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The name's Dash. (Previously Ronnie) And I write humanized pony stories. Welcome to my humble page.


Sunset confesses to Twilight one day after school, and not quite sure how to take it, Twilight goes on a quest to solve the greatest equation of all: What is love?

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Ye gods, that's cute. Though shame on Twilight for not thinking of one of her best, most readily available primary sources during the data collection phase.

Still, adorable Sunlight. Also, obligatory response:



That was very cute.

And thinking with your breasts, huh? That puts certain...ideas in one's head...

Twilight goes on a quest to solve the greatest equation of all: What is love?

I love these Sciset stories alot but are you considering doing Sunlight stories again like before? Just curious is all.

Alright if no one else will do it then I will

Love is not an equation you can solve. love is something that you feel with your whole being. Twilight had to go through so much to figure that out when all she had to do was ask Cadence. This fic was cute and it hit me in places i didn't know i had and that's how good this fic was to me. Good job and i hope to see more from you

I'm a simple man; Sci-Twi x Sunset? Instant fav

God I loved this so much.
I don't really get very emotional when it comes to reading things, but as you witnessed first hand this story brought me to tears.
Thank you for this; really. It means a lot to me that you've always been so supportive of myself and Mel, even when I wasn't very supportive of myself.
I can't put into words how special this story is to me, which is ironic since I run my mouth so much, but you've managed to make me speechless.
Thank you so, so much for writing this, and thank you for allowing Mel and I for being an influence for this story. It's an honor.
Thank you for being such an amazing friend, Dash. I love you so much. 💕

Maggie I love you and the girls so much and I would do anything for all of you. I admire you and Mel a lot, and wish you both the best of luck. I'm so happy you guys liked this story, because its what i live for when it comes to writing. I love making people feel things and leave a lasting impression on them.

just as you've left a lasting impression on me.

you inspire me each and everyday, and im so happy we're friends.

I hope I can one day find someone who loves me and vice versa just as much as you and Mel love each other.

(p.s if the last part is in your vows you better credit me 🔪 💕)

I just reread the story again and I just,,
I know I said this already but, Dash thank you so much. I'm really not exaggerating when I say that a story has never touched me as much or has brought me to tears the way this one did. Honestly, words can't even describe how much I loved it and how much I appreciate YOUR constant love and support for Maggie and I.
This story is so so special to me and I hold it so close to my heart, and I'm so glad that the relationship that Maggie and I share was able to inspire it. It's so incredibly well written and beautiful and again, just ... touched my heart.
Thank you for being such a great and supportive friend Dash 💕

9136406 Any time, Mel. Like I said in response to Maggie you guys have been a pinnacle part of my life these past few months, and i couldn't imagine my life without you guys. I love you both so much and hope the best for you guys. I'm glad this fic holds a special place in your heart. That's all I've ever wanted, to make my friends happy with my writing. I will always stand by the both of you. No matter what. 💕



I think this is the correct version.

The funniest part about this story is that the human heart is actually a major part of how our brains process emotion. It's actually a sort of hormonal co-processor; the heart and brain send signals back and forth constantly where emotions are concerned, especially love, grief, and hatred.

Oh, Twilight. If only you had actually done more research.

........ That was far more adorable than I was expecting. Especially that ending.

A very cute and funny read, puts a smile on my face. Are there any plans for a sequel?

unfortunately, no. its a stand alone.

SunLight is best ship

That was cheesy as hell and I loved it!

"What is love?" Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more. XD

[quote[Love wasn’t just dopamine and serotoninLIES!!!! Love is a chemical imbalance in the brain, rooted in the biological imperative and exacerbated by societal pressures.

When asked her hypothesis, Lyra promptly responded, “Baby don’t hurt me,” which earned her a jab in the side from Bon Bon.

Yeah, I can relate to Lyra here. Seriously, every time the phrase 'what is love' came up in this story, that stupid song kept playing in my head.

Anyway, cute story, have a like!👍

Entertaining drama from Sci-Twi here. Also, with how Cadance said Mom and Dad and talking to Twilight. Is Cadance already her sister in law?

“I’m sure,” Twilight cut her off sternly. “I’ve spent the past two days trying to contemplate love, to figure out what it is.”

Sunset laughed. “You would. So what is it then?”

Twilight smiled. “It’s what I feel when I see you.”

This line, right here. This made me squee!!! I love this!!! Excellent job on this fic!!!

you must of died laughing wen you hit 69 stores.:rainbowlaugh:


but srsly this was good

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