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This story is a sequel to Dazzle's Poor Career Choice

Some things just sound like a good idea at the time. Normal people, sensible people, might completely disregard ideas such as these, but some others would say wishing a friend Happy Birthday is worth doing something crazy.

Playing a prank on someone that could use a laugh at the same time? Also good.

For those who really don't like FNAF, reading the first story is optional.
...But I seem to be including more and more callbacks to the first story as time goes on.
Summary: Sunset and Adagio both live and it proves to be something of a bonding experience for them. :)

Part of an ongoing series.
>Dazzle's Poor Career Choice
>You Are Here
>Dazzle Robs a Bank
>Fluffy Fever
>Dungeons and Dazzles

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Huh, I wonder what kind of dialogue could be between Rarity and Adagio. I often forget that Rarity (despite some of her obsessions) is still the most mature member of the mane6 and she could be used for some interaction with Adagio, just as deep\good as Sunset.

Hell holy god another one???


that good chapter :pinkiesmile:
I was looking forward :pinkiesad2:
continues :pinkiehappy:

Adagio's cheeks tinted red. "I heard you were skilled with wardrobes. While my own isn't lacking, I wouldn't mind the occasional-"

You done goof here Adagio, now here comes the true pain. Having Rarity make your clothings. :rainbowlaugh:

amazing chapter :pinkiehappy:
continues :pinkiesmile:
a question ...
if in this fanfic no shalt put anything RarDagio, sunnata, Sunaria, or even AriaNata ...
there's sundagio? or ...

If the first story was any indication, it's quite possible. :raritywink:

than good! :pinkiehappy:
looking forward to that chapter :pinkiesmile:
Please continue soon :pinkiesad2:
You're a great writer :twilightsmile:

Sunset waited until they were walking down the street after the next house to investigate further. "I've gotta ask, just how many nicknames do you two have for Adagio? Just today, I've heard Cheese-Puff, Queen Fluffy, Puff-O The Clown, The Towering Cotton-Ball, Orange Fury, Evil Miss Frizzle, Sugar-Free Cream-Puff, and Fluffymongous, and those are just the ones about her hair."

Oh man..... I almost bust a gut laughing here.

I do love your take on the sirens relationship dynamics, and I hope to see more this summer!

"Unwanted Sexy Times! Run!"

I died. :rainbowlaugh:

This was hilarious but sweet, and very in-character as well! I'll have to read the first installment sometime as well. :twilightsmile:

Best kind of EQG story out there, :ajsmug:

Also one of the best EQG stories out there, :pinkiehappy:

Into the Captain's Chest with ye! :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh, wow! :pinkiegasp:

I'm not sure the next stories in the series (easy-going slice of life shenanigans every other story!) will live up to that mark, but I'll certainly try! :pinkiehappy:

It's not just the plot or the focus of the story, but the way in which you handle them that makes it awesome, :raritywink:

Looking forward to the next installment! :twilightsmile:

Oh, I waited too long to read this! So much fun! Well done!

So when's the next instalment In the series? Or did I deep out and not notice you publish it?

You can find the next story, Dazzle Robs a Bank, under 'Sequels' on the right side of the screen. You already read and commented on the first chapter, actually. :eeyup:

6263230 heh my bad must not have noticed the being a sequel part. i feel stupid now

I would say Rarity is second to Applejack in that regard. Rarity gets entire episodes out of issues that Applejack would have solved in like two minutes, or ones that have never come up because of the way Applejack lives (like maintaining a better relationship with her sister, so they never had a falling out like in Sisterhooves Social). Not to say that Rarity is bad or anything, just that she's a drama queen and her priorities are a bit out of order compared to Applejack.

Also, Fluttershy is surprisingly hard to place on this scale.

"There's legal opportunity,
In this very community!"
"He's Flim!"
"He's Flam!"
"And we're Miss Dazzle's faithful lawyers!
Her legal advisers, nonpareil!"

This is amazing.

little nic



Knowing that Sonata and Aria were still in earshot, she really didn't want to answer that question. Luckily, she saw an opening. "Well, I kinda wanted to talk about, uh..." She glanced around, eye-contact getting more unbearable by the second. "Are you seeing Adagio Dazzle?"

Wow, you, uh, want a minute to rephrase that there, chief?

