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Demigod Zeus, the Bringer of the New World, Composer of the Heavenly Orchestra, and Courter of the White-Robed Knight

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will you ever come back?

zeusdemigod131, tell us the real reason why you haven't updated A New World, A New Way. It has been over 7 years now. I'm dissapointed this hasn't been updated such a long time. I know you a real life outside but this is taking way too long.

Yo not to be rude but are you going to be continuing this and in my opinion you should it is the best I have found about pokemon

Comment posted by Vonpanzer deleted May 28th, 2022

Hi, I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to read this, or answer it (I mean, the last time you answer any comment was in 2019), but that’s OK. I’m only writing this to get it out of my system (and not I’m not shaming you or anything, is just something I realized today)...

I understand (or at least I think I do) why “A New World A new Way” is where it is now. You created this massive story that became the background for even more fics, that alone is amazing and something most of us can only dream of achieving.

But sadly that community began to erode away as time pass, not that big of a surprised, this fic stared when I began high school and now I’m 3 years away from ending university, a story (or at least a similar ones) that many of your readers, friends and probably you, also share.

Time moves on, things changed, we changed, we gain and loss things, even the things around us change. I’m not sure about your opinion of MLP (or maybe your problem is what Pokemon has become in the last years) and it developed over the years, but mine turn a little negative. I grew out of the show, I was getting tired of some of its issues, the direction, etc. And again, this seems to be the story with a lot of people, after all, 9 years is a long time, and as I said, time means changes...

Yet, like many people, I didn’t grew out of the community (or at least, most of it, there was always that negative part). The MLP fandom, as cringe as it can be, was and still is one of my favourite communities, and will be a very dear memory of mine. It thought me a lot of things that helped me during my puberty and adolescence (and that still do to this day), but probably the biggest lesson that it through the me was the power of stories.

As cheesy as that might sound is true, MLP show me how a simple story can go beyond any pathetic boundaries, I seen, hear and read people create stories that go beyond my life’s experiences and imagination. From comedies, to tragedies, to simple lessons to the most wacky, insane nonessential yet wonderful stories; all of them showing me that a simple bunch of characters have a potential beyond what the original creator could have ever dream of creating.

However, there was also a thing that the community thought me, not directly but by observing it. And that is that things change, things become dated because of those changes and at some point we star to wonder if we did the right thing...

Maybe that’s what happen to you, you out grew your story. Like any adult looking at your teenage years, you begging to second guess your actions. But then again, most of your more recent comments seen to be dedicated to defending your work, or at least the decisions you took with it, so maybe that’s not the problem.

Maybe you just out grew the show, you didn’t enjoy the direction it took, yet you wanted to adapt your story to it, force to follow a path you didn’t enjoyed, because what you had created was arguably better in some aspects.

Maybe you simple saw the death of the community and decided to let it behind. Or something happen in said community that affected you. Some of the fics that were written base on your fic haven’t been updated in a long time, and the authors of most of them haven’t long in years. Heck even tdnpony, what I assume was your main editor and almost a co-writer, hasn’t been only since December of last year.

Maybe you are just stumble in the expectation trap. It has been so long since the last update that you thing you need to make it special, make it count do to the hype and all that, but the more you put into making the return special, more time passes and what you have doesn’t feel enough to compensate. You invest more time, make it more and well, you get the idea, and endless loop, one that’s hard to get out of.

Maybe you just lost interest, but not wanting to deal with the backlash or disappoint people, you decided to not say a thing, letting us go to our own conclusions. Silence can be the best option sometimes, it lets everyone decided/arrive to their own conclusions, all wrong and right, since there’s no answer, or at least no one except you knows it.


Look, like I said at the beginning, what ever might happen to your fic, I understand, or at least I thing I do. I began writing my own fic some time ago (with some heavy inspiration from your’s), and I thought it will be easy. I was wrong, something that makes me feel like an absolute-moron and an ass-hat, because before stating I left a comment that said:

“This is the second anniversary of the last chapter publication”

I really regret doing that, as well as asking for an update (probably annoying you), because now I know is not that easy...

What ever might end up happening (you return, finally cancel it, mark it as completely, etc) at least I will be glad that I read this fic, it was something special thank you :)

(And please, if you decide to return, do it when you fell on the mood for it, a fic coming back when the another doesn’t want to is a horrendous thing, it makes everyone miserable)

Any way, have a good time, and again thank you for the memories :)

(I also apologise for any mistakes, English is not my native language. As well, as if the text stoped making sense and became a ramble, like I said I needed to get this out and ended up writing what ever came to my mind)

  • Viewing 422 - 426 of 426
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