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I like Ponies, Pokemon and the Greek Pantheon, if you can connect me with any deity associated with the subjects listed above it would be greatly appreciated. :twilightsmile:

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My Title

Demigod Zeus, the Bringer of the New World, Composer of the Heavenly Orchestra, and Courter of the White-Robed Knight

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Will you ever continue A New World, A New Way?

It's been so long you're not updating the new world. Honestly, I just founded it and still not finish, but you have to know, that was, totaly, awesome!:pinkiehappy:

Always remember, there's many people support you, don't stop writing!:yay:

Hes been popping on and off and I don’t think he’ll just end it. He’s put too much in it. At the very least, he’ll a least tell us something. Plus, with the pandemic going on, he‘ll have some time on his hand to do thing (or not. It been stressful for everybody).

Hey Zeus, if you read this, just remember that it’s YOUR story, YOUR work, and YOUR decision. Up to you to decide.

Have a good night everybody :twilightsmile::twilightsmile: :)

I’m getting the feeling he’s planing something big though

  • Viewing 416 - 420 of 420
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