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A Few Thoughts on Rainbow Dash and her Many Deaths · 3:23am Jan 3rd, 2014

There's some gory stuff in videos below (including the preview image for one). Just a heads up.

Fun fact: this story was supposed to be a little lark initially. As in, I'd do an update a week, top it off in about 30,000 words, and have it done in two months.

So, consider how things turned out another confirmation that I'm incapable of writing short. And also that graduating college and working two jobs takes up a remarkable out of free time over the course of a year.

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On delays and absences · 4:50pm Apr 29th, 2013

As is obvious to anyone who even glances at my stories, I'm the sort who has big delays between updates. I don't like this about myself, since it bugs me to leave folks hanging for so long. The trouble usually is that I'm the sort of writer who is both crazy busy in every other aspect of life, and also unfathomably lazy. Especially at this time of year. Like most of you, I'm a student, and we are fast approaching the end of another semester. In this case, though, it's my final semester of

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Why am I in the Popular Stories column? · 5:45am Feb 26th, 2013

That wasn't supposed to happen. Do I have to make some sort of ritualistic sacrifice now? Because I don't know if I'd be up for that (it's always a nightmare of paperwork).

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Check some fanart I got · 4:54pm Jan 14th, 2013

To pretty much everyone out there waiting on baited breath for whatever bits of writing I'm going to post next -please, folks, please, control yourselves. No need to resort to mob violence to spur me along just yet- I apologize for the delay. I've been remarkably busy since the week before Christmas, and now have a combination of a full-time job and finishing off two schools that are keeping me somewhat busy (also moving back to the US from Europe, that's been a bit of a hassle as well). But

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In which I ramble about what I'm writing next · 12:58pm Nov 22nd, 2012

...or, to be more on point, in which I write a new blog post to knock the old spoiler one off my page.

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First Week of Winter Wrap Up *spoilers within* · 8:38am Oct 19th, 2012

Whooooo... where to begin on this one...

Guess with the fact that there will be many a story spoiler ahead here. So those of you who haven't finished reading yet... get to it.

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