• Published 3rd Mar 2015
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Sucker for a Cute Face - Eyeswirl the Weirded

Adagio finds Fluttershy alone one morning, and many to follow.

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Chapter 49: Discolored, Rage-Alleviating Cow Juice

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_____>-Roseluck: Oh, go eat a-

She scrolled past the resulting flame-war.

-Micro Chips: So, like... any advice for talking to the other two? You know what I mean. -9min 55s ago
_____>-Thunderbass: It's Fluttershy, so no, she probably doesn't. -7min 1s ago
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And more were appearing by the minute.

Rainbow looked up from her phone with a sigh. "So... what're we gonna do about this?"

No one else at the lunch table had answers either, instead looking at Fluttershy, who sat wide-eyed and unresponsive. Possibly due to the many furtive glances and unmasked stares she'd been getting since she walked into the cafeteria. No one wanted to say out loud that they were surprised she hadn't fled the school or had a breakdown, wasn't even crying or trying to hide in her hair again, but they could still see it all over each others' faces.

Rarity cleared her throat. "I suppose we should start by assessing the situation. I haven't had time to meet with my usual group to hear the latest headline gossip, but from the looks of things, all anyone knows about is Adagio and Fluttershy. Whether or not it will remain so, I'm afraid we can only wait and see."

Sitting in a considerably more irritable pose than her friends were used to seeing her with, her arms crossed, hat tilted to cover most of her scowling face, and even harshly chewing a stalk of plant life (no one asked), Applejack snorted. "Don't suppose yer lil' circle'd tell us the name'a the gutless snake that put them pictures up in the first place?"

"One dares hope, Applejack," she muttered while reading to a text from one such contact, "one dares hope."

Sunset had been frowning since they'd all sat down, but that didn't stop it from deepening just a little. "Please tell me you guys aren't going on a witch-hunt. Whether you find the culprit or not, that's not going to fix anything."

"Maybe," Pinkie said uncertainly, "but it might sorta fix them going and blabbing about anything else to the whole school, if they were gonna do that."

"Too true," Rarity said under her breath as she put her phone away, "but no leads so far."

"Okay, maybe," Sunset sighed, "but if we do find out who it was, we should really ask why they did it before doing anything we might regret, right?" As the others had been very clear when drilling that lesson into her following the Fall Formal, Sunset smiled a little when she got four slightly begrudging 'right's back. "...So, Adagio seemed alright when I talked to her."

Rainbow tilted her head. "Does she know about...?"

"She does," confirmed Rarity, "at least if M-... someone passed on the message like they should have." And if not, so help me, Miss Dusk, I will get the clothespins.

"Going by her reaction fourth period," added Sunset, "she definitely should. But, I didn't treat her any differently from usual! I smiled and said hi like always, and got a vaguely friendly, if unsmiling greeting back, which is more than she usually gives me!" She grinned with pride. "I think that was the right call, because when class was over and everyone was heading out, she gave me a quick, but gentle pat on the back of the hand, which I'm pretty sure was a 'thank you.'"

"She's taking it well, then?" The rest of the table turned to see Fluttershy wearing a hopeful smile, which quickly turned contrite as she took in their perplexed stares. "That, um, th-that was kind of my biggest worry, because we haven't talked since this morning and-oh, though, come to think of it, I guess we could now..."

She dared sneak a peek at their table, but couldn't glean any meaningful details before the many eyes looking her way at the time made her sharply turn her head back. Closing her eyes and taking a breath, she thought of fluffy cuddles and beautiful smiles to keep from diving under the table. Her friends still looked concerned, so she gave them a smile of her own. "I'm okay, really. I mean, yes, I'm worried about what this means, and," her smile weakened, "just a little hurt that someone would take those pictures and spread them around without so much as talking to me, but at the same time, I'm..." and got stronger again, "kind of happy! b-because it means they... that the whole s-school knows that... th-that she's mine!"

Warm little smiles from Sunset and Applejack and shamelessly gushy 'Awww's from Pinkie and Rarity made it very, very difficult for Rainbow to keep from getting all sappy herself. Someone had to keep a cool head here, and nobody was cooler than Rainbow Dash!

Even when she had something in her eye.

And her other eye.

Shut up!


Over at the sirens' table, Aria let out a long breath. "I'm... okay. I'm better now."

Sonata grinned with pride. "Toldja the chocolate milk would help!"

