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Something in the works? Maybe? · 10:24am Aug 27th, 2021

A thestral, a siren, a zebra, a dragon, a changeling, a kirin, three unicorns, three pegasi, three earth ponies, and three alicorns all walk into a bar.

They then get kicked out because that's way too many characters with "primary/secondary protagonist" billing for one story.

But despite admitting she could stand to thin the numbers just a little, the author is also incredibly stubborn and sentimental and isn't inclined to let go of most of this cast.

This could be a problem.

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I'm sure I will ^^

And no worries! I didn't mean to rush you with my comments :twilightsheepish: I am the absolute last person in the world who would get on anyone's case for taking "too long", whatever pace is right for you is however long it needs, not a moment before 👍 (and try not to burn yourself out like I did)

I need to return to writing it; it’s the next thing I’d like to turn to after I’m finished with this series. I hope you enjoy what little is there so far.

While I was hoping to get the fourth story up this week, it’s looking increasingly unlikely, so I will need to ask for your patience--next week is the plan now.

I'm glad you wrote jt! :pinkiehappy:

Ooh, sure thing! I'm looking forward to the last two, and aside from that I wanna check out your other stories as well; Someone Else's Sun looks pretty interesting

Thank you for the watch and the favorites on the Equestrian Scions stories; I’m glad you enjoyed them.

  • Viewing 587 - 591 of 591
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