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A Few Thoughts on Rainbow Dash and her Many Deaths · 3:23am Jan 3rd, 2014

There's some gory stuff in videos below (including the preview image for one). Just a heads up.

Fun fact: this story was supposed to be a little lark initially. As in, I'd do an update a week, top it off in about 30,000 words, and have it done in two months.

So, consider how things turned out another confirmation that I'm incapable of writing short. And also that graduating college and working two jobs takes up a remarkable out of free time over the course of a year.

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Hey, brother! I know you've pretty much left the site behind, but should you ever return, I did a blog reviewing my favorite stories, which included The Many Deaths of Rainbow Dash. I'd love for you to read it! :twilightsmile:

Hello, I just finished reading your fiction The Many Deaths of Rainbow Dash and found it awesome! May I ask for permission of translating it into Chinese? (Of course I will credit you and link back to the original.)

Comment posted by iRiDov deleted Jan 20th, 2020

I love the many deaths of rainbow dash.
Rare spot in my favorites list.

You weren‘t kidding when you said you‘re busy.

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