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I just write whatever I feel like writing really. Likes: MLP, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and FNaF. I'm working through my procrastination.

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RWBY Roleplay · 11:52pm Mar 4th, 2017

Like RWBY? Like roleplaying? I have a group on Discord. The rp is based in Mistral and we just finished the initiation at the time of this blog post but don't let that stop you from making your chars and getting stuck in. Should you be interested I hope you enjoy:twilightsmile:.


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That message was weeks ago. A little too late for 'so...'

2231347 A three- way crossover sounds really fun! It'd be pretty interesting to put the three of them in one scenario.

2231336 perhaps, maybe a three way crossover with Error, Bill and the new Symbol

2231323 That sounds fun. Your Error Sans story? Or do you have another in mind?

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