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Flight Training is Officially on Hiatus. · 3:56am Aug 9th, 2012

*Gasp* Say it isn't so!

Anyway, I saw this on EqD http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/08/a-couple-of-neat-tidbits-of-information.html#more , and it kinda made me rethink Flight Training. Since Faust intended Scootaloo to be unable to fly, the events of the story could never happen.

Unless I hear (or see) anything to change this, or the video I saw turns out to be false, Flight Training will be officially placed on the back burner.

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Prereading would require commitment. I'm not a good committer so it's better if you don't. I usually tend to do random things because i feel like doing that specific thing at that specific time.

I have a YouTube Channel that I post them to. Here's a link

If you want, I can pm you a link to my original google docs, I could always use another prereader (now that my original ones are probably no longer interested...

Moved the conversation to your page since it's not really about the blog post anymore.

Have you been reading other fics or your own? Or have you been actually speaking all new fics into a mic? Have you posted them anywhere or are they for personal use?

Sounds really interesting anyway.

Also simply because I feel like it I am now going to go through your story and point out to you every mistake I see. (I don't expect to find too many though. Nothing stood out to me the first time.)

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