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I'm wondering how would mare do well fair against the ghost rider , the silver shroud or the psycho rangers

I'm wondering how would mare do well fair against the ghost rider

The Nefarious Mare?

First off, I'd like to introduce myself to everypony here. I am SuperSonicGoldenKirinGod and I joined Fimfiction around four months ago. I hope to make some friends and see some awesome fimfiction stories that everypony has waiting to be viewed, and I hope you like my stories too:scootangel:.

Now that I've got that out of the way, I'd like to say that the reasons I want to join the Mare-Do-Well group is because I have an idea or two about who Mare-Do-Well should be known as, and my more than just one pony (not the Main SIx). Second, that was my least favorite episode in all of the second season of MLP, period:ajbemused:. I'm planning to rewrite the episode and show how it should have gone, and put a certain group of hypocritical mares in their places, call them out, and have them learn from their mistake and do things more rationally next time. So...yeah. Though, mainly it's because I think a certain group of foals would be perfect for posing as Mare-Do-Well, hint hint:raritywink:. I'm not at that point yet prepared for what I have in store for you all, cause it's gonna be big:rainbowdetermined2:!

I'm planning to advertise I was thinking of advertising this group on the Group posts by Eldorado.

Groups Post - July 2016

If that is alright with you guys.

We need a Mare Do Well cover for this group. Dose anyone have any ideas suggestions?

Rats, apparently the picture won't show anymore. Can you provide a link to the picture?

Mare Do Well could totally beat up batman.

I have a story called The Crusaders of Justice. In it, the grown- up CMC all don the costumes to fight Diamond Tiara; who us now a corrupt businessmare, and a mysterious cult.

I got a dark story called Fluttershy Batwings where Mare Do Well AKA Princess Twilight Sparkle fights the tragic and freakish Flutterbat and yes my story is based on Tim Burton's Batman Returns

A new chapter is posted for my Crusaders story!

The Crusaders - A Shadow Over Manehattan

Please leave a comment if you like it!

In my newest fiction, a pony assumes the Role of Mare Do Well to fight crime in Manehattan. Constructive feedback welcome!

Capes and Crusaders

I personally think I'd be cool to see Mare Do Well return, with her own supervillain counterpart. Possible design could be something like this.
Now, what to call this villain? Let's try to come up with one!

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