Aria blinked once, crossing her arms. "For real? No wonder it was so awkward between you guys!"


There was a long moment of silence before Aria turned to Sunset, pointed at Sonata, and deadpanned. "That there? That's what it looks like when Sonata has a thought."

Hold on a second. *looks out window* let's see, no fire and brimstone, no flying pigs, no Hell opening up, welp, this is the most boring apocalypse ever. Carry on.

Adagio stood in an asymmetric red-velvet dress that went down to one knee, covering down to the middle of the thigh of the opposite leg. The section covering her torso only stretched over front, a small window between the straps holding the dress up exposing the upper portion of her modest chest.

Jessica Rabbit much?

Rarity grit her teeth, turning the heat up to maximum settings. She'd once (Once.) straightened Pinkie Pie's hair this way, and today would be no different! She took hold of the locks with the comb, clamped down with the iron, and slowly, carefully, meticulously dragged it along, certain every hair was feeling her burning vengeance, but no matter how many times she did it, she couldn't spot a single hair that looked even a little less curly than before. Her eye twitched.

Her hair is naturally curly, good luck.

On that note, I know 'Adagio has wacky hair lol' is pretty much on par with taco jokes as far as low-hanging comedic fruit goes for the Dazzlings, but that's because Adagio might just have the most ridiculous hair in the entire franchise. Including ethereal manes, including Rainbow Power hair-extensions, including the Mane-iac, because hers was at least functional and served to make her more fearsome. Adagio is just super fluffy, which serves to make her more huggable.

That's a good point, her hair is absurd, even for MLP.

"No," the next name on the list answered with crossed arms, "the Great and Powerful Trixie has not seen Adagio Dazzle anywhere." She glanced between the three of them while bobbing silvery hair in one hand, a hint of a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth. "Why? Did she say anything about me? I mean, not that Trixie would take any interest in her anyway. So, did she?"

Ah Trixdagio, it takes so little for a ship to happen, Lyra and BonBon, sitting together a few times, Trixie and Adagio, her touching her chin during a song and maybe 1 or 2 other interactions. Doesn't bother me though, always good for fun.

"Y'know, the one with the big, fluffy, cheesy-poof hair? Like your whole arm-span wide, so deep you might just find the secrets of the universe at its center?"

I'm thinking of making an Adagio Hair Joke Counter.

Regardless, she kept such thoughts to herself, more concerned with how the group apparently tease each other viciously. Adagio broke down crying when she admitted she didn't want to live without Aria and Sonata. Aria and Sonata willingly spend the whole day searching for Adagio, but Sonata constantly squabbles with Aria. They simultaneously fear and make fun of Adagio, but from the sounds of things, she does it right back at them? To an even greater degree? Was there just some twisted triangle of dysfunction keeping these three together? Did Aria and Adagio take turns calling Sonata an idiot? Did Adagio and Sonata have anything in common? What kind of friendship was this?

They're three immortals who've been working together for ages, they've bound to have something in common.

Sunset waited until they were walking down the street after the next house to investigate further. "I've gotta ask, just how many nicknames do you two have for Adagio? Just today, I've heard Cheese-Puff, Queen Fluffy, Puff-O The Clown, The Towering Cotton-Ball, Orange Fury, Evil Miss Frizzle, Sugar-Free Cream-Puff, and Fluffymongous, and those are just the ones about her hair." More surprising than the list was that Sunset could recite it with a straight face.

That's 9 hair jokes in one go. Not bad, wait, hold up, rewind that...

Evil Miss Frizzle

That's the third time I've seen that joke made.

Aria shrugged a little. "Kinda making up for lost time, since we can actually get away with it now. It's not like we do it constantly, or there'd never be a minute to breathe. That, and Spiky Dominatrix can still be scary as all hell, but since we have jobs and she doesn't, she won't get that mad if all we do's poke fun at her." She hoped.

Fair enough.

They turned to her at the same time, their faces absolutely screaming 'busted!' They shared another quick look, Pinkie giving that nervous, 'oopsie' kind of grin. "Uh, y-you're looking for Adagio Dazzle? Fuzzy-licious? The Wig That Walks? She Who Must Not Wear Hats?"


Adagio sighed. "No you wouldn't. I can tell even without looking you in the eye that you're a lot sturdier than that."


