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Quiet mornings before school starts can be lonely, but peaceful. For some people, they're a good time to just breathe and prepare themselves for the day ahead. Fluttershy and Adagio Dazzle find themselves doing this in the same place at the same time, in their own ways.

Based on a picture that was a little too big to be the cover art, but cute enough to inspire some shipping anyway. :raritystarry:

Now comes with actual cover art courtesy of SkycatcherEquestria!

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Well, that was actually true for the most part, but they did miss their ability to sing. But what can we do? If they beat us at our most powerful, the idea of revenge isn't even worth entertaining. She was sure they'd only face further pain and humiliation if they tried anything, so the Dazzlings made no effort to get back at those that cost them their voices. Truth be told, she wasn't even sure the three of them could muster the energy. What would be the point? They'd lost everything.

Smart move.


Boredom, the greatest foe of them all, the one thing worse than all others.

Fluttershy stopped herself, reaching into her backpack for the second part of her morning routine. Today it was a lollipop! Every morning, since maybe middleschool, she brought something sweet to help start the day on a bright note, since her friends usually weren't there as early as she was.

Fait enough.

I know it's childish, but it makes me feel a little better. Besides, who doesn't like a little candy?

Me. I never developed a taste for candy. Chocolate on the other hand...

Fluttershy nearly jumped out of her skin, emitting a high-pitched squeak. Not just for the sudden appearance of the voice, but for it being a voice she definitely recognized. Quickly turning to the source of the sound, she saw Adagio Dazzle, leading lady of the sirens, leaning over the back of the bench... with a surprisingly casual look on her face, give or take a raised eyebrow.

Ah yes, the raised eyebrow, an old friend of mine. Usually around for implied facepalms.

She pointed a yellow finger at the paper stick hanging out of Fluttershy's mouth. "Does this mean you carry a lighter, too? Or do you leave that to your pink friend? Because if she's a pyromaniac, I'm honestly not surpri-"

Nah, just because Pinkie is often cast as the Pyro from Team Fortress 2, in any other circumstances, there's no way in Tartarus I'm letting ANY Pinkie Pie around a flamethrower.

"Oh!" Adagio facepalmed, laughing a little. The sunny shift in her mood drew a tiny smile from Fluttershy as she put the lollipop back in her mouth. "Well, suppose I should have seen that coming. You don't have that scent about you anyway."

Ah the smell of tobacco, makes me want to vomit.

Still leaning over the back of the bench, Adagio nodded. "That smoker scent. Tried the stuff once, took a week to get the smell out of my hair." So much for stress relief.

With all that hair, I'm not surprised. Speaking of hair, how the hell do those 3 FIT all that hair into their hoods? Do they operate on TARDIS logic?

"I-it's, um, bad for your throat, too."
"As bad as having my gem destroyed?"

Oh that's just a low blow.

Adagio rolled her eyes. "Please, I know better than to take it out on you or your bandmates." Her tone was surprisingly calm, even dispassionate. "Besides, nothing I could do to any or all of you would ever fix them, so it's not really worth the effort."

Fair enough.

She seemed to ignore Fluttershy's whispered sentiment, staring off into the empty soccer field. "You know, prior to the Battle of the Bands, I never settled for less than dark energy for sustenance, no matter my cohorts' insistence that some of what they called food in this world was alright." Aria's was more like begrudging praise, particularly for anything she could eat with hot-sauce, but Sonata could be downright obnoxious at times. "As such, I haven't tried much of what they have to offer here. How is it?"

Depends, some food is good, such as in some restaurants, and some, like in McDonalds and most fast food places, its inedible. At best.

"Hmm..." The two locked eyes for a long moment, Adagio keeping her bored, disinterested expression while Fluttershy's grew increasingly nervous. Quick as a whip, she snatched the candy out of Fluttershy's mouth and popped it into her own.

Jerk. Then again, not surprised.

Finishing her analysis of the thing called 'lollipop', Adagio noticed the weakest Rainboom still gawking at her, mouth ajar, and cheeks tinting red. She smirked. "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot it's not polite to take things that aren't yours." Taking hold of the stick between her thumb and forefinger, she took the lollipop out of her mouth, "You can have it back." and pressed the candy-coated end on Fluttershy's tongue, to an immediate and enjoyable effect.
Fluttershy squeaked, her eyes went wide, her mouth shut tight, her face burst into brighter red than the cherry-flavored sucker itself, and she collapsed, falling sideways on the bench while maintaining her normal sitting pose.


Walking away from the blushing wreck of a person, Adagio cackled to herself. That one made some cute expressions. I'll have to do that again some time!

You are a troll, Adagio. Discord would be proud.

Fluttershy eventually managed to form coherent thoughts again, though her heart hadn't stopped racing. Considering the slowly-melting candy on her tongue right then, her mind returned to an earlier thought. Saliva. Again. This time it's hers in my mouth. Almost like... like...
A kiss!

Not exactly.

...And with a very pretty girl, at that. Savoring the lollipop, Fluttershy was certain of one thing; she'd definitely start today with a smile.

Well, Adagio does fit the general standard of beauty.

*looks at like bar an whistles* Solid green, not bad.

I have a feeling Fluttershy will buy an entire bag of those suckers in advance, just in case, you know... Adagio wants to taste it more, if you know what I mean :raritywink:

Huh, never come across this pairing before. I'm interested. :twilightsmile:

Cue Fluttershy catching some magical decease, getting superpowers and becoming a superhero.