Even if she couldn't shake the kiddie feeling it gave her, Aria silently conceded that Sonata's suggested means of calming down had proven strangely effective. Not that she didn't still want to wring someone's neck, but it was hard to stay pissed off when drinking something cool and sweet. "So, can we talk about this now?"

Normally, Adagio might have teased Aria about how that depended on her being able to intelligibly speak at all through her sputtering rage, but propping her head up with one arm on the table, she really wasn't in a joking mood. "Sure."

"'sure,'" Sonata asked with a frown, "someone sneaks around to take pictures of you (which means you've got a stalker, no doubt about it now) and Dr. Seuss together, posts it where the whole school can see, you're all 'oh, sure, let's chit-chat about it like it's the weather!'?"

Adagio offered a weak shrug. "What else can we do?"

Aria Theater wasn't quite as amusing for her now that she'd been spoiled by so many showings at Fluttershy's facial performance hall. Even so, she didn't dislike the opening act of Aria's angry face silently trying to form words with empty mouth movement, nor the brief musical number of equally irritable and exasperated noises that followed. She could see the half-baked plans and proposals being rehearsed backstage, but the director must have been keeping the hook ready. Purple curtains were drawn as the fanfare of Aria's defeated groan sounded the end of her quick brainstorming session, leaning over to rest both elbows on the table while propping her head up with both hands in a way that left her pigtails drooping over the sides of her face.

While not particularly looking forward to what she feared would be this hour's show, Adagio looked in Fluttershy's direction anyway, but couldn't see her face from this angle. The others weren't exactly laughing and smiling, but it didn't look like there was any sort of emotional outpour going on over there either. Her voice quiet, she looked back at Aria. "How was she in English today?"

Sitting up straight again, Aria sighed and crossed her arms. "Well... She surprised me by showing up at all, same with still being here, so... I mean, her eyes were sorta glazed over when I looked at her, but she wasn't really shaking or keeping her head down all that much. Didn't even hear her squeak. Can't be doin' that bad, I guess. You gonna say anything to her in Art?"

"I don't know yet. There doesn't seem to be much point in pretending we're strangers anymore, but we can't exactly waltz over to their table, either."

It had been a while since Sonata needed something explained when the others seemed to get it, but at the risk of losing smarty-pants points, she asked. "Um, why not? I mean, cat's kinda outta the bag now, right?"

"Not exactly. Fluttershy and I might be outed, but have either of you heard anything pertaining to... other parties?" If someone was following her around, she wanted to be careful at least until she was sure they had nothing left to hide.

Sonata's mouth opened, but no words came as she processed the thought of everyone knowing about her and Rarity, especially if the naked funtimes part went public. Aria and Adagio watched in perplexed silence as her sad, fearful expression slowly transitioned to a far-off look and a wobbly little smile on her increasingly crimson face. Adagio giggled scandalously as Aria muttered through a facepalm.

"You guys are so embarrassing."

Chuckling, Adagio raised an eyebrow. "How do you know exactly what she's thinking?"

Aria blinked, turning red herself. "I, I-I don't, but, you know it's something dirty!" The increasingly predatory look in Adagio's eyes told her now was a good time for a subject change. "And anyway, I know we didn't wanna, but if everyone knows about you two and whoever took those pictures is still at it, maybe we might as well go over to the Rainbooms now."

"We could," Adagio said with a sigh, her playful malice extinguished, "but everything we told our three visitors that day still stands, and, again, we might still have a chance if we hold out and let this blow over."

"I guess. Is the 'cuteness' plan still on?"

"Yes, because at the very least, it might still open a door for us eventually. I think we were making a little progress before, but there's no telling just how much today's... incident set us back. For now, all we can do is wait and see what comes next."

Aria scoffed "As usual."

Sonata spent the short silence that followed looking back and forth at Adagio, who stayed expressionless as she processed the slightly standoffish comment, and Aria, who had her arms crossed and that look on her face that said she was expecting Adagio to argue with her. It had been a while since things had gotten heated between them, but eyes falling to the table, Adagio just sighed again.


The challenge falling right out of Aria's demeanor, she turned to Sonata to share a worried look.


When she was in middle school and a few times since, Fluttershy had had the terrifying illusion that she was essentially walking through a tunnel of eyes, every single one taking in and judging her every slightest movement, even invisibly taking notes so they could share their findings with everyone they met and the whole world could huddle around and point at this hopeless loser as an example of what not to be. That wasn't quite what she was experiencing as she walked down the hall today, but now that the shock had mostly worn off, her every step was taken with shaky self-consciousness as she tried and failed to ignore the many, many stares. It wasn't as though they were all of the piercing, judging sort, but even the faces that smiled at her telegraphed a message of 'I know what you've been doing!'

