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Following the events of the Anon-a-Miss incident, Sunset Shimmer happens across the group that once reduced the students of CHS to arguments and infighting. It occurs to her that they weren't the first, or the last, to do so.

Mild spoilers for IDW Equestria Girls Holiday Special inside!

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I find it interesting the Humandingos all look like Demon Shimmer.

Also I really enjoyed this story.


Warm fuzzies. And interesting twist at the end where it's looking like they're starting to 'get it', but then... not really. =P

Might have to read it again to see if it was just my brain glitching, but I found myself getting tripped up on the wording in a just a few places. (And take this as constructive, of course - I found myself having to fix a lot of patches like that while re-reading the stuff I was writing for that open door fic.) If I still notice it while reading through again later, I can point those parts out if you'd like.

But all in all, I really liked this and the message. And then especially how sunset chose to handle things and stay strong.

It wasn't us that was recently thought to of sowed chaos via MyStable

Nooooooo! You did that thing! It's supposed to be 'have,' not 'of'!

As for the story, it was pretty cute, and the ending was pretty amusing, but the writing was a bit messy at times. Especially during the dialogue, some of the pronouns weren't clear in who they were referring to.

That said, I wouldn't mind seeing more.

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I know it's not the author's fault, but that one in particular makes me want to introduce an ice pick to my eyeballs.


Thank you all for the comments!

Glad it was mostly enjoyed, I know it was a little choppy, the main message about the picture and what can be done to counteract it not really dwelled on. It looks like I outright forgot to include the part where they kept the money at all because Adagio was paranoid about them completely running out of energy someday, but maybe that and more will come up if I ever pick this up again.

Is it wrong for me to think the Dazzlings do get the friendship thing, even if they don't get that they get it?

Not at all! I'd like to think that at this stage, they at least care about eachother. Maybe not to the degree Twilight's friends do, but enough to not care about anyone else a whole lot.

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

Not really. I figure any interested audiences for the stuff I write would eventually find their way to the stories with the help of groups/tag searches.

Thanks for (what I interpret to be) a vote of confidence, though! :twilightsmile:

5454142 It's actually nice to see a villain group in this show (well, movie) that doesn't operate on "frienship is lame" principle and instead have a different take on villainy.

And by all means, do tell how they managed to get by all this time. The vocaloids thing was just... well, I didn't see that coming, for sure.

Wat? DA FUDGE just happened

Good story, and the Dazzlings realizing they really are friends is cute. I agree with the idea that the Dazzling's magic only works through live performances, otherwise they would have taken over the world a long time ago.

*Face-Palm* Here we go again.........:ajbemused:

Aww, this was cute, and very well written. Have a like, a favorite, and a plea for continuation!

I work on the sequel when there's time. :twilightsmile:

5946980 Sounds good. :twilightsmile: I look forward to it!

Read the last part, and seeing that Sunset was 'Dashing through the snow' only led to Christmas Carols playing in my head.

They think they're going to learn to manipulate people... but instead they're going to learn all about the magic of friendship!

6507917 Did you notice how it was also referenced at the beginning? :raritywink:


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