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New Patreon · 2:20am Nov 13th, 2018

People have sometimes asked me "Magnet, do you have a Patreon?" and I would tell them I didn't. But now, if I told them I didn't have a Patreon, I would be a liar. I've set up a page with fairly basic rewards that I know I can achieve, and I'd like to invite everyone to take a look.

My Patreon

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Commission Updates and Spooktoberfest Slots! · 3:52pm October 16th

Hey there everyone! Just throwing out a quick update on the commissions I've been working on. There are exactly two left that I'm still working on - one is some sweet Fluttershy and Sunset shipping, and the other will involve Tempest Shadow trying to lead a quiet life. Expect to see both of those before the end of the month!

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Author Interviewer

I must be having a Mandela Effect moment, because I could swear that said "Galactic Heroes" when you posted it, right up until I saw it in the featured box just now. <.< Also grats.


Not to me it isn't. Magnet! Would you kindly?

It wouldn't be too much to ask for the sequel to "The Witch of the Everfree," would it?

If there's a way to ask about you finishing 'Scholar's Mate' and "Crystal Heart Solid" that's supportive rather than presumptive, I'd like to employ it. Well, just the fact you're still writing things is a relief.

EDIT: Of the two, I suspect Crystal Heart Solid would be the easiest to finish, it feels like it's already at the climax.

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