For anyone that knew how Adagio liked to behave, and most of the school did, it probably wasn't hard to guess.

Her first instinct was to do what she'd done any time she had doubts since Adagio became her girlfriend; think of their time together and the confident walk, but knowing that everyone was watching her, it only deepened the sense that everyone somehow knew all about every embarrassing thing that had happened to her since that first day on the bench, which made her even more self-conscious.

Slowly shuffling along with her head down, she nearly stumbled and fell with how badly her legs were shaking, but caught herself on a locker and quickly tried to return to a normal, upright stance. If only she could remember what one of those looked like right now instead of hobbling along like some horrific, inhuman creature in a suit of stolen skin. The ensuing whispers only magnified the intensity of the burning sensation in her face, her breaths coming short and quick, and all sounds in the hallway getting lost in what she dearly hoped was an imaginary wave of laughter directed exclusively at her. Struggling to remember anything that would have made her feel a hundred feet taller just the day before, she felt her eyes starting to water, simultaneously confused and furious that what had been a growing source of strength and confidence could be taken from her so easily, just because these people knew about-

...They know we're together. That Adagio is my girlfriend, and I'm hers!

Already feeling lighter again, she felt herself smile. Her legs were still shaking, but she focused on what she vaguely remembered saying at lunch today; that no matter what, everyone knew that she and Adagio were together! That no one would take her kind, beautiful, warm, adorable, occasionally terrifying fantasy-world girl from her! The thought was a little like lifting her skirt in public (not that she had done that, just, metaphorically); something that was once private now clear for everyone to see, but, well... it was a private thing that made her very happy (Oh, my...), and the reinforcement that there was no longer any doubt about who Adagio was really interested in at CHS was like a sweet, mango-scented balm on stinging wounds!

People kept staring at her, but a bold voice from the back of her head (which she liked to imagine as an Amazonian barbarian wearing war paint and a loincloth) said 'Ha, stare all you want, because The Golden Goddess smiles on me!!'

...Unfortunately, this didn't so much erase her fears and anxieties so much as blend them with the power she felt in that declaration, as though she were tuning out shouts and jeers by shouting even louder herself, but knew the other shouts were still there. Even so, she held onto the thought, remembering the story she read with the warding stone used to travel through a cursed swamp, its light keeping the souls of the damned at bay as long as she kept a firm grip on it.

This led to thoughts about Adagio in the elven shamaness costume again, which had her walking funny for slightly different reasons.


Applejack wasn't a great artist, that was for darn sure, but that wasn't why she wasn't too excited about Art class today. She walked in behind Fluttershy, not caring if she did look especially unfriendly to those that quickly turned their heads away on account of her glare. If they wanted to get their kicks talking about someone, they could at least have the nerve to be up front about it, not go around whispering gossip. It was like nobody even remembered how Sunset used to control this school.

Annoyed as she was with the lion's share of the rest of CHS, she wasn't sure what kind of face to make when Adagio walked in. It wasn't a glare, she knew that much, because no matter how sneaky she could be, Applejack was sure Adagio couldn't have taken those pictures of herself, and even if she could've suckered someone into doing it for her, the downbeat look on her face said she didn't want this either. So, Fluttershy being more nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs all day probably wasn't her fault, but Applejack would still discourage anyone else that wanted to gawk at Fluttershy like she was a circus routine just because she'd tried to keep things quiet!

...And, yea, she could understand how doing anything like that with any of the Dazzlings would draw some attention, but still!

She sat next to Fluttershy as Magnet came in, all dancing and smiles like usual to start the lesson. Today, they were messing with clay again, which at least meant Applejack didn't have to think too hard about what she was doing with her hands and could keep an eye on anyone keeping an eye on her stare-shy friend. It was while shaping what looked like some kind of mutant banana peel with the clay that she thought about how Adagio might have been taking all this, but she was a big girl and no stranger to getting stared at all day.

...Of course, that didn't mean she didn't have feelings too, but it was pretty hard to tell what those feelings were when all Applejack could see was orange fuzz from where she was sitting. Still, Applejack got a pretty good idea when around twenty minutes before the end of class, Adagio stood up, walked on over to Fluttershy, leaned in close, and kissed her full on the mouth.

