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Hello? Is... is this thing on? The red light means it's on, right? Or do I... I have to push a button, don't I? Well, which one? There's like ten! The black one? They're all black!

I bid you welcome to the profile of none other than the great FanNotANerd: author, musician, biologist, scrollsaw artist, Canadian and all-around great guy! Is there no end to my talents? If there is, it probably inhabits the same indistinct plane as my modesty.

I look at most of my writing as an experiment, and am always glad to get feedback, be it positive or negative. The absolute last thing I want is for you guys to humour me.

Now I'm sure you're all wondering: what's this guy's claim to fame? Why should I pay attention to his deluded ramblings? The answer is this: because.

Hey, to be honest, I have no idea what half of you like about me so much. So if you were expecting a more wholesome answer, you're as lost as I am.

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Motorboard hats look really stupid. · 1:53pm Oct 18th, 2015

I got a reminder of that on Thursday, when I officially graduated from York University. But, as I was walking back to the car with my family, BSc in hand, I realized something. Maybe they're supposed to look stupid. Because I was wearing the bloody thing with pride. And if I was wearing something that stupid with pride, then I had to be really proud of myself.

Well. In any case, with that done, that's a weight off my shoulders. Now on to the Master's degree.

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