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EPISODE 200 SPOILERS · 4:30pm Apr 20th, 2019

Honestly, I'm just waiting for the RDxZephyr fics.

We all know they're coming and we all know at least two will be in the Feature Box.

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I definitely will. Someone posted art from Infinity Era on the Fimfiction Discord server and I was like "hey that's pretty cool" and they linked me the stories.

Definitely gonna give the series a read

Thanks a ton for the fav! Be sure to check out the sequels if you enjoyed the story! :twilightsmile:


Thanks! This is my only adoption fic, so I hope you like it.


I like me a good adoption story, so I look forward to reading all of yours!

Thanks for the fave! I think you've been on the Featured List with me a few times. I look forward to reading your story, too!

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Seriously, check these stories out

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