Applejack felt herself turn red just watching, with the rest of the class having the same reaction. She let this one slide, partly because she'd feel like a plain hypocrite for sending discouraging looks when she was staring herself, and partly because there was no way she could make an intimidating face right then. Eventually, Adagio pulled back and winked at Fluttershy, which won a little giggle as she went back to her seat. Leaning over, Applejack could see that even if she was rosier than anyone in the room, Fluttershy was smiling wider than all of them put together. She wasn't sure what to make of that, but it didn't look like a bad thing.

Looking up at Magnet, she saw him reading what looked like a coloring book at his desk, which was right about when he apparently noticed the silence in the room.

He blinked twice. "...What? What's got everyone so flushed? Did someone sculpt something "indecent" again?"

Applejack couldn't help noticing that he glanced at Adagio when he said that, but her clay... thing... looked more like a cage made of snakes.

"Well," Magnet mused while checking to see that the door was closed, "even though we understand that art takes on all shapes, sizes, and subject matters, high schools aren't so progressive as to not treat the human body like filth to be covered up at all times, so if there is anatomy in your artwork, I'll ask that you have a reasonably convincing "alternate interpretation" ready if Luna walks in."

Several students snickered, but the rest of Art passed pretty normally as most people moved on to experimenting on what they could get away with. Focusing on her mutant fruit sculpture, Applejack just grinned.

At least them two are takin' it well.


"So that's how you held together yesterday," Adagio said with a tinge of amusement as the two of them sat on the bench together. "I wouldn't have thought the issue of having me to yourself was still bothering you, Sweetie."

"It wasn't, just... I think, this time, it was more in a shout-it-from-the-rooftops kind of way than an insecurity." Which meant she didn't have to worry if Adagio teased anyone else anymore... "So, th-"

"Aww," Adagio softly cooed as she pat Fluttershy's head, "all grown up."

The gentle praise was like a warm breeze through Fluttershy's brain, lifting flower petals up into the air and spreading a lovely aroma through the fields of her mind! But, what was she about to say? She managed to get out of that mental meadow as Adagio spoke.

"Nata tells me that her dom didn't find the culprit behind yesterday's leak yet, but nothing else has surfaced so far. Apparently, the anonymous account that posted the pictures was only created minutes before the deed was done, and hasn't been online since, so it could be that the guilty party plans to make a new account every time they do something like this, or they'll only use it when they have something to... share. The comments haven't been too abusive for you, I hope?"

"Oh, um... I, took a look this morning, and..." She felt herself turning florescent pink. "I don't think anyone was being abusive, per se."

Despite the presence of a flustered Fluttershy, Adagio took on a humorless expression. "'Per se'?"

Fluttershy's heart did a little backflip as it imagined Adagio hurting someone on her behalf, though she dearly hoped it was more in a startled cat sort of way. "I-I mean, s-some of the comments are... suggestive, but, nothing really mean." Adagio looked placated at this, so Fluttershy hopefully wouldn't need to worry about having blood on her hands if she continued to occasionally entertain that vigilante fantasy. "Do the three of you still not have accounts of your own, or...?"

Crossing her arms, Adagio raised an earnestly perplexed eyebrow. "Why would we? Who would we be in regular contact with besides each other (with whom we can speak at any time already) and a few individuals that, by rights, we couldn't list as friends, leave comments to, or message in any way that would be meaningfully different from a text or phone call, save for the considerable reduction in privacy?"

"Um... Good point, I guess. But, if you did have accounts, there's always the chance that someone would add you, right?" A chill ran up her spine as Adagio stared back at her like she'd just proposed a way to open the shining doors to paradise with a bobby pin.

"Th-thah... that can happen? Do people just...?"

Guilt crept up as Fluttershy feared she was feeding Adagio some kind of false hope. "Well, I mean, it's not like it'd be guaranteed, but random friend requests could happen. I wouldn't count on something like that happening, but, if someone does want to talk to any or all of you, online might even be an easier way for some of them to do it. You never know."

"Then, if we just made accounts and remembered to check them every so often, it'd be like casting a net on the off-chance a fish or two happens by?"

"Sort of?"

