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L Drkheart

A simple fan who is trying his best! Fair warning my stories tend to focus on everypony's favorite dragon!


This story is a sequel to Could it be... you?

Two weeks have passed since the Gala and Spike asking Twilight to be his marefriend. He had to leave soon after but is coming home just in time for Hearts and Hooves Day. Twilight aims to make their first date perfect but needs a bit of advice first..

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1. For those wondering about the (fan-fiction's) song-source...

This side of paradise (from Pokemon - Destiny Deoxys), by Bree Sharp

2. @L Drkheart ~ For me, my top-favorite Pokémon song is one of the oldest:

My Best Friends, by Michael Whalen

But both songs are good in the overall. :pinkiesmile:

Well done! I wonder if there will be a follow-up?

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