Turning enough for Rarity to see her, Adagio made an annoyed face, (so expressive!) but her answer was very calm. "I've bluffed my way out of unfavorable situations before, and while I could tell that it was worrying you, you didn't budge when I threatened you and your friends." She shrugged. "If anything, it seemed to give you new resolve." She cut Rarity off the moment she opened her mouth. "I know, I know, don't say it! Yes, I suppose if it were you threatening my idiots, I'd have gotten colder too, but that you are not easily intimidated is the point I mean to make."

You're probably right.

Rarity knew it would be off-topic and uncalled for to ask, but she couldn't help wondering why she and her sisters(?) didn't think to just seduce any well-off young men into feeding and housing them at no charge.

I dunno.

The others apparently just noticed as well, Rarity grinning wider and wider as they collectively took in the fruits of her labor. That Adagio smirked struck a regal pose to be admired only helped, as far as she was concerned.

I think you mean striking a regal pose.

Adagio shrugged. "It's fine, I forgive you." She allowed only three seconds of relief before going on with a smirk. "I mean, I can understand someone wanting me badly enough to do something extreme, I just didn't think anyone would use their friend's birthday as an excuse to see me tied up."

Given her attire at the time, the effect was somewhat magnified. Rainbow and Pinkie turned bright red as the former stammered nonsense, the latter grabbing Rainbow's arm. "Unwanted Sexy-Times! Run!" And the two fled the building, shouting 'Sorry!' one last time as Adagio threw her head back and laughed.

Unwanted Sexy-Times. OK, that's funny.

Sonata grinned ear to ear. "Paintball target?"
So did Aria. "Nah, it'd be too easy!"

Ouch, low blow!


Shhh, Nick's sensitive about his height.

Although the idea of abducting someone for a present is totally random and weird it works SOoo well here for some strange reason I like it, immensely funny. Sonata with an idea well...

"Uh, y-you're looking for Adagio Dazzle? Fuzzy-licious? The Wig That Walks? She Who Must Not Wear Hats?"

You must spend hours at a time just sitting around thinking up nicknames for Adagio :rainbowlaugh:

That being said, I totally wouldn't mind that last one finding its way into SFaCF. That Harry Potter joke killed me :yay:

It kind of did, in chapter 32. :pinkiehappy:

"How do you feel about hats?"

"If it fits on my head, I'll give it a go, Sweetie."

"Okay. Um..."

"Limited selection, hm?"

7195425 well, yes, but I meant more along the lines of the specific wording "She Who Must Not Wear Hats" being used. That nickname is too great not to be used more than once :rainbowwild:

Pinkie Pie... I'm pretty sure this prank goes beyond the bounds of good taste. Adagio probably spent time thinking she was going to be killed or suffers some other horrible fate as she waited in that box before Rarity opened it.

Huh. Adagio has a lot more active guilt than I do. I'd have been out of there too fast to have second thoughts.

Of course, Adagio is probably feeling a lot of guilt about a bunch of other things and that's adding to the pile every time she thinks she's transgressed now.

Excellent bit with the Flim Flam Brothers.

I'm only aiming for friendshipping this time, there will be no (deliberate) RarDagio, SunNata, SunAria, or even AriaNata in this series.

Oh. Huh, you could have fooled me with the combination of this plot and Rarity's reactions to Adagio. Not that it's a problem, just unexpected.

I don't get it. Why would they do it?

Kidnap Adagio as part of a gift-prank? For giggles and to let Rarity fulfil her dream of styling Adagio's hair, because as crazy, teenage girls, they tend not to think very hard about whether or not what they're doing is technically criminal.

What do you have against Sonata?

Ha. Sonata wets the bed and Aria is as flat as a board.

"That there? That's what it looks like when Sonata has a thought."

LOL đŸ˜‚

Because they're Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. What did you expect?

Still just trying to keep up, Adagio gulped. Maybe I should have just run?

Yes, you should have. :ajsmug:

Rarity has put forth a most...
(Wait for it...) :pinkiehappy:
...hair-culean effort!


Nothing, she has the bunbly airhead persona outside with a violent and dangerous persona ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

I have no idea why, but all the scenes with Adagio in the box make me vaguely anxious.

Awkward...can be used to describe this.

The only thing going through my mind right now is "BEGONE THOT!"

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