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This story is a sequel to A Noble Death

Known as the Angel of Las Pegasus to the ponies and the Demon to the changelings, Lieutenant Sierra-B312 Callsign ‘Noble Six’ has certainly made a name for herself.

From the streets of Canterlot to the tunnels of the Grand Hive of the Empress, Six brought the war between pony and changeling-kind to its conclusion. But now that peace reigns, what is a Spartan to do? Is she more than a living weapon? And what would happen to her should her newest family meet the same fate as her old one?

And with the recent return of the Crystal Empire after months of ever-growing restlessness, the answers she has been looking for may finally become clear.

But with every light, a shadow is cast, and one last question will become clear:

Is she afraid of what waits in the dark?

Coverart made by Crimsonwolf360

Tags will be added as the story progresses to prevent spoilers.

And I dedicate this story to you Frazy, whenever people see Six they will be thinking of the design you brought to life, may your retirement from drawing be filled with fuzzy ferret love.

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That Fan art alone is priceless. I wonder if they can teach the Warbitch (Warhound just female) to life a little :pinkiesad2:

Isn't Six still recovering from the Duel vs Phasmatodea? I hope her freshscars don't rip open. Some of them where rather deep if i remember correctly...

I hope for 3rd installment when Eques is dragged into the Human Covenant War. Six and Master Chief working together to finish the fight.

This O&O environment is great for character building and worldbuilding :coolphoto:👍
Since Six is forced to use more tactic than brute force I am very interested to see her adapting to new situations and limitations!

“This is where you, my niece, and my nephew-in-law come in,” began the solar alicorn drawing the gathered ponies’ attention. “While the Shadow King may still pose a threat, the ponies of the Crystal Empire must take priority. They are a society out of time, and they need guidance if they are to survive in the frozen north with their society and technology now a millenia out of date. The two of you must travel there to restore order and prevent Sombra from regaining his stolen crown.”

The will have food and water problems.
Mutch more importantly is that illnesses mutated for 1000 years and their immune system will be overwhelmed.
A singel common cold will probably get them in near critical condition.
What about mental health? Sombra in Canon and Fimfiction loved to use mind magic...
The Crystal Empire need there for Guards, Medical personnel and supplies, food & water and most importantly leadership...

- Applejack orchard perhaps focused to sell to the Crystal Empire?
- Rainbowdash helping with water and weather?
- Rarity with Clothing and furniture?
- Pinkie Pie with moral and delicious backing!
- Fluttershy with mental healing and a kind hug or three?
- Twilight to bring them up to speed in modern spells and history.
- Spike shows how Equestria nurturing more than just Pony races and perhaps send a fireball in Sombras face when catching the Crystal Heart? Spike O-rbital D-rop S-hock T-rooper...
- Derpy Hooves and Dr Who because you just know they saved the day from behind the scenes...

Orderly Disassembly i guess your Avatar of Sauron Eyes is very fitting for Sombras return.
Or do i mistakes the picture?
More like continues, after all this is Nobel Six third story :rainbowdetermined2:👍
Lets hope not. The Alliance can glass a planet from Orbit after all...

“That's a Hit! Roll for damage.”

“Why would I roll for damage? I stab them lethally,” Six responded, completely serious.

how I would explain is that rolling for hit is to see if you make contact, and rolling for damage is to see how deep of a cut you make

How will Six deal with an enemy made of magic smoke? And the mind magic....

A sequel to such an awesome story?! This can only be the work of-

Very excited for this one.

curious why there is no prostectic for Luna's eye. i would think an enchanted gem to make up for it?

This has already been a fun read, I look forward to the next chapter.

Welcome back, looking forward for the sequel : )

“The three of you can feel the tendrils of dark magic begin to intrude upon your minds. On Messerschmitt’s and Ana’s minds, they find no purchase but, in Kage’s, they latch on like a snake would a mou-“

Is that foreshadowing I smell. :trollestia:

“She did,” the Spartan responded with a hint of pride in her voice. “While she is no Spartan. She is one hell of an ODST.”

Is this a Helljumpers reference

Oh hey, I drew your profile picture XD

And so another story begins. Not with death, but with a game. Let's see where this goes!


MFW the both of you are literally in my discord server XD

Well don't reveal the plot all at once! 😄😅
Six will need a lot of adaptation to survive this...

Yes! Finally!!! I've been dying to read the sequel. Well done Connor!

Who would it not? It fits rather well, further it helps both storys.

I know it not cannon yet for Approaching Apotheosis

Yet... But it gives us a Interessting time frame...

I love the D&D adventure you did. Really reminds me of Tiny Tina's Wonderland and what happened to Dr. Halsey and the rest of the UNSC soldiers that are dead/ponies now. Will anyone else show up in Equestria will Our favorite A.I come in the show as well?

If you are referring to the chapter in the previous story that had Halsey and the UNSC soldiers, that was a dream sequence.

Oh so we’re going the intelligent and not insane Sombra route. Well there goes any plans for an easy victory.

This flew under my raydar(cant spell lol)

Six, even with her rudimentary knowledge of weather phenomena, could tell something was off about this blizzard.

This is not a naturally occurring storm formation. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn... Sombra plays dirty...
But versus a Spartan and a Alicorn it might be better to hold nothing back!

Great chapter, well worth the wait.
I wonder what the next chapter brings?

FYI it’s windchill, not wind shear. I didn’t chuckle too much at the -40 bit, but I’ve lived in those temps and colder for most of my life.

“How’s that for desperate measures?!”

She said the cool thing!

'The Seal is broken, the King has returned.'

And thus, it begins.

Hey man Listen, in the future Six needs a mate my guy! I'm talking down dirty, but not that dirty.

Oh boy. I cannot wait to see where you go with Sombra. He's such an underdeveloped villain and this introduction for him is awesome. Really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Hmmm, this Sombra has better mind-control than shown but 1000 years of playing in the snow might help with that ...

Awesome writing so far, really looking forward to some badass pony noble team action and continued Six shenanigans.

Good luck with writing any romance for Six, it's always hard to walk that fine line between not making the romance take over the story, and not making the romance feel rushed and like a placeholder. I suppose you Chekov's Cadenced your way into it being inevitable, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that plays out!

Looking forward to what comes next!

‘Chekovs Cadence’ Ha! I’m stealing that phrase. But yeah Cadence trying to find romance for a Spartan that has never known any such relationships is gonna be a doozy. Her greatest challenge yet. Playing matchmaker to a Spartan

Great start! Looking forward to reading more. :twilightsmile:

just because he is cunning does not mean his sanity is intact. "So insane that they are sane" comes to mind

stupid question. is missing in action canon to this?

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