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Current status: · 2:12am Dec 30th, 2018

Listening to Bonfire Hearts and writing WSY.

This job and parenting and health and family thing is hard you guys

I'm sorry for the wait :P

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Not dead · 7:47pm Jul 9th, 2018

Selling a condo. Buying a house. Struggling with some personal things and some health things. Working on the next chapter.

Definitely feeling the pressure because this next bit is maybe the most important and difficult part of the whole story?

Tldr: I'm not dead or AWOL I'm just experiencing some Real Life and also some Difficult Chapter

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Chapter 12 update · 4:09am May 16th, 2018

Got a good first draft going, targeting end of May? Earlier if I can swing it. Would love to get it out on my b-day next week but that might be pushing it.

Just wanted to keep you in the loop. You guys are the best and I don't want you to worry that I'm running off again or anything.

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Let me tell you a story (5/?) · 4:50am Apr 27th, 2018

Chapter 11 is through the first draft and into revisions. It may end up being on the short side but if it is, 12 will be big to compensate

And the great news is a bunch of scenes got moved to 12 so basically I have a small headstart on 12 already. Yey.

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Let me tell you a story (4/?) · 3:56am Apr 22nd, 2018

Ok, one of you said you wanted the long version.

This is...

Well, this is the extended short version

Finished undergrad (on the third try), actually published chapter 10 within a couple days of graduation

Had writer's block

Got VERY ANGRY at myself for having writer's block

Felt ULTRA ASHAMED for slipping my own internal goals for when 11 would go up

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Let me tell you a story (3/?) · 4:59am Apr 20th, 2018

2200 words and counting. Productive evening. Gonna rip yall's hearts out.

Thinking I might discuss what changes I would make to bring WSY back into canon

As I see it, here are the major canon issues:

1) Spitfire's mom is alive
Solution: Scrap the uncle. Dad's out of the picture and Spitfire is running away from Mom. Don't worry, they'll obviously patch things up before season 5.

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Let me tell you a story (2/?) · 3:56am Apr 19th, 2018

11 status: 1100 words in first draft.
4 scenes written, 5 left to write.
Then proofreading and punch-up
(my first drafts tend to be very bare-bones, almost like scripts or screenplays, mainly dialogue interspersed with terse descriptions of the actions between the lines. I usually have to go back and add details in a second run-through)

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Let me tell you a story (1/?) · 4:15am Apr 18th, 2018

I'm feeling very talkative right now and, for the moment at least, don't have anypony to talk to. I got to thinking: my "hey, I'm back" post got a positive response, and staying engaged with the community is definitely going to keep me writing.

So, as often as I can manage, I'm going to blog here
- about why the hiatus happened,
- about Wild Sky Yonder,
- progress reports on the latest chapter
- etc.

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Hhhhey everypony.... long time no see? · 3:01am Apr 17th, 2018

So uh

what can I even say?

It's been a rough.... five years.

I could talk about the many, many changes in my family situation, my education, my career, my health, my mental health, etc but none of it would excuse just sorta... ghosting like I did

Bottom line: if anybody's still out there with an interest in Wild Sky Yonder...

I just wrote new content for it, for the first time in 5 years. And it felt good. It felt really good.

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Because It Made Me Laugh Myself Silly, That's Why · 12:14am Mar 30th, 2012

Look out, Spitfire! Bigs wants to settle this rivalry once and for all, down on the beach!

(Click here if you don't get the Top Gun reference)

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