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All Princess Celestia wanted was to open a window. A simple window into another world, for no reason other than to prove their existence. She never wanted it to become a door. And she certainly never wanted anything to come through. But, as is proven so often, we don't always get what we want.

It's not all bad. What comes through is a perfectly ordinary pony. So ordinary that its very presence risks the destruction of magic itself.

Ordinary, after all, is highly relative.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 125 )

This is bizarre. Worth a fave I'd say.

Now i am usually optimistic when it comes to these stories how ever i at the point of pointing a loaded gun to my head sorry i dont get it but still recoverable so keep at it

3017514 ... Uh, this is basically a giant middle finger directed at HiE stories. I don't get how this makes you want to jam a gun against your head.

I love this! It's like... Celestia reached back in time and pulled through a neanderthal horse from a million years past.

I wonder if there's a human looking around an empty field, scratching his head asking himself, "Now where the hell did Mr.Ed get to this time?"


Definitely worth a fave and a like

3019556 sorry mate just trying to be dramatic dont take this wrongly thought

I'm kinda waiting to see what you're gonna do with the potential in this.

I'll be watching.

Hah. HiE. Horse in Equestria.

3023344 hahahaha aaahhh!!! :facehoof: I face hoof yet its still deserves this!! :moustache::yay:

I'm enjoying this story far more than I thought I would, so props for that. It's an interesting (and hilarious) riff on HiE's, so I hope you continue it!

Her main still retained. I can't believe I missed this. Otherwise, just as good as I recall!

I think I understand. This pony, by himself, is completely harmless. He's just a simple, dumb innocent animal. But his presence, him being from another universe, is changing the laws of physics in Equestria, and left unchecked could change the way the world works forever, likely for the worst.

Lawdy lawdy.

Really nice so far, an interesting twist on HiE indeed. Really liking the characters – Fairweather is a great OC – and the situation. Still, it feels like Celestia is withholding information about the Horse more out of dramatic convenience than a real concern for the safety of her subjects.

3178032 Actually, it's quite the opposite. She legitimately doesn't know anything, and just doesn't want to admit it.


Oh! Now everything makes sense.

Yet another enjoyable chapter. I do love how most of this story centers not around the "intruder", but around all the action in trying to find it and what it's presence is causing. Keep up the fantastic work! :ajsmug:

Why would a single non magical entity change/weaken the rules of physics of an entire universe? Is celestia losing control or is she just tired?Is it global or localized?Very good otherwise,definitely tracking.

4062441 I think I go into more detail on the specifics of the disruption in a later chapter. I'd explain it here, but that'd be redundant.

Interesting premise, but not for me. D:

*cradles magic lovingly*

Looks to me like wherever the alien pony goes and whatever it touches loses a lot of its magic. Possibly the more magic that is used, the more magic that disappears, which is why Celestia with her massive spell seems near the brink of a coma, but Rarity with smaller simpler spells (or possibly just physical contact, it isn't clear) is barely more than woozy despite having less magic to begin with.
Definitely local to the intruder.

Featured on Equestria Daily, so congrats. It looks like a very interesting premise. Horse in Equestria story. Funny.

You know, if you hadn't taken a six month break from writing this, it would probably be a fairly popular story by now. That being said, I'm surprised EQD featured this, if I were them, I wouldn't have touched it with a ten-foot pole. Why put something on your site, putting your word on the line to get people to read a story, if the author doesn't plan on finishing said story? That just makes all parties involved look bad.

This should have more likes.

This is a kind of story I have been waiting FOREVER to see. Where somehow, something comes to Equestria and just...starts turning off all the magic. And seeing how ponies, whom are utterly and completely dependent on magic as a way of life, how they react to the foundation of their world just getting pulled out from under them.

I've always wanted to read a story like that. I hope you update again soon.

So Earth Ponies are anti-magic, enough to make Equestria Ponies (unicorns) sick to their stomach or faint (as Rarity demonstrated before). This is getting interesting.

Hmm... I don't know how I'm going to end up feeling about this. It seems to be going down the road in which the ponies continuously act like morons, jumping the gun and coming to the wrong conclusions repeatedly.
Well, anyway, here's some scientific hypothesis that have come to mind while reading this. What is this pony actually made of at its base? Answer: atoms. The atoms are what are actually from a different universe, and, as his affect on the world would demonstrate, it's these atoms that do not match Equestria's laws of physics. As a result, this pony should actually not be able to integrate new material into his being to sustain life. So basically, no eating, and to a greater extent, no breathing. Add onto that the fact that the atoms composing a human will be completely different after about 7 years, which, though on a different time frame, is also true for this pony, means that he is shedding his diffi-universal atoms all over the place. Because it can only be the materials, the atoms, that he is made of that are affecting Equestria, killing him will have no affect on what he is causing to occur in this universe. After all, there is little difference between a living and dead body. If he is capable of integrating atoms from Equestria into his being, then he will eventually become part of that universe just as much as any other thing there.
Well, hope you find my thoughts interesting, and I hope to see this update soon, and for more stuff about the... dumb pony, I guess. Earth pony is already taken.

Awesome story, needs more.

4109558 That is a very, very good point. One that, quite frankly, I don't like you bringing up, because now it's going to bug me, especially since I have no way to fix it and, more importantly, because I didn't think of it.

The justification I will use is that it's not his physical state of being that's causing the disruption. Magic comes from inside, which can be interpreted into all sorts of mumbo-jumbo. For the sake of the plot, physical being has no effect on magic. Although it's not a word I like using, magic in this case comes from the soul.

Therefore, death would result in a cessation of any kind of magical disturbance. And he'd still be able to interact with and gain sustenance from the local matter. Yes, it's a headcanon that's full of holes, but I'm sticking to it.

