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This story is a sequel to Dazzle Robs a Bank

A little more than a week after the heist, Sunset Shimmer falls ill and stays home sick. This would make for an extraordinarily dull, sluggish day, so it's a good thing her favorite siren could swing by to help her get better! And, that's the only thing she's here to do.


Coverart by bznwow

Part of an ongoing series.
>Dazzle's Poor Career Choice
>Fluff and Kidnapping
>Dazzle Robs a Bank
>You Are Here
>Dungeons and Dazzles

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I like this. Up-vote and favorite!

it's spelled "hallucinate"
"Fever must be worse than I thought." echo made me laugh
Good touch on fear lancing through her muddled thoughts, made it feel really sincere and real.
lol why a welding mask? depending on what kind it was she wouldn't even be able to see the bubble wrap

Initial thoughts out of the way, I'm really excited at the prospect of more of those simulations.
I'm curious how/how long Adagio's known where Sunset lives. If Sunset tells her what she's been doing late at night. Who has a crush on whom. how that all gets spun. Super excited in general because you do fantastic works.
SunDagio isn't an OTP but it is a fun reality. :twilightsmile:

interesting :raritywink:
I like reading this :pinkiehappy:
please continue :rainbowkiss:

Does this story have any sex or sexy moments in it? Will this series have any sex or sexy moments in it?

Sex? No, I do not write clop. Nothing against the genre, just no interest in writing it.

Sexy? That's sort of subjective. Despite the lovely cover art, I'm not exactly aiming for fanservice, and whether or not any given scene is 'sexy' will vary from person to person.

Having said that, we are dealing with a cast of predominantly adult girls in teenage bodies, so hormones are bound to fly here and there. That, and the next story takes place in a fantasy game.

Well this looks to be a fun one.

But what do...oh. Practice.

I was half expecting to have to say this:

Dagi. Wat r u doing. Stahp.

But she seems to be actually taking this seriously, nice.

Wonder how many people will see dat coverart and instantly assume it's a clopfic, tho, :twilightoops:

If said people go in with that idea despite the lack of Mature and/or Sex tags, I'd count it as an only partially-successful Spot check. For a DC 10 or so, at that. :twistnerd:

There is a specific reason for the outfit, but it won't be coming up for another three chapters, I'm afraid. Luckily, I'm sticking to the chapter-every-other-day tradition for this series, so the mystery should be solved on Friday. :pinkiehappy:

Clearly she used a very big robe and ripped it at strategic points with her teeth.

good chapter :ajsmug:
I like it :rainbowkiss:
Thanks for uploading chapter two :twilightsmile:

"arms' length" is "arm's length" (apostrophe in different spot)
"On that note, do need anything right now?" has a dropped "you"
"the brain-stinginess" since there isn't a standard word, I don't have a quick fix for you, but know that 'stinginess' is base 'stingy' (frugal, miserly)

It's really sweet to see that not only are the sirens honoring the school agreement (how long has it been since the heist anyway?) but Sunset sincerely considers them friends. What's more is that Adagio didn't seem surprised or dismayed to hear the 'f' word.
Enjoying the subtle, ever-present world-building. Good job tying back to previous stories and finding parallels between Adagio and Sunset. It's nice to have them laughing and not exclusively at each other
They're both super cute and I'm excited overall.

best omake... I thought the same thing :rainbowkiss:

If Hansel can pull his underwear off without removing his pants, Aria can put on a robe with her hands glued together, :moustache:

I love stuff like this. They're bonding!

Now I want pictures of the Shimmer-pillar. It sounds absolutely adorable.

That scene at the end makes me believe Sonata and Muffins have a secret blood-feud.

Wow. That is a twist.
Could have been. But still. Wow

Ahh, Discord genetics and breeding. Even more complex and chaotic than trying to discover the algorithms governing character monster hybridisation in Pathfinder, or just how does sticking a sword into a ghost give an Aegislash in Pokemon.

And why Dittos? Is it because of Pokemons rating, like how the Sirens arent the mothers of Equestria Girls mythical monsters?

I love the idea that Discord pulled an Indecent Proposal on a changling queen, and I've been waiting since this story begin to see Adagio help Sunset heal with the Power of Cuddles. Thanks!

Before I start reading, that coverart, Dagi sauntering over with two big large doses of something...AY CARAMBA!...Oh and 2 big scary syringes.

Deciding not to ask what the licking was about, Sunset just nodded.

OK did I miss something, licking??

It was in the previous story, where Aria licked the tip of her lockpick before getting to work on the deposit boxes.

