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The seven who stopped Adagio, Aria, and Sonata at the Battle of the Bands are called out for another round. The gems are still broken, but Sonata seems to think they have an ace up their sleeve.

And some other stuff happens. Stuff that has little or nothing to do with the first chapter.

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"You laugh now," Sonata went on in the same manner, standing on one foot and extending her arms to the sky, "but just you wait, for now, you will face us at our full power!"
And with that, she adapted a fighting pose, legs apart, fists clenched, and started screaming at the top of her lungs, veins standing up on her forehead.

You are not Goku.

Adagio flushed crimson as she looked back and forth between her companions and the Rainbooms, some of whom were giving her funny looks. "I-it's a lie! She's making it up!!"

You're a worse liar than Applejack.

"HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Leaping into the air, Sonata landed with two ponytails, shining like gold, twice as thick, and long enough to brush against the ground, a fierce aura burning all around her. "SUUUPER SIREEEEEEN!!"


"Rainbooms, assemble!" She began to glow with violet light, her clothes transforming into a tight, shiny, purple jumpsuit decorated with rainbow lines and a helmet with a black visor. "Purple Rainboom!"
Sunset Shimmer followed her example, glowing red and magically donning a similar outfit. "Red Rainboom!"
She was followed by Rainbow. "Blue Rainboom!"
Then Fluttershy. "Yellow Rainboom!"
Then Applejack. "Orange Rainboom!"
Then Rarity. "White Rainboom!"
And Pinkie. "Pink Rainboom!"


"SONATA!!" shouted Adagio, more or less snapping out of her daze, "You stop kicking lightning right this instant! You'll sprain something!"
"Toldja you mothered her."


"Damn," cursed Purple Rainboom, "she's too powerful, summon the Mega-corn!"
The others gathered to her, touching their wrists together in a cone. "Friendship! Is! Magic!"
A blinding, rainbow light emitted from the seven standing together, forming a massive, crystal alicorn mech.
"Purple Rainboom, go!"
"Red Rainboom, go!"
"Blue Rainboom, go!"
"Yellow Rainboom, go!"
"Orange Rainboom, go!"
"White Rainboom go!"
"Pink Rainboom go!"
The Mega-corn drew a massive, glowing laser-sword from the horn on it's head, striking a pose.


There was a flash of golden light, Aria touching down with bright yellow hair in four long ponytails! She beamed, both with delight and with a big, honking laser-blast from her palms, directed at the Mega-corn. It shielded itself in the Wings of Friendship, retaliating with the Alicorn's Horn to scorch the ground where Aria and Sonata stood, but the two of them had already leapt upwards, performing flying kicks like the one Sonata had opened the battle with.


Each put a hand on a different breast, Adagio's jaw dropping. She was just about to scold them for this when she felt a surge of energy more potent than when they were on stage at the Battle of the Bands. Glancing backward, she saw her hair turning yellow. "W-wait!! Stop, you idio-"

None lived.

Did, I just get trolled by a MLP FIM EQG 2/Power Rangers/Dragon Ball Z quasi-crossover thing?

I'm not sure where it came from either. I have half an epilogue-type thing in mind to explain it all, if I get the time in the next week or two, but I feel like the inanity speaks for itself. If not, Random tag! :pinkiehappy:

I have never been interested in Dragon Ball Z or Power Rangers, but this makes me want to relive some nostalgia.

Oh wow. I was almost crying, you had me laughing so hard! xD

These parts in particular almost killed me:

"Ohh, shut up." She glanced at Aria appraisingly, speaking in gentle tones despite the violence unfolding before them. "Though come to think of it, are you doing alright? Are you getting enough to eat?"

"You need help."


Each put a hand on a different breast, Adagio's jaw dropping. She was just about to scold them for this when she felt a surge of energy more potent than when they were on stage at the Battle of the Bands. Glancing backward, she saw her hair turning yellow. "W-wait!! Stop, you idio-"


None lived.

Also, you got a point. It really does always come back to Adagio's hair. I can only think of one time where it was about Aria's pants... though Adagio's hair was also relevant, so...

What I... I don't even what in Tartarus happend :facehoof:

No words can describe the awesomeness that is Super Sirens.
I'm dying inside. (That's a good thing)


Whoa! I feel like I'm on a dinghy in the ocean and Sonata's a hurricane!

How did this turn into Dragonball Z power rangers

That! Goku getting THAT much hair when going super saiyan is what inspired the ending.


Did, I just get trolled by a MLP FIM EQG 2/Power Rangers/Dragon Ball Z quasi-crossover thing?

You left out Captain Planet, :moustache:

It'll be awkward once it turns out that Adagio really IS Aria's and Sonata's mother.

Pinkie frowned a little. "I still say we should have done it shirtless, then it'd have been like a real kung-fu movie!"
She was silenced by several simultaneous 'NO's.