Adagio grinned brightly as she fished out her phone. "If it increases our chances by even a hair, I'll take it! I have to call the others to-..." Smile fading, she slowly turned to look at Fluttershy, who gave her an adorably curious little head-tilt, then pocketed her phone again. She was excited about this, but there was no need for it to cut into the private time she got with Her Sweetie. "Well, it can wait a little longer, I think."

She held out an arm in beckoning fashion, pulling Fluttershy in when she took that hand and setting her on her lap for seated cuddles. Fluttershy wasn't quite sure about interpreting this as an invitation to lay her head on Adagio's chest again, but she was sorely tempted. The memory that they'd been caught like this on camera once already was enough to keep her content with just sitting cozily in Adagio's arms, where the two of them cherished the warmth and peace of the moment for a little while before Adagio spoke up again.

"So, you haven't been having any problems with all the attention?"

"I, I think I'm doing okay." So far. "How have things been for you three?"

Adagio shrugged. "Aria told me that she nearly socked someone for a bawdy comment in Gym, but if we're talking odd looks and suspicious whispers, that's kind of been a regular thing for all three of us." She sighed, turning her head away in an effort to hide her disappointment. "Though I was sure it had been getting better recently. Seems we have to wait for one more issue to blow over."

Knowing that Adagio had already been worrying about reactions to the time she collapsed from exhaustion in class, Fluttershy frowned. Speaking of which... "I see. Did you, sleep well last night?" She might not have noticed the way Adagio tensed, had she not been sitting on her lap. "Adagio...?"

Not willing to lie to Her Sweetie, especially with all this other noise going on, Adagio turned to face her with a moderately fearful, guilty expression. "I, I-I haven't exactly internalized the method yet, and a lot went on yesterday, so I was kind of... dwelling a bit... sorry." It was an immense relief when rather than a worried frown or one of those heartbreaking, it-hurts-me-to-know-you're-hurting stares, Fluttershy gave her an understanding smile.

"I'm not upset, Adagio, I just want to know that the Happy Thoughts method works for you."

"It did Sunday night, but, it's not really a habit yet, so... Maybe, before I go to sleep at night," wearing a sheepish little smile, she clasped her hands together in a pleading motion, "remind me?"

Already knowing which cherished memory she'd be writing about in the diary later today, Fluttershy smiled warmly. "I'd be happy to."

"Great!" Adagio leaned in for a kiss, not caring whether or not the stalker was watching them. By the feeling of that hand on her shoulder and the trembling one on her lower back, neither did Fluttershy, but she didn't want to risk discouraging that kind of exploration by commenting on it. And speaking of witnesses... "So," she said with a little smirk when the kiss stopped, "you know I haven't made full use of that agreement from a while back..."

Fluttershy blinked. "Huh? Agreem-" Then it hit her, swiftly followed by the awareness that Adagio's reason for holding back when they were in public essentially went out the window yesterday. "...Oh, dear." Surprisingly, Adagio didn't cackle or give her one of those looks or even flash a wolfish smile, but frowned.

"Is it, er, too soon, or-"

"No!" Seeing where Adagio's mind was going, Fluttershy rapidly shook her head. "It's fine, I'm fine, and it's been too long since we agreed you could tease me whenever you wanted without you actually getting to do it, s-so, i-if anything, uhm..." Her heart was already pounding with terror at the very thought of it, but she owed this to Adagio for several weeks now. "I-if there's anyth-thing you wanted to do, n-no matter who was watching, p-please..." She gulped. "please don't hold back!"

Now Adagio chuckled and held Fluttershy with one of her predatory, shiver-inducing stares, the arms holding her on her lap being used to ever so slowly pull her in closer. It quickly transitioned to an especially soft hug, Adagio's voice coming just as gently.

"You're a good girl, Sweetie."

Feeling all warm and safe in the embrace, Fluttershy savored the scent of mangoes. "You've been very, very patient with me, and I really appreciate that, but... this hasn't been fair to you, s-so if anything, I th-think I'm...!" Adagio pulled back enough to show her a raised eyebrow in addition to an amused little grin, but she kept at it! "...I'm g-glad everyone knows now!"

It came out with just a little too much squeaking to be as bold as Fluttershy probably wanted it to sound, but Adagio was tickled just the same. Tickled in a way that drew a wicked smirk. "Are you now? I know you like being picked on, but...?" She grinned wider as Fluttershy made a wonderfully flustered little noise.

