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Rainy weather and a looming deadline drive Twilight Sparkle up the walls and Spike out of the tree. Only Pinkie Pie can save the day, by introducing the reluctant librarian to an unexpected new hobby. Astoundingly, sex does not ensue.

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This was absolutely delightful! I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I am glad I gave your story a try. Just plain fun and happy, and it made me feel giggly, which was very nice indeed!

More please?

Absolutely! This was planned from the start as a two-parter, and chapter two is largely blocked out conceptually -- I just need to find the time to actually write it out. Glad you like it!

I laughed out loud on several occasions. Like Chatoyance, I wasn't sure what to expect. But it's an amusing story no matter how you look at it. And might I say, expertly written.

This was so awesome! This needs to be featured and put on eqd like now!

Sorry for taking so long to read, but this was worth the wait. This was fantastic! I especially loved all the little jokes that gave away the dolls as dolls. Also, was that a reference to RD and AJ being voiced by the same actress, or am I just seeing things? Anyway, this was great. A few grammar mistakes, but none stuck out or ruined the flow of the story. I saw Pinkie's attempt to turn this into a doll clop fic coming a mile away, and yet I still loled. As for chapter two, I can't wait!
P.S. If you decide to make this a more-than-two parter, bring in the rest of the mane 6. I would love to see their reactions and what scenarios they can come up with.
Edit: This should be featured. The site's featured fics for less.

This was really really funny :pinkiesmile:

"I'm a frayed knot."

I honestly did not think I'd ever see that used in any MLP fic, much less delivered properly. I stand corrected, on both counts. I lost it there, and didn't think the fic could get better.

And then I continued reading.

Feel good story of the year? Feel good story of the year. You deserve all my thumbs.

I'd say this is very episodic (can be a real episode). :twilightsmile::yay: I can really see Pinkie doing this. Oh! The color of the Princess Celestia doll is true and very funny. I can't believe how Pinkie mentioned it. :rainbowlaugh: But seriously, Pink?! She is White not Pink! I can't believe Hasbro did that. :rainbowhuh: :facehoof:

This was awesome! If I could give you stars I would give you 5, but you'll have to settle for a like and a track.
Also>>335176 Hasbro thankfully changed the color for the princess.

335290 Yay! :yay: I'll be sure to buy her soon.

I know, they went and spoiled my joke. :derpytongue2:

>> Shrederman38
I think you commented in detail less than two hours after the story went up, so an apology hardly seems called for! :raritywink: If you spotted some errors, I wouldn't mind having them pointed out for fixing -- I'm usually *very* picky about such things, but a fresh set of eyes often spots what the original author doesn't. And indeed, it was a double-layered joke about RD and AJ having the same voice, as well as both being played in that scene by Twilight.

>> Gullywasher
I'm fairly sure it's the worst, most aged pun I've pulled off with a straight face all year. :rainbowlaugh:

>> Everypony else
Thanks so much for the kind words! You've certainly given me the energy to get the second part spanked into shape soon!



BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh:

That was just pure, undiluted awesome. I lost it at Twilight and Pinkie's first banter as Dash and Rarity, and I don't think I stopped laughing once after that.

Well done. Just beautiful. :pinkiehappy:

If by 'same actress', you mean Tara Strong, then yes.

338286 No, RD and AJ are both voiced by Ashleigh Ball. I'm wondering if that part where AJ's voice is described as "yet still curiously similar to the voice of Rainbow Dash." is a reference to that, or just to them both being voiced by the same pony.

Both, yes. :coolphoto:

So: if this were an episode, it would feature Tara Strong, as Twilight, doing impressions of Ashleigh Ball as Dash and AJ, and of Andrea Libman as Fluttershy. Andrea Libman, in turn, as Pinkie, would be doing an impression of Tabitha St. Germain as Rarity -- except for a couple lines in which she also does both of Ashleigh Ball's voices.

The second half will involve Strong-as-Twilight impersonating Libman-as-Pinkie, Libman-as-Pinkie impersonating Strong-as-Twilight, and Libman-as-Pinkie impersonating Libman-as-Fluttershy. Among other things that happen.

Just in case anypony is still not confused.

338452 I hate to rain on your parade, but the entire time you were flaunting your success a hoard of angry readers emerged with pitchforks and various questions along the lines of "Why do you have time to comment like this when you should be writing?"
I'll just let you deal with them on your own. *runs away, expertly dodging claims of hypocrisy*

What I meant was, I'm assuming it's just because they're both being voiced by Twilight Sparkle (ie, Tara Strong)

...And in the time it took to write this, Baby Boo answered the question instead. Oh well!