Dagi could always mention to her siren sisters (for want of a better term) that she's been invited to the spa, but promise that the other two can have dibs on any other forthcoming events. Don't see them going for the spa thing anyway. Sonata might like the camping, she seems to bond with Pinkie a bit, especially over pine-cones(...hmm, hopefully innocently). Who knows Aria might like a day with AJ & RD watching or doing something sport related, even as a far as a day at a local go-kart park (I might be stretching that one). If friendship is the aim then it's all good.

Her fevered head is going all schadenfreude on herself now. Sort of worried where you came up with the idea for jumper cable electrified syringes though? The consequences on the butt cheeks could have been...explosive!?!

7050359 Oh yeah, sorry didn't make direct connection, kept going back some paragraphs scratching my head on that one so had to ask.

I heard that you were feeling ill.
Headache, fever and a chill.
I came to help restore your pluck,
'Cause I'm the nurse who likes to...

Saved for later reading, but I couldn't help but quote a little FBDO upon seeing that picture.

Adagio really missed a trick for not leaving certain perfectly inocous toys laying around, then if people think youve been laying around, can make them think totally the wrong thing.

Then again, I bet Sonata would really miss her pull string vibrating hamster toy. :trollestia:

Author could use 'The Shimmering Fluffy Pillow War' for a series title?

7053291 media.giphy.com/media/fHNbPImgymAmI/giphy.gif

Another great story from Eyeswirl the Weirded. It was mostly fluff but it was good fluff. Looking forward to whatever's next. :pinkiehappy:

This was a fun one! Well done!


just seven stories left in this series!
Or eight.
Nine, maybe.
Ten tops. At this rate, the series may be finished within another two years! Yay...! ^^;

It's a beginning.



They'll Never Stop The Dazzlings!
Have no fears, Eyeswirl's got stories for years, like
Adagio becomes a robot,
Maybe Sonata gets a cell phone, has Aria ever owned a bear?
Or, how 'bout a crazy wedding?
Where something happens and doo doo doo doo doo...

I've been making my way through your little Dazzle collection and it is absolutely to die for! :heart: You write Adagio's character PERFECTLY! And this one was by far my favorite, the cutesy SunDagio stuff was to die for

I look forward to seeing more of their adventures! Keep up the good work

Glad you're enjoying this take on things! I can't say when the next story will be ready, but I hope to get more done over the summer. :pinkiesmile:

that poke at Trixie is awesome.

Sunset stared, dumbstruck. "You seduced Luna and Celestia into giving you an easy time in class."

I love this so much, esp the reaction. I don't know if it's because that's probably a story line I've seen before or the ridiculosity in this context. To be fair-ish, I expected a different answer myself of the "we were there, we made that happen" variety but Adagio singing for Sunset is ultra adorable
the thinly veiled denial made me giggle, it's cute that Adagio's always so defensive about those two! and I really want to see Aria's puppy eyes

"Really, those two were my minions for years! You think I'd have been able to control them as long as I did without learning to read them?"

omg, combined with 'Hey guys, I don't actually know when you lie' :rainbowlaugh: fucking brilliant

Sunset starts with "everyone" and ends with "pony" - she really is split between two worlds, huh?

this chapter's so touching. Sunset gushing over Adagio's growth, Adagio saying "people like us" and implicitly linking herself with Sunset, all the little quirks and feels and passing reactions. It's interesting that Adagio seems so clueless to the world, like camping and spas, despite having been to one

"I'm a great liar, it's just this fever!" so cute "I'm weighing my options!"

"And now I'm a casual nudist" if only. Lots of comparisons to Aria lately.
It's cute in a sad way that both characters are so insecure about themselves with regard to their ongoing relationship with their friends. Super cute that Sunset's considering being jealous of their swift progress with friendship

Can we all appreciate that Sunset imagined Adagio in a sexy nurse uniform all on her own? If that isn't shipping I don't know what is

"Long story short" has become a running theme here. Not sure how much I like it since I'm here for story... hmm dilemmas.
"To think, the stories always made it sound so much more... carnal." ... what stories has Adagio been reading?! :twilightoops:

I'll agree that the family exposition dump wasn't the smoothest of transitions, but I think it came out alright! I kind of feel that's how heavy talks like that just go - monologue-ish. Splitting it apart with too much commentary makes it intractable, breaking up the blocks with banter kills the mood. The sparse interjection of sympathetic smiles works.
Cuddles are magic :heart:

Sunset stared in quiet shock. Where did she put that?! And when?!

good lord, this was hilarious but looking at it independently in the comment box perhaps a bit disturbing :rainbowderp: awesome

Rarity would notice. Now I wonder what she thinks about whatever's going on between Adagio and Sunset. Does she, or anyone, know that Sunset is friends with the sirens outside of school? Rarity surely saw Sunset getting hot under the collar at Adagio's ballroom gown, but do she and Adagio ever talk about Sunset Shimmer? Ah I'm so excited!

