the tales of heroes and capes have captured the minds of young children across Equestria. Stories of villainy most foul and the brave ponies who stopped at nothing to secure freedom and justice. It has been 20 years since a new story has been told, and as the young and brash Silver Spade is about to learn, some heroes are born through fire.

Follow this tale of conspiracy and corruption, of perseverance and dignity, as the forces lurking in Canterlot's shadow are revealed and the battle is fought for one stallion's vengeance.


Welcome to The Ghost of Coltistrano. As a little context to this story, it's something of a love letter to the age of old pulp heroes like Zorro, Lone Ranger, the Shadow, etc.. I really wanted to try my hand at both writing a novel and setting up a world where these sort of pulp themes intertwine with the MLP show itself. As you read, you may find hints and easter eggs to other properties, all of which are intentional, and are meant to pay homage to the many sources of inspiration this story has. +5 points to anyone who finds them all :raritywink:

Depending on the turnout of this story it may be turned into a full-fledged series, including short stories and larger installments later on down the road. So please, enjoy. Check out the sequel!

Cover art by the ever-talented Siansaar!

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Great work! I'm really interested in this world you have built.

Keep it up!

Don't worry about that, the story's done. Just need to upload it in segments to reach a wider audience. There should be more every three to four days, or so.

So I take it Silver Spade is related in some way to Shadow Spade?

Nope, didn't even think of that, honestly.

This was a fantastic ride. Excellent job!

Fantastic characterization. I'm really enjoying this thus far.

When this is all over, I’m sticking to dresses.

Probably for the best; don't need your mane going gray early, Rarity.
But I do have to say, Rarity Investigates quite well here. Great, pure-fun work, Clark.

Incredible work!

I've always enjoyed your work, and this one took me a long while to get around to reading. This is definitely your finest craft, and everything about it has just been an absolute joy to experience. Right off the bat, your pacing was pretty damn solid, but the characterization and craftsmanship you put into this world shone through just as quickly, and it certainly held out all the way through. There's just so much to work with here, and it's unfortunate that this work is so underappreciated.

A great read indeed. Thanks for writing, and I'm sorry I couldn't get to this sooner. This really was an awe-some tale.

Thanks for the kind words, friend. I'm glad you enjoyed the ride. In my defense, this story probably came out a little too late for it to gain the same traction it could've when the show was airing, but I wanted to make it nonetheless.

That said, how many of the hints and easter eggs did you find? :pinkiehappy:

Hey, great to hear from you!

Pah, I'd be lying if I said I found (or remembered finding) any hints or easter eggs :twilightsheepish:... my excuse comes in the form of this being one of my late night binges (probably an 11-4AM reading period). For sure, though, I do recall in some part nodding my head and going "yup, that's important," so I couldn't have missed everything.

This is a really enjoyable story, however, so it's worthy of a reread, and if I do get a chance to go through with a reread, I'll do my best to bring back as many of your surprises as I can. Promise. :rainbowdetermined2:

If Silver Spade was voiced, what would he sound like?

I had always imagined his tone to be divided when he speaks. When in costume, he would take on a deeper, firmer pitch to match the mystery he's trying to portray. Not stern or gravelly, though, a little more welcoming than some Christian Bale smoker voice thing. When he's Silver it'd be a lighter tone. A little boyish when he's excited or enthusiastic, but overall the voice you'd expect a kinder person to have. Aristo, on the other hand, is a pompous ass with an accent as thick as his wallet. I'm sure you can imagine what that sounds like.

Imagine how Kevin Conroy divides his speech between Bruce Wayne and Batman, but not as extreme a difference.

Always a pleasure to know my favorite breakfast food approves of my work :pinkiehappy: Glad you enjoyed it!

Always glad to help your mornings along, lmk if you’re lacking in some syrup

Absolutely astounding! Cant wait to read the sequel. I hope this will be published at some point it needs to be. When I heard silver say to seranade “I want my father back” I couldn’t help but think of inigo Montoya from princess bride.

🎉Congrats, you found one of the easter eggs :pinkiehappy:

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