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An off-again-on-again writer and father of a pony-fan. Incessant poking will make me write more/faster, by the way. (That's not sarcasm—I need reminders to write.)

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Pinky the Kitchen Zombie · 3:27am Sep 25th, 2016

I've got to say that today's episode, "Every Little Thing She Does," struck a familiar note at one point: Pinky in the kitchen under Starlight's version of the "Imperius" curse. It was amazingly close to a scene in Words Failed Her where Pinky was madly baking in a magic-induced trance—except Twilight, at least, had the presence of mind to shut off the gas to the oven before she left in my story.

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I anticipated your poke and started a new story the other day. It must be because the main character is Star Swirl and you know how he likes to mess about with time travel spells...

No idea what this story is going to be about. I just started writing, letting the characters behave as they will. I'm as curious about what's going to happen as anyone. Though I do have some possible ideas: "Star didn't die. What happened to him instead?" "Star was very gruff and serious during his life, but started to get oddly goofy in his old age. How did he handle this oncoming magical dimentia?" "Star and Celestia were close friends his entire long life, strained though their relationship was at times. But in his final years, there was a final break between them that was inevitable and blameless. What happened between them?"

I could merge all three, but that would make for a much longer story, and I might never finish it.

Gentle but enthusiastic poke.

1946557 If it wasn't 5am, I'd start writing right now. As it is, I'll wait till tomorrow/later today. But I'll pick up my Celestia story for sure, then. :) Thanks for the reminder!

1312107 Oooh :pinkiehappy: sounds great! I hope you manage to finish it..

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September 1st, 2014

I want to track my writing over time, so I'll post word counts here. This isn't a perfect measurement as I do spend a lot of time reading and re-reading what I have so far, making adjustments as I go. This work isn't reflected as a major change in word count, but hopefully greatly improves the story's quality and readability, regardless.

Tempus Futile: 8,475 words
Of Chaos Born: 2,059 words
Maquette: 8,319 words
Dreams from the Dark (WT): 1,286 words
Time's Mannequin: 4,254 words
The Star Swirl project: 10k+ words & notes
Appletales (WT): 3,034 words

[WT = Working Title]