*Boo is dragged away kicking and screaming to...well, to the exact same place, but with the word-processor window open*

338508 Haha! We'll have a new chapter by tomorrow! Then, I'll- Oh, hello there. What do you want?
*realizes he hasn't updated his own story in a month*:twilightoops:
Um... I can explain?
*Is similarly dragged away, kicking and screaming*

No harm done. :twilightsmile:

For maximum clarity, that line was meant to establish within the story that Twilight was playing both characters, but the behind-the-scenes joke is the reason I arranged the scene so that the same character would be doing both.

:rainbowlaugh:This is funny. It reminds me of that episode of Powerpuff Girls when they play as themselves on a rainy day. I can't wait to see what happens next.

"NOT SO FAST!" DUN DUN DUUUNNN!!! I wonder who the mystery pony is?:derpyderp1: I'm crossing my fingers for Derpy or Princess Luna! :pinkiegasp: Or maybe it's Discord, come back for revenge by making THEM his dolls!!! (Pokemon Season 1 episode with Sabrina's Gym) The possibilities are ENDLESS! Update soon! :moustache:

Ellipses as used here are generally formatted as three dots, then a space (like... this). There were a few other errors, but I didn't mind because this is a great little story. Sweet, funny, light—it makes me happy to read it.

Corrected! At first I thought this was merely an eccentric usage on this site, but I looked up some style manuals, and... well, they conflict about it, but it appears that the way I've long been using ellipses, with no space before or after, isn't correct in any standard (I left spaces out where the ellipsis leads directly into punctuation, though, since that seems to be widely accepted). Learn something new every day, I reckon.

If you spotted other errors, do please feel free to point them out. There are some odd constructions that I'll stand up for as stylistic choices, but I do like to be aware of actual mistakes.

I'm glad you like the story! I've got nothing against cloppiness or darker themes, but it's quite refreshing to write something purely fun and breezy.

So yeah, this was a delightful read. :pinkiehappy: To quote Twi, the entire concept was "bizarrely sweet". Pinkie Pie in particular seemed perfectly in-character. A bunch of great references like Lyra, pink Celestia, and this might be the first time I've seen Appledash used as a verb :rainbowlaugh: The play scenes were charming both in how Pinkie/Twi were characterizing their friends, as well as how it remained self-aware ("the martial art of randomly smacking against each other").

The present-tense was a bit different to get used to in the beginning, but a few paragraphs in, I didn't even notice it anymore, so IMHO it's fine as-is. One very minor quibble, the few instances of two hyphens (--) should be replaced with em-dash (—, ALT+0151).

>“Oh, relax! These are make-believe ponies"
I'll predict that at least one of the ponies will learn about the dolls, but won't appreciate Pinkie role-playing them in muzzle-bumping makeout sessions. :rainbowwild:

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Thanks! The em-dash thing had been bugging me but I had no idea how to fix it. The Alt+0151 thing didn't work for me, but I just copy-pasted the em-dash from your post. :coolphoto:

I got an answer from the EqD pre-readers on this one today; they requested a re-write in the present tense and suggested some editing in the opening section, so I'm going to take the opportunity to make some structural changes suggested by other readers as well, to better set up the following chapter.

awsome where is chaptor two? :unsuresweetie:

I'm glad this didn't turn out to be a sex story, it has so much more comedy potential than just "Twilight was bored, so Pinkie brought over some toys and sex was all over the place".

This is gorgeous, light-hearted fun. Your Pinkie is really on-point, too. Looking forward to part two.

This I enjoyed! Faved and liked!

:rainbowlaugh: This is such a silly, feel-good story and I loved every minute of reading it. Spike needs to get in on the fun.

This was epically adorable and felt like a real episode!

Can't wait for more!

I'm surprised that I didn't find this before, it's a real gem.

A fantastic read, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Honestly, I'm not sure if I would be charmed or disturbed at the prospect that a friend of mine had made dolls of me and my friends and to-scale replicas of me and my friends homes and played with them on rainy days...

But it's Pinkie Pie so it's alright XD

I found it wonderfully imaginative and I eagerly look forward to the second chapter, as well as more mind bendingly complicated voice actress shoutouts.

409606 Just be glad Rarity didn't make the dolls, she'd be in pieces if she did. :raritydespair:

And in another universe, Bubbles looks up in confusion, interrupting her and her sisters' game of make believe.

Take note Hasbro, this is your Season 3 opener right here.

Haha, this is simply marvellous.

This is actually the first fanfic comedy I have read. Oh my goodness! When Pinkie got out the My Little Pony dolls I laughed a lot. Then when Pinkie described the Celestia doll all I could think of was the one my daughter has! This was very amusing and I really, really, really hope there is more to come soon. I love this fic. Thank you for ending my day on a happy note!


this is art.

Appledasing? And implied Twinking? Me Gusta.

Lolz now kiss muha muha

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