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Project Updates · 8:41am 6 days ago

My loyal followers and fairweather fans, know this: I have not given up on ponyfic. If you want to read more writing, you'll be happy to know I'm actually writing stories in my spare time now. Also, I broke down and finally started my very own Human in Equestria story, which basically means I have ascended to become a level 10 brony, up from a lowly level 8 where I still retained some dignity and sense of shame. But it's also double the man count because I'm also chugging along with the next

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Huh, thought I was already following you. Oh well, fixed! :twilightsmile:

Oh, wow! Thank you!

By being a good author. You write a variety of things well, and that's always a sign that someone should be followed.

Author Interviewer

I busted into my new copy of Anarcute today, and that is just the best fucking game, my dude. :D

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