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Following a most unpleasant encounter at one of Canterlot's great parties, Prince Blueblood decides that he is tired of everyone thinking that he is a lazy, empty-headed ponce. He decides the only solution is to have a grand adventure and reinvent himself, becoming the good, dignified, heroic Prince that everypony expects him to be.

The only problem is he's a lazy, empty-headed ponce.

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Your portrayal of Blueblood is brilliant! This is definitely going on the favourites list.

This is so brilliant. He is such an idiot that you can't help but feel sorry for him. I take off my hat to you, sirrah, for actually making Prince Blueblood a likeable character while still making him an amazingly shortsighted idiot. Maybe that's why I like him. I like the description of everything that you have going on in this fic. Good Job!

Outstanding, an extremely well written work that flowed beautifully and had spot on characterisation. Eleven out of ten for you!

I'm saying this'll get featured.

I admit I don't get what Celestia intended with all that. Did she expect him to decline? Or lose interest too quickly to do any real damage?

Or, perhaps she wanted a chance to warn the rest of the castle staff first- to keep Blueblood occupied while also indulging him?

What did you all get out of that?

I really enjoyed the story and the portrayal of Blueblood throughout, especially his viewpoint of Canterlot and the Elements (Rarity especially). His efforts for a grand adventure were fun indeed.

I too am a bit thrown by the ending with Celestia... She seemed to have a very sincere moment where she recognized a parallel to her handling of Luna, seeing that Blueblood is indeed having a crisis of sorts and wishes to change, but instead of assigning him something small but valuable to do with which he might truly begin to improve himself, she goes straight to giving him the busy work of harassing the guards about their posture. It allows for a funnier ending, but undermines the sincerity of the rest of the scene.

Regardless, the story as a whole is great fun and I'd enjoy seeing it revisited!


I think Celestia was genuinely trying to help Blueblood. Sure, she was coming up with tasks off the top of her head, but I think she wanted to give her nephew a few tiny responsibilities to make him feel better about himself. Course, Blueblood's mood did a 180 and he blew his new job way out of proportion, which I don't think she was ready for. I think it was a great, funny way to end the story.

And I love, love, love the portrayal of Blueblood. Way too often I've seen him portrayed as either a full on villain or remade hero. I like that even at the end, even though he had a change of heart, he's still the pompus, stuffy, more-royal-then-thou pain in the flank as he was at the beginning. Blueblood's not a bad guy, he's just... Blueblood.

Overall excellent job! I also love how we still don't know what "Thunder Something's" name is.

I feel sorry for the staff already :twilightsmile:


No tears now, auntie, I know it must be tearing you apart to lay the law down on If I must be cast off like so much chattel, then so be it.

Looks like the first sentence is missing a "me."?



It was a delicate balancing act, trying to make a heartwarming scene while keeping the story comedic. The whole point is that he hasn't really changed as a pony, just his priorities. I was going for Celestia being a little caught off-guard by the whole situation, and yes, was trying to indulge him at first with busywork with the intent of explaining to him more clearly what it means to be a good pony later on. But Blueblood is still himself and is already giving himself delusions of grandeur before Celestia can give him his friendship lesson of the day.

I am following you just for how amazing this fic is. (Though I am of course going to peruse your other works.)


Thank you so much! I love to see follows and comments even more than favorites.


Spotted and fixed. Thank you!


You hit the nail on the head. So much of what we see of Blueblood in fanon is just that: fanon. I decided to go entirely with what we see in the show: a bumbling, vain, self-centered goof who isn't outright nasty so much as he is too wrapped up in himself to see how his actions really affect other ponies.


One day, perhaps. One day. Thank you for the sentiment regardless!


I should write stories in six hours more often, they keep coming out great! Thanks!


I think people don't give Blueblood enough credit. He's funny as a jerk and awesome as a hero, but he has just as much potential by just being himself. I'm glad that came through in this story.


I will wear your gold star proudly, sir.

That... is slightly depressing.

Brilliant portrayal of Blueblood, if not slightly depressing because he didn't evolve at all. Well as long as he is happy that is what is important. Must be tough living in a world where you're not important to anyone.

Author Interviewer

So glad to see you reworked the ending. :D And Celestia trolls him again.

Why "complete", RedSquirrel456? Why? :fluttercry:
Oh, it would be helpful to know whether Twilight is Alicorn Twilight.


Because I'm a little squirrel that holds much evil.

Incidentally, I would like to write sequels, perhaps larger stories, about this due to completing this one, so I wouldn't say we've seen the last of Good Guy Blueblood.

Also, it could probably go either way, but I originally wrote this as happening before Alicorn Twilight. If Twilight was an alicorn I imagine it wouldn't do much except make Blueblood feel even more inferior. Which might be kind of hilarious.

I like the little touch of Twilblood you added. I like them together.

That was very well written, and it gave me quite a few chuckles. I like your take on Blueblood as a hopeless idiot rather than an iredeemable... rude pony, let's say.

You have just earned yourself a Saturday Showcase, congratