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There was nothing left for Spitfire in Cloudsdale, just an uncle who hated her and painful memories of lost loved ones. The Pegasus Search and Rescue Corps offers her a chance to get out of town, see the world, do some good - and one day maybe have a shot at the Guards or the Wonderbolts! She jumps at the opportunity - and six days later, she limps into training camp.

Doesn't matter: she made it. The world can beat her down, but it can't keep her down. The friendships she forms here will get her through everything training has to offer. Will they also see her through the dark clouds on the horizon?

(Rated Teen for violence, language, some suggestive themes)

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I have one thing to say to you, and one thing only. Shut the hell up and take my goddamn money! Usually I withhold judgement until at least three chapters in, but I can tell just from looking that this is a real stroke of genius. 5 stars, every one well earned. I have nothing to suggest or point out.

But now that I've given you this glowing praise, I expect it to be honoured. Don't make me regret it.

I'll be watching. :trixieshiftleft:


Hopefully chapter 2 will be ready for primetime early next week.

Draft's done now, but the first draft of chapter 1 was :ajsleepy: (don't even get me started on the proto-story that came before that :facehoof:), so maybe I'll let it sit for a day or three and then decide if I'm still happy with it - and catch & remove references to hands, toes, meat, leather goods, all that non-pony stuff.

Exciting news, WSY was featured on EQD today!

At the behest of an alpha reader I fixed a few typos and streamlined some of the introspection. This brings the fimfic version into line with my google docs version.

This means that some of you might remember about a hundred words of emotional exposition that aren't there anymore. You are NOW IN POSESSION OF SPOILERS!

I also changed one of Thunderhead's jokes, because the Hyperactive Bellowing Drill Sergeant trope shouldn't exist in this Equestria. I like the new version better and I hope you do too.

Also I promise that's the last substantive edit. Only typos from now on.

I am exceedingly eager for updates. Spitfire and Soarin' is that background fanon friendship that I absolutely adore finding interpretations of. In no small part because Soarin is one of the few dude in the show that got a line that isn't "Eyup".

Really, really good opening chapter. Like, REALLY good. This was one hell of a hook for what appears to be coming. I love the search/rescue premise, the boot camp setting is promising, great set-up for everything in general. I am just. So, Eager! Update soon, mysecsha, I really want to keep reading. I can't wait to see the undoubtably awkward meeting of Soarin' and Spitfire, who seemingly is a little easily embarrassed by more "mature" topics. How cute.

Good luck! Happy holidays!

Shut up and take my bits! This story must continue!

76719 Have a great group of alphas now. They saved chapter 2 numerous times (It's up, btw. YAY!). Thanks everypony!

Great chapter, and I'm looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

There's something weird about the entire family being part of Search and Rescue, isn't it? Anyways, good job on getting the military attitude versus more casual military thing going on here...back then, we were soldiers, by gum!

Wouldn't have thought Spitfire as the shy type, but the more you think about it, why not! Soarin's acting just as expected, though.

Spitfire isn't shy, exactly. Give her a problem she can face head-on, and she's a badass.

But she's got some issues about other ponies. Life hasn't been fair so far.

We'll see if her friends can help her heal those hurts or if things get bad again, like she's afraid they will.

This is so awesome! Can't wait for chapter 3!

112264 As a serving military man myself, i can tell you that it's not uncommon to find many members of a family serving. Just that sort of mindset, or a love for the lifestyle i suppose.


I wish I had some solid criticisms to throw at ya, because I hate writing purely positive comments, but I haven't caught any glaring grammatical issues.

That just leaves content, and I am enthralled so far. I enjoy how much effort is being put into building a history for Spitfire and Soarin'. There is obviously a lot of content that exists outside the fic. Established characters come with a prepackaged backstory, Soarin' and Spitfire don't come with that, and it is obvious by the little interconnections already showing up that you didn't skimp on the hidden foundations of the story. Having all those hidden layers gives you the option to go in so many different directions. Nothing is more boring than a perfectly predictable linear story, with what you have here, I have no idea where your going to take us. Stick with Spitfire's recovery, or maybe shift focus a bit to the Doc's history museum, maybe kill off a brother, who knows?! That's why I will be following this story closely and eagerly awaiting more.

Keep up the good work.

It still continues to be riveting. Don't really have much to say apart from that. Keep it up.:twilightsmile:

Emoticon because I can.

Looking forward to it, The first two chapter caught me, great work !

Thanks for that !

( I'm following )

Keep it up! This is great!

Oh, love the orienteering reference, it's a hell of a sport!!