And the idea wasn't to have them repeatedly come to wrong conclusions. It's intended to just be a chaotic mess spawned out of several different motivations and levels of understanding. Seems I haven't done as good a job of getting that across as I'd hoped.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. It's nice to have someone actually challenge me with difficult questions.

This animal pony is clearly not immune to magic, since the only way to be immune to ANY force of nature is to simply not interact with it at all. I know that the animal pony comes from a different universe, and carries with it different laws, but is magic in Equestria really so flimsy? I would think that the forces that hold magic together would be significantly stronger than any difference of energy that the animal pony brought with it. I don't think that killing said pony could have any effect on what it's doing, since both a living body and a dead body both work under the same fundamental laws of nature.

Twilight says that magic comes from "within", which I can only assume means that Equestrian life has some kind of inner power or spirit that life on Earth simply does not have.

Don't worry too much about the ponies being stupid thing, it hasn't really occurred yet. What I meant is that it looked like it was heading towards that road, not that it was already blazing the trail.
As for the headcanon holes... I love poking them! It gives me a chance to expand my thoughts and flex the abstract thinkin' muscle. So don't take offense to this next part.
Now onto the concept of soul, its affect on magic, and the dumb pony's involvement. It cannot simply be that the pony lacks a soul by Equestrian standards, which wouldn't be that hard to believe for creatures of our world as we are apparently rooted solely in the physical world (Until someone proves the concept of soul, I'll have to assume we only exist for as long as we are alive), because I am sure rocks and such would be in the same boat. This leaves, as far as I can see, only one explanation for dumb pony's affect on the world, and that is that his 'soul' is not simply a void in magic, as in he lacks the stuff, but is actually producing some form of anti-magic. This would explain why magic breaks down when coming into contact with him instead of simply filling the vacuum as nature would want to do.
This brings me to the balance of what is occurring. This is simply one small pony who is apparently damaging the whole world around him while receiving no ill-affects in return, which seems off. It's like a single germ in a body, if it does not multiply, it can't really accomplish anything on its own; it simply gets destroyed by the body's immune system. I would imagine something similar here.
Then we get to 'soul' and it's bond to flesh, would simply killing the dumb pony's body be enough to kill it's soul? Perhaps, without the armor of flesh and blood, the universes attempts against it will finally be allowed to take affect and destroy the things soul. Or maybe death would free the soul and it would be drawn back to it's home dimension to either enter the pony afterlife or reincarnation cycle, or whatever happens when stuff dies here. So many possibilities.
Keep 'em comin', this is nearly as fun as reading the story itself!

4109797 The finer details of the magic disruption are actually something that get addressed in a later chapter. He doesn't so much project an anti-magic field so much as serve as a catalyst for the conversion of magic into a different, more untamed form that the ponies of Equestria can't sense or harness, unless they know exactly what to look for. Magic, after all, is merely a form of energy, and can't be created or destroyed. Only converted from one form to another. That also nicely solves the balance issue, since a catalyst is not consumed in a reaction.

As for the connection to the soul issue... I could go into a huge metaphysical debate, but I really don't feel like it.

:pinkiegasp: ...OH my God... this prologue was so much more epic than I was expecting...

4109996 Then the ponies need to find another catalyst that favors the reverse reaction.


Huh. This is a very well done story so far, plenty of tension and emotion. One if the hidden gems in fimfic.

Do you mean Earth Pony as Equestrian ponies, or Earth Pony as our home earth?:rainbowhuh:

I see explosions. This story gets plus one million now.

I could care less about the plot. I have explosions. I'm happy.

This was, just wow just wow.

I wonder if Fluttershy is going to have some words about Luna's intended actions when she comes around into the story.


She is going to be in the story, Right?

Very interesting story so far. I look forward to its continuation.

I sorry, but is this a earth horse? I never thought I'd see the day one of these would be posted. It's beautiful!:yay:

Twilight's conclusion that applejack kidnapped somepony is way too bizarre. That's pretty much the biggest stretch in your story.

I'm trying to imagine if my best friend wanted to show me that he had someone held in a locked room. I would pretty much accept whatever explanation I was given and go from there.

Well, seeing how Twilight has a tendency to overreact to simple things.

I'm reminded of the creatures that were called Ysalamiri (could be spelling that wrong) that were introduced in some of the Star Wars novels.

They were creatures that resembled sloths that somehow projected a kind of 'anti-Force' field. This meant that no one could 'connect' to the Force within this field & Force effects (like the Blue Lightning) were cancelled out when they entered it.

This Earth Horse appears to be the same kind of deal. His body's natural EM field is cancelling out magic within his personal space, but the void he's creating within Equestria's natural magical field is causing it to go haywire on a large scale too.

This is a stellar story so far, though I will say the accents make me want to slap you with a rolled-up newspaper and go no! bad writer!

Having said that, don't change it because of me, lol, I can muddle through them.

I'm really enjoying it, just found it today, and the depth you've given everything brings much flavour to the table.

I'm pretty sure that TV-Equestrian physics doesn't run on conservation laws. For that matter, this story doesn't appear to either. If the region-destroying energy of Celestia's spells were simply converted to some other form, that energy wouldn't just disappear, and its interaction with the surrounding matter as it dispersed would probably resemble a nuke going off. That is, after all, more or less what goes on in a nuclear explosion. Also, if the anti-magic effect is locally catalytic rather than a projected effect, why was the weather affected regionally, and why did pegasi who had never encountered the horse have trouble applying their own magic?

This is a great fic. A hidden gem indeed

Sorry, I mean our planet Earth.

This is a great story. Keep it up. Also, I gave you your 200th thumbs up!:pinkiehappy:

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