"I, uh, I-I just meant-"

"I mean, no one would blame you, but I had no idea how much you were looking forward to me doing whatever I wished with you in the halls," her voice grew steadily huskier as she leaned in just a little closer, "or in the classrooms," and closer, "or on the desks," her lips were half an inch from Fluttershy's ear, give or take small changes in distance from the way her glowing victim shook, "where the whole school could see." Suppressing her giggles as Fluttershy shuddered, she pulled back, grinning casually. "You're sure?"

Even with her heart hammering in her still-tingling ears as her mind swam with visions of what might happen, Fluttershy managed a little smile herself. "Y-yes!"

Giving her an adoring smile, Adagio lightly pinched one of Fluttershy's cheeks. "My cute widdle masochist." She tittered at the sheepish little smile on that crimson face. "The safeword is still Squirrel, but before we do anything, I imagine you'd like this back?"

Fluttershy blinked once as she she looked over the object in Adagio's hand. "Huh...? Why do you have that bra?"


Glancing down, she gasped, immediately moving her arms to cover the way her shirt now fit over her chest. "A-Ad-Ad-dagio, wh-when did-"

The siren snickered. "Ohh, I had plenty of time while we've been talking! Now, the question is," smirking, she held a hand under Fluttershy's chin to keep her from looking down, "do you think I got anything else?" There were no words for the joy in her heart as Fluttershy squeaked, covering her shirt-clad chest with one arm and holding her skirt firmly down with the other, fidgeting on her lap as she pondered the state of her own undergarments.

"D...d-did you?"

She held her smirk. "Let's say I did. If I were to take off your adorable, duck-pattern panties-" it was difficult not erupting into laughter at the way Fluttershy's eyes widened from the implications of the statement, "-without you noticing and tell you I didn't, you'd be risking a very embarrassing incident if you took my word for it and something happened to reveal that you were going commando. That in mind," she said with a wicked grin, "how long do you think you could go before you checked?"

"I wouldn't."

The grin was utterly erased. "...Wh-what?"

Still blushing, Fluttershy smiled. "I-I said, I wouldn't check at all. If you told me I was, er, s-safe, I would trust you."

Adagio visibly paused in her train of thought, lower lip twitching once as she barked out a laugh of surprise. "Y-you, are so..."

Internally, she didn't know whether to curse Fluttershy's affinity for disarming her with words and gestures that triggered the fuzzy heart-vice, or to savor the increasingly warm, squishy feelings the vice gave her in all its tingly squeezyness. With Fluttershy giving her one of those precious, innocent-little-flower grins, her decision felt weighted toward the latter, drawing a soft smile.

"You still have them on," she said while handing Fluttershy her bra with a wink, "for now. I think I'll wait one more day or so to see if things calm down a little more around here before I start making plans during the day, but stay on your toes, Sweetie."

Giggling as she accepted her stolen garment back, Fluttershy nodded. "I, should probably, um-"

Adagio smirked. "Wait until school has started, pick a hallway, and change between classes before anyone sees you? Wouldn't have thought you had it in you!"

Growing even warmer, Fluttershy laughed and shook her head. "I-I'm not that brave."

"I don't know about that. After all," she said while brushing a fingertip under Fluttershy's chin, her voice growing huskier by the syllable, "you're brave enough to keep facing me, aren't you?" The sentiment lost something when the 'brave' person in question was shaking like a leaf again, but they both knew it was true as she leaned in for a kiss.


The fallout from the pictures posted Monday morning had not, as hoped, dissipated within a day. Lying in bed that night, Adagio pondered contingency plan #4 if Aria lost her patience and punched someone. Then her phone rang.


"H-hi. I just wanted to remind you, l-like you said, um-"

Adagio smiled brightly, greedily soaking up the products of the fuzzy heart-vice as it palpitated in her chest. "Think happy thoughts. I will, Sweetie, thank you." She smiled a little wider at the sound of Fluttershy's tinny giggles.

"Okay then. I... I love you!"

The smile was now making her face hurt. "Love you too, Sweetie. Goodnight."


Author's Note:

You are now picturing Aria sipping from a little carton of chocolate milk. With a bendy straw.

Sonata's thoughts as she spaced out will most likely get more detail in the relevant spin-off some time after this story is finished.

Was the part with Fluttershy and her mental gymnastics with the 'warding stone' at all hard to follow? I wasn't entirely sure how to show that while she wasn't a complete wreck while being stared at, it wasn't a swingy walk through the gym, either. :derpyderp2:
(And yes, she still does those, albeit while triple-checking that she's alone each time)

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