It's almost too bad Adagio didn't leave the number to a sex line (or at least pretend to be someone else when she answered) but very sweet nonetheless.

Much fun story, I would've read it early but the day ch 3 was posted I came down with my own fever and haven't found the time. I'm glad I did and I'll anxiously await future installments should they come ^__^


Does she, or anyone, know that Sunset is friends with the sirens outside of school?

Her friends know what's been going on, all except for the events of the first story. Gradual friendship-building has occurred between the two, but the only noteworthy interaction apart from Sunset has been between Adagio and Rarity. For now.

As usual, I have no idea when the next story will be ready, but I'm glad you've enjoyed this one! :pinkiehappy:

Ah, no rush! I wouldn't dream of asking for a timeline. Your work is enjoyable and well worth waiting for.

The event of the first story is like 'the lost adventure' so I'm not surprised nobody knows anything about it; I was mostly asking about the bank heist adventure or the fact that they keep in touch. Also wasn't sure if Adagio had time to warm up to the other Rainbooms with Fluttershy being the last hold-out.

Well, finally got around to reading this series. It's fairly decent, though it does seem to be getting a little repetitive. "Fluff and Kidnapping" was my favorite, and I think part of that was that it mixed things up; you had Rarity and Adagio having the whacky interactions with each other (and while Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie didn't get too much attention, their plan was so hilariously goofy it was funny in and of itself) while Sunset dealt with just Sonata and Aria. This felt too much like a retread of the first story (though Sunset's ramblings and delirium were a bit amusing). I'm hoping that future installments will take a little focus off of just Sunset and Adagio and focus more on the other characters. I do appreciate the lack of shipping, though, as I feel nothing spoils these kinds of goofy stories faster than trying to introduce a romantic element.


I feel nothing spoils these kinds of goofy stories faster than trying to introduce a romantic element.

To save you a bit of time, you might be reading the wrong series. In fact, I don't think you'll like much of the rest of my work if you're opposed to shipping amid the shenanigans, but I hope you were at least decently entertained by however much you've read up to this point. :twilightsmile:


Wait, so there is shipping planned in this series in the future? That's a letdown, particularly as your author's notes in the series have indicated you had no plans to engage in any outside of some teasing (in this series at least).

Sorry if it wasn't clear enough, but when I said "I'm only aiming for friendshipping this time, there will be no (deliberate) RarDagio, SunNata, SunAria, or even AriaNata in this series," "this time" referred to that particular story, I intend to focus more on character interactions than outright romance (that you got this far without noticing tells me I'm doing pretty well), and you may have caught that Sundagio was left out of that little list, in addition to quite a few other possibilities.

To be blunt, I'm a near-compulsive Sundagio shipper (though I realize now that I haven't officially written them getting together even once so far...), and the relationship here is really slow-building, but still existent. I leave it to you if you're convinced that slice-of-life shenanigans (and whatever the simulations bring) can't be fun with elements of rom-com, but there has been plenty of shipping fuel between the central characters since the first story, as alluded to in the authors' note to just this last chapter (in fine print).


Well... actually, I was referring to the author's notes in this chapter, and in particular the fine print you cite. The "and Nothing Saucy Happens Despite Loads of Shipping Fuel and More Than a Few Moments of Sexual Tension" indicated, at least to me, that the series would continue with some teasing to the reader but never going into actual shipping.

Nothing saucy happening means no clop, not no shipping whatsoever. If that was how you defined the term, I can kind of see why it might put you off, but there is a considerable difference. :derpytongue2:

Sunset couldn't help reeling at the idea of abandoning three newborn children regardless, but resisted the urge to wrap Adagio in a hug and never let go. "So, you three were born and literally just thrown to the winds? You never even had a childhood?"

I feel the need to point out that we're talking about DISCORD who was a Complete Monster with a sick sense of humor pre reformation. He's the kind of guy who would have ruined their childhoods for the sole sake of being a dick.

Are Discord's genetics annoying anyone yet? I don't know if he's ever had kids, but that seems like the kind of thing he'd do just to mess with peoples' family tree charts. "Did you know you're the second cousin to an orca whale and the grandfather of an entire city of Diamond Dogs? Happy Mother's Day, by the way!"
And that's if he's not outright lying.

Because that's the thing about Discord, reformed or not, he's clearly insane and it's hard to tell if he's lying or not. For all we know, everything he says is true. Especially the lies.

Everyone, Pinkie included, stared at her in shocked silence for a moment. She crossed her arms, raising her chin somewhat haughtily. "I read sometimes."

This is great.

Congrats On Not Kicking The Bucket

:rainbowderp: You, have a morbid sense of humor, for a teenager.

Snickering for several seconds, Sunset shook her head at herself even as she smiled.

You got way too much of a kick out of that. To be fair though, I'd do the same.

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