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I fucking love ponies.


And suddenly she was falling. Her mind was blank with shock, and she watched as the thick clouds of fog succumb her. Her pale blue wings hit against the nearly solid fog clouds. She saw a lightning streak head for the finish line and she knew that she had lost. An image of the turquoise mare in a bright Wonderbolts outfit drained into her mind, another with her in the back, a look of defeat etched on her tired face. Yellow eyes met magenta ones. "You will never be a Wonderbolt." it snapped.

No. Her wings unfurled and beat quickly through the thick air. I will be a Wonderbolt.

I changed the genre because it didn't feel like much of a "slice-of-life"

Cover image: http://kaleidoscopeheavens.deviantart.com/art/Bolt-MLP-384534049

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A couple spelling errors, I'm pretty sure at one point it said 'her wings beat the hair' but I like it

Me like it. I wants more.

2502737 Hahaha I was kinda in a hurry when I posted this. That made me laugh.

I'll look it over when I'm done with schoolwork. Thanks :).

We desire more of this story for our pleasure

Oh my gosh. I am now dying to read more of this story. I am partially in love with you for writing this. No homo. I really look forward to reading more of this already epic story as it comes out. Keep up the great writing!

2503081 Wow! Thanks! I did not expect to get many likes for this story, as I never wrote slice of life before. I really appreciate the feedback you guys are giving me! Especially the positive feedback, lol.

Glad I could help boost up the ego a bit. :pinkiehappy:

so there a romance tag on this story is it going to be a soarindash

2503608 You shall find out.

Though I must say I want to keep the Romance as a side story. This fic mainly focuses on Dash being a Wonderbolt, and challenges she has to face as a Wonderbolt. Sorta like a "Your dream isn't what it's cut out to be" fic.

BAM! Dat cliff-hanger.

faving this because lightning dust

Well that's dumb.... The Wonderbolts should be everything it is cut out to be. They are the best! The most amazing! The truest form of leadership, comradery, and inspiration! This story is very good and I won't dislike or unfavorite this because it messes with my head canon, but I am kinda sad because I wanted this to be a great fic for me.. :/ oh we'll... maybe I will come back and really like it in a while.

Love it
Non vedo l'ora di più (can't wait for more)

Huh... Interesting.. I'll favorite this to see where it goes.... :duck:

2508836 No, you don't understand! I'm not saying the Wonderbolts are bad, of course they're not. I'm saying that RD and the Bolts are going to face something that the Bolts have never faced before.

I guess that came out wrong. I'm sorry about that :)

Ohhhhhh..... Gotcha! That sounds much more better!

Please make soarin and rainbowdash like this:heart: and I love it

Interesting! I like this chapter.

AT one point a Shadowbolt said "life" instead of laugh.

2697320 That would be the good ol' autocorrect. :) Uno momento por favor! On second thought, could tell me where that typo is, please?

2697896 I hope that was a positive comment!

Keep up the good work.

2697822 Hmmm. 'tell' or quote?


Anger boiled inside Ember as he stared at the young mare. "Do you really think they deserve to live? So they can life at us because we didn't make it?


2699586 Oh my, how embarrassing. It seems no matter how many times I reread the chapter, this happens. Whatever, it's all fixed now.

The song at the end..... You are one great feels master.

This story. This god dang story. This is a good god dang story.

Sorry, for the quick update. I was looking forward to update this chapter for a while now. It was written very quickly, so excuse me if I have some errors in there... :twilightsheepish: Anyways, my DW fic is still in progress for those who are wondering. It's going to be a long, long, long chapter.

ohhhhhh myyyyyy snaaap!

2980418 Yea, this story reminded me of that song at first glance. :twilightsmile:

2981552 Funny, I didn't even know that existed until now. It's a great song, even if I don't really care for metal.

2981554 Yea I know what you mean. Not much for metal either, but the starting monologue, and the "Wonderbolt Creed" always get me.

The description for your story put the song back in my mind, specially the starting part of the song. Despite Rainbow's self assurance I can see her having those kind of doubts.

2983033 Your very welcome. :twilightsmile:

Also, I sent your story to a friend of mine. He said he'll start doing audio readings of it soon.

2983335 i.imgur.com/09lfjB4.gif

Wow! Thank you sooo much! You're an awesome person! And thank your friend for me, too! I really appreciate the effort!

2983351 Your welcome. ::pinkiesmile: I'll leave a link here for you, I'm not sure when'll get to your reading, since he has over 200 stories back logged. But I think he said he might actually do yours tomorrow, at least the first few chapters.

You can check out some of his other readings there, to get a sense of how yours will be done. Though he has different styles depending on how much the story draws him in. Like "Why Am I Crying?" is more serious.
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