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The newborn daughter of Cadance and Shining Armor is a national treasure of the Crystal Empire, a symbol of hope and joy across all of Equestria, and possibly the most widely beloved foal in all the world.

But for those closest to her, she's also just a regular baby: a copious fountain of panic, sleep loss, and organic fluids. Any newborn pony can cause havoc with spontaneous magic, but a baby Princess may be more than a whole castle of royal foalsitters can handle!

Originally created for the Most Dangerous Game contest perpetrated by Obsolescence, but I missed the deadline, and ended up renovating the never-quite-finished contest draft into a stronger, bigger story. Since the whole point of the contest was to take up well-overdone cliches of the fandom and do something, well, good with them, I do hope that Constant Reader will trust me far enough to get past the warning flags among the tags.

Chapters (5)

Earth goes to earth; and those left breathing, shocked and startled, each must find their own path to carry on.

Chapters (2)

When troubled dreams lead to onstage accidents, Luna advises Trixie to think deeply on the magic of friendship. Trixie ponders her errors and realizes what she must do: swallow her pride, atone for her misdeeds in Ponyville, and befriend the ponies she has wronged...

... and then the power of the Elements of Harmony will be hers!

Chapters (2)

Rainy weather and a looming deadline drive Twilight Sparkle up the walls and Spike out of the tree. Only Pinkie Pie can save the day, by introducing the reluctant librarian to an unexpected new hobby. Astoundingly, sex does not ensue.

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