Hello, I am SparkinClark; the creator of the story "A Super New World of Infinity". For those who don't know, the story is about all inhabitants of planet Equus being saved by the legendary Pokemon, Arceus from a planetary destruction and living in the world of Pokemon. A World Pokemon that is only inhabitant by Pokemon.

That means: Ponies, Changelings, Griffins, Diamond Dogs, Deer, Dragons etc all now live in the New Pokemon World.

This story is a reverse version of the famous Pokemon story "A New World, A New Way" and it is Mystery Dungeon Based.

Now then. You want to create a side story? Awesome! BUT! they have to meet this recommendations.

* Has to be approved by me
* Needs to be credited
* No Humans in the story. Unless said human has turned into a Pokemon
* Can use your oc from the New World, New Way verse.
* Your oc can be a Pokemon(But not a legendary)
* You oc Pokemon can learn up to 10 moves.
* Needs to be presentable and readable. (sorry, but I can't accepted the story if I can barely read it)
* Be creative.
* Have fun!

If you have any questions about your story or mine? Feel free to ask. I am right here - SparkinClark

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