There isn't enough dazzlings x random rainboom shippings going around, in my humble opinion. I therefore wholeheartedly applaud your contribution to the world of written magical, horsey/sometimes human, lesbian romance.

I'll be eagerly awaiting the coming chapters.

I'm enjoying this so far, can't wait for more!:yay:

Trixie looked a little annoyed when they bumped into eachother about a year and a half ago, but Fluttershy couldn't tell if the irritable "Watch where you're going!" she'd been given back then meant Trixie might still be mad at her.

This is one of the best sentences ever.

Also, you are a genius at creating chapter names.

Oooh boy, was wondering when it would become too much for Fluttershy. Wonder how Adagio is going to respond.

Thanks! With Flutters as the main character, Adagio wanted her own say in something important. Thus, chapter titles. :eeyup:

At this rate Fluttershy is going to burst a blood vessel in her face.

She is such a delightful tease

:rainbowlaugh: Priceless

:fluttercry: No it wasn't, I was very scared.

:rainbowlaugh: And blushing the whole time.

:fluttershysad: But, but she was....

:rainbowlaugh: And your blushing again *drop cringing laughing*

*sits quietly with popcorn, ready for action*

Applejack: Ya or You? I think it depends on the feel of the sentence, say it out loud and see if it feels right.

Aye, Cap'n, :moustache:

I read the first chapter a long time ago and I never faved it?

what the hell is wrong with me?

Still an incredibly entertaining story, can't wait to see what goes on next.

Hmmm.... Fluttershy is daydreaming about them legs and hips. Can't say I blame her. Adagio knows how to work what she's got.

Not to say it was entirely a cake-walk, whatever that expression meant,

For any who may be wondering, the term 'cake-walk' is derived from a dance of the same name developed from the "Prize Walks" held in the late 19th century, generally at get-togethers on slave plantations in the Southern United States. More specifically, before the actual dance was developed, the term was used in description of the slave who won a dancing competition in which a cake was the prize.

The lollipop-cigarette mix-up reminded me of the highly edited version of One Piece in which all of the cooks smoking scenes had candy replacing the cigarette.
Curse you 4Kids! Marines don't use water guns... unless they were salt water, in which case, they'd be pretty useful for devil fruit users... Why don't they do that?

:yay:This is just so ADORABLE!! I can't stop smiling:pinkiehappy:

Was Adagio's daily teasing just her way of trying to make friends? Or had she already given up on the chance, content to torment people just for kicks?

Neither. She just really wants to jump your bones. It looks like you might want to do some jumping, yourself...

I'm mildly disappointed at the lack of candy in the chapter title, but there was no FlutterDagio teasing going on, so I suppose it's just to be expected.

Loving this story and the odd relationship between Flutters and Adagio!

Keep it coming, sir (or ma'am).

You've earned this like and fave.

... I kind of hope Adagio ends up having a surprise food allergy (not trying a lot of new things makes this a possibility) and goes into anaphylactic shock. This isn't because I don't like her, but because it would be an interesting twist that allows for all sorts of good scenes.

5955831 Hmm, survives anti-chaos rainbow laser, but rendered helpless before the almighty peanut brittle.

Don't know why, but this ship makes me smile. Great chapter.

And then Fluttershy never ever slept ever again.

*sigh* been on both sides of this situation. my xgf snagged my lollipop and tasted it, so i snagged it back. i won't lie, i had a similar reaction.

kissng? gross? i think not! a kiss, if at least one partner knows what the hell they're doing, can be more exciting than most anything not involving sex.

i despise candy corn. with a passion. they do make a funny noise when shot from a slingshot though.

5956590 well, i used to be as easily flustered as F-shy. so... yeah, it happens. afterwards i curled up into a ball and refused to let her see my face. i was a pretty shy guy back then.

the second time i was in Dagi's place, with an xbf. it had a more... panic-and-sprint-out-of-the-room-ish effect. i jinda felt bad for the poor boy.

Never thought I'd see this ship, but with this story, I don't mind it. It's weirdly cute!

Oh My God! You write fluttershy so well!! She is just so adorable! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Adiago is one sexy beast! This ship is now officially in my top three ships!

I actually somehow started shipping this pairing, and needless to say I'm very happy I stumbled across this story. It's IC and well written, and I'm really loving how Fluttershy's relationship with Adagio has grown.

When you're a Dazzling, even if you're Sonata and nothing backfires badly, you still can't make new friends :pinkiesad2: I understand not trusting Aria or Adagio's Maniacal Laughter, but this is just too sad.

I can already imagine what dreams Fluttershy might have once she passes out at night. Next day she brings energy drinks to school instead of candy. Few days later she passes out in school and Adagio goes to play a nurse in her dreams except it's not a drea--...

...oh wait, I'm not the author here. Carry on.

5972625 I have way too much influence over your writing :trollestia:

5972663 Part of it's that, part of it's that I try to keep it as ambiguous as possible whether random stuff that happens is just a one-off gag, or foreshadowing. It may not go precisely as you guessed, but there may or may not be a nurse outfit somewhere down the line. :eeyup:

Gods I love this story. You just write such a good Adagio, and the interaction with Shy makes my nerves tight.

I've spent the better part of today thinking on and off about how to respond to this comment without any Adagio-ish jokes about tightness, but my brain is not cooperating, so I'll just say glad you're enjoying the story! :twilightsheepish:

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