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Hello? Is... is this thing on? The red light means it's on, right? Or do I... I have to push a button, don't I? Well, which one? There's like ten! The black one? They're all black!


A minor accident at Sweet Apple Acres sends Big Macintosh to Ponyville in the middle of applebuck season. At first, things seem fine. But then some of the mares begin acting a little...oddly.

Then very oddly. Turns out every other stallion skipped town for a very good reason.

Chapters (2)
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And I meant that in a good way. I really enjoyed the story, although I had to try and keep myself from laughing too much.

As much as I seriously hate the idea that these ponies go into heat... this was amusing. :pinkiesmile:

DAMN! :eeyup: is a P.I.M.P BEEYYUUTTCCHHH!!!

48470 I second the motion. Even if a pimp should not spend most of his time fleeing sex.

Big Mac = king of swag. All that he needs now is a large hat, a floor length coat and a pimp cane. and maybe some running shoes.

:flutterrage: HE'S MINE BRATS!
:eeyup: My God....

:flutterrage: HE'S MINE BRATS!
:derpytongue2:MURRY ME!!
:eeyup: My God....
:trollestia: Problem?


laughing at the end loooooooooooooooolz

The hell man, first a beautifully written sadfic, and now a beautifully written comedy? You sir are a pony of many talents. Hopefully the next will be a shipfic! Or a Grimdark.... :pinkiesick: Anyway great work! Best wishes.

i like it when people roleplay in comment pages

They make me look like an absolute not-a-faggot

btw this shit is cooooooool and shit.

this fic made me 20% more jovial. good show old chap.:moustache:

Only one way out Big Mac.[img]C:\Users\Zachary\Desktop\Pics\FJ\Gifs\131601157777.gif[/img]

AJ is messed up.. She was TRYING to get him set up! She's sick!

48565 If it is sappy and romantic I am fine with it. :eeyup:

this sums up pretty much every fanfic involving big mac i've read

That, my friend, was bloody excellent. It was very well written and, quite frankly the idea of every single female going crazy for one male always appealed to my twisted sense of humor.

And then Celestia walked in.

48585:pinkiegasp:I thought that that might have been the case too!

48585:pinkiegasp:I thought that that might have been the case too!

If I where big mac I'd be diving into that crowd.:raritywink:

At first I thought, ":rainbowhuh:, Rainbow Dash, aren't you supposed to be LOYAL to your friends and not betray them to a bunch of sex-crazed mares?" Then I realized that those "sex-crazed mares" were Rainbow Dash's friends too, that she was closer to them than to Big Macintosh, and that therefore, she owed more loyalty to them.:moustache::trollestia:
:eeyup: :eeyup:, you should have just stuck with Fluttershy. Now there is really only one thing left to say. "Death by SNU-SNU!":trollestia::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowwild::pinkiecrazy::facehoof::twistnerd:

Oh, and this was Awsome! Please keep the :rainbowlaugh: coming!

Nice futurama ref, I was thinking that too :rainbowlaugh:

well fu-
I guess he' scr-

damnit, i can't find the words without making a pun about his situation

Big Mac: aw shit...

That was amazingly amazing.

Just let it happen, Big Mac. Just let it happen.

Poor :eeyup:, screwed either way.... Wait.
(pun not intended)

When It got to when Rainbow Dash opened the door, I actually said,"Oh shit." That was seriously a great ending.

...at least it was Lunaughty....it could be worse, it could be Molestia?!:trollestia:

I love Rainbow Dash's part in this, just perfect. :rainbowkiss:

...good thing big Mac had his benches veil o wait he didn't I told him to buy one but no he had to get 4 pairs of boots why mac WHYYYY...:eeyup:

Oh No! poor Mac! ... what happens next?

Grand Master Pimp Macintosh :eeyup:

I don't think we recognize just how fuckin' alpha big mac is.....

Sounds like:eeyup:forgot to take his swag off.

Oh wow, this is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:
I can't wait for the next chapter.

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