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I just write whatever I feel like writing really. Likes: MLP, Pokemon, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and FNaF. I'm working through my procrastination.

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Current Status and Crossposting · 7:38pm Aug 14th, 2021

Hope you guys are well! Thank you all for your patience, currently working on the next chapter. I’ve been really busy lately but am finding time. We’ll be arriving in Appleloosa next!

By the way, this story is now on Fanfiction.net. Click here to give it a look, it’s a little more polished. Check it out and if you feel up for it, drop a follow or review. Have a lovely day, all of you!

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Make a Godzilla vs Kong story that would be awesome because of the new movie Godzilla vs Kong or make a samara from the ring (Good movie in my opinion) is horror ( is the 2002 movie NOT 2017) ok make one of these please it would make my day bye

That message was weeks ago. A little too late for 'so...'

2231347 A three- way crossover sounds really fun! It'd be pretty interesting to put the three of them in one scenario.

2231336 perhaps, maybe a three way crossover with Error, Bill and the new Symbol

  • Viewing 26 - 30 of 30
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