I like that your pegasi are not using human weapons. (or have been using)
But something that makes sense for a pony.

And I like the rest too. :pinkiehappy: Tracked!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaawesome !
I'll now wait the updates of this fic as I did for 'It takes all a village' !
Meaning check everyday, or even double-check *ç* !

I love Spitfire's personality
“Oh, there were only three. The third one was bigger, I had to kick it twice.”
*_______________* ( <-- my face when I read it )

Then, Thanks again, keep it coming !

Red One, standing by.

Red Eleven, standing by.

Red Five, standing by.

Red Lobster, standing by.

Red October, standing by. (I couldn't resist)

So, this fic completely failed...to disappoint. Judging by the surprisingly plausible equine history you've got going, I'd have you fingered as a history buff. I was actually a bit surprised by the gravity blades, just in that they're nearly identical to the pegasus weapons I was designing for my own, unpublished project. Have you been reading my mind or something?

But enough of that. Spitfire has officially confirmed her status as a complete boss. And Red's...ahem...possessiveness never gets old.

Need MOAR MOAR MOAR NOW :D Seriously this is one of my favourite fics so far, and it's only up to chapter 3!


I hope I can continue to fail at disappointment.

"Look at him," they'll say, "He's terrible at disappointing. WORST. DISAPPOINTER. EVER."

re: the blades, they're the elegant answer to an obvious problem. I figured I wouldn't be the first to come up with them, nor the last.

Hokay, made an account just so I can give you all of my stars. TAKE THEM :pinkiecrazy:


XD love it so far.

BTW, first!!!!!!

IMHO the first part of the chapter felt rushed. We were told a lot of thing, but shown much less. The whole scene were Spitfire is confronted with being a runaway for example. Dinner with Sorins family felt kinda short too.

Liked the second half more. You managed to give us a lot of information on winged deers without any exposition and additinal info on the main characters.

Waiting for more. :pinkiehappy:

New chapter?

Happy 2000 views to me? :yay:

Always a pleasure to read these chapters--they continue to impress me with their quality!


Grats : ) It's certainly a balancing act since you publish both to gdocs as well as to here. EQD gets you traffic, but FIMFiction gets you better feedback (vocal or otherwise). I opted to just publish to here because I'm vain and like to see how many views I get.

Great chapter, looking forward the next chapters !

I really like the personality of the protagonists, they aren't that many fanfics in wich this aspect is as well elaborated !
And, one of my personal belief is that protagonists' personality are thrully important.

( in my mind, these sentences make sense >.> )

And also, congrats on 2000 views.

just get's better and better

ARGH IT'S BEEN TOO LONG SINCE YOU'VE MADE A NEW CHAPTER! This has got to be one of my favourite stories, please continue to write, you're really good at it. <3?

ah'm givin' 'er all she's got, Skwysh! I cannae in good conscience post chapter 5 less she's the best I can make 'er!

I'd love to promise a quicker update schedule... the remaining 10 (or so) chapters after ch 5 are much more thoroughly planned, and I'll do my best.

I can promise this: it's never being put on the back burner. I'm always working on it.

It's true! I'm not dead! Thanks to Zach and Sombertone and Drakmire for making sure I didn't embarrass myself too badly.


I'd love to know if people like this interlude idea before I do the next one... of course, there's at least a month or two between now and then.:derpytongue2:

I dig it, a sort of "taking a break from all your worries" between what is turning out to be a very dramatic story.

Excellent, I have been eagerly awaiting more of this story, and then we get both a new chapter and a great flashback all at once.

Spitfire is probably my favorite background pony at the moment, largely due to this fic.

Backstory is awesome!

...just try convincing Studio B of that :ajbemused:


But if I convince them and they do more backstories they'll probably make something that contradicts this eventually :pinkiecrazy:

This is a nice little read. But it doesn't advance the main plot in any way. (at least not that I can see.)

If I had to choos between this flashbacks and a new chapter, I'd choos the new chapter.


Edit* Adds MOAR praise


My pre-readers are best ponies. Even if they do ham it up sometimes.

I have to ask, is big Dee actually Ditzy?

Come on, everypony, smile, smile, smile.
Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine.


So its's either have Red one beaten till a pulp or have him smirk over spitfire for the rest of their days at camp. I'll go with option 1.
Keep writing but (hope) there is a good battle scene! Good Luck! :rainbowdetermined2: :yay:

Wow. Thats all you can say. Wow.
Ok, 'Awesome' fits the bill to.. :twilightsmile:

I lack proper adjectives. I will use your suggestions of 'wow' and 'awesome'

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