Think the Dazzlings should have been more like Frieza with their transforming, and have Pinkie be the Goku, and have krillin played by a cupcake that gets squashed.

But this was great either way.

Candy colored/ supernatural and screaming creatures that save the day with rainbows, lasers, and giants.

I'm starting to see the similarities.

Next I'll here...

"Rainbooms, form Voltron!"

Too late.

Can you believe nobody is on board for Naked Ninja Space Sirens Vs. The Great Chocolate Octopus?

Probably because it sounds like a hentai video, :applejackconfused:

... Actually, what do we have to do to get that written? :trixieshiftright:

I don't remember when was the last time I fell into "Wait, what?" kind of state with mad giggling following after.

It happened at least 3 times.

For each chapter.

At 4 am.

Both cheeks.


Glad you enjoyed, but sleep is important. :twilightsheepish:
If you're having trouble sleeping, I'm sure there's always room in MamAdagio's fluff, even without going Super Siren. :derpytongue2:

Well that daily dose of stupid... I loved it!

This is just a depository for jokes that somehow relate to adagio's hair, right?

I thought it was Sonata's short skirt.

Is anything Pinkie think of doesn't involve something perverted and whipped cream related?

I swear a Momdagio group is forming by the end of the year.

Adagio Dazzle is wearing a naked apron? Like we all saw that coming.

Weren't those three sleeping together? Also, what movie did she watch?

One mooore thing

"N-no," she lied through her teeth, "just... at too many fried chocolate bars again."

The chapter in which they slept together was meant to imply that Aria and Sonata had both had nightmares on the same night and "Not Mamadagio" was comforting them, as she does for Aria here, but it's only a regular thing in Sirens of CHS.

And, will fix typo.

Laptops are cheap right now; a couple hundred $$ will get you one perfectly suited to being a mobile writing desk... or does your school keep an eye on the pipeline itself, so to speak?

Even if I had money to spare, I never really hear good things about laptops if you plan to use them more than a few hours a day. Easier to lug around, maybe, but I don't think one would suit my purposes.

Thanks for the suggestion, though. :twilightsmile:

7508921 My last 2 computers have been laptops. The first was only $400 and it was better than my desktop before it. I owned that one for maybe 4 years. I'm currently on another laptop with 2 external monitors. I use it just like a desktop at home, and take it on the road with me when traveling.
I tend to turn on my laptop at the start of the day and it stays on until I go back to bed at the end of the day. Though I have it sitting on a desk rather than on my lap. That would get uncomfortable after a while.
You don't get as much bang for your buck with laptops vs desktops but, if you don't need a powerhouse, you can still get very cheap laptops that are very functional. That $400 laptop played games wonderfully at the time.

And there we have my first hearing good things about laptops! :pinkiegasp:
Will see what the future holds.

This is not a funny chapter, and you should not be proud of it. It's not good to see more of these.

"EEK," the latest victim squeaked, collapsing to the floor. Sonata definitely didn't feel guilty about this already, but Fluttershy looked up at her, one hand drawn to her flushed face. "H...harder!"


Wearing an apron (over her normal clothes, you pervert!)

I didn't need to be reminded of that... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: I swear.:scootangel:

This was my favourite one from the chapter:

You know that Sunset braided it not too long ago?"
"Yea, but I'm sure she'll walk again some day."


Adagio's Hair is actually surprisingly short, and serves to hide a gigantic, bulging head, containing her enormous brain?

Adagio does not have hairs, she has millions of tiny head-tentacles.

Adagio's Hair needs its own character tag.

Adagio once tried wearing a burka for Halloween, and everyone assumed she was a mountain.

Adagio's Hair is the reason we're still here.


Adagio's Hair needs its own character tag.

I liked the others, but I wish I had used this one in the story.

The hair jokes return, with a loooota gusto!

8058578 There might be even more to the theory from a few chapters ago about Adagio and Sonata being the same person - between Adagio's hair and Sonata's taco interest, they might both be Fluffle Puff :rainbowhuh:


"Adagio's Hair doesn't get combed, combs get Adagio's Hair."

I hate you.

In a loving way, but still...

For the purposes of this story, that'd fit right in. :eeyup:

I get that from some of my readers. :moustache:

Adagio's hair killed the dinosaurs.

This is the best thing I have ever read. When Sonata transformed I couldn't stop laughing. I was reading this during lunch at school and all my friends thought I was crazy.

I'd consider this bundle of short stories to be perhaps the silliest, most senseless, most thrown-together thing I've ever written, but glad you enjoyed, I guess! :pinkiesmile:

I love the pinkie pie consception one:rainbowlaugh:

Adagio's hair once tried to make babies with Pinkie's hair.

It was horrible.

The only reason this chapter isn't an epic trilogy, is because Adagio's Hair wants to live a modest life.

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