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It's only been... a decade? · 12:49am Mar 10th, 2022

Well, this isn't something I expected to be doing. I've been hanging around the fandom on the periphery for a while. I've never really gone away but time just hasn't been available. Since I last posted a chapter here, I worked five years in a maximum security prison, got married, had a six-year-old daughter and bought a house. I'm a manager in a much less dangerous field now and I'm doing alright.

I also still enjoy ponies.

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Then it seems complements are in order
Bravo friend bravo :moustache:


Yes, I did it as a joke on Esteeā€™s Discord and then did it here too.

is your avatar a referance to Anchor foal ?


Thank you! Gotta show off best pony with pride, Ya know?

Your profile picture, I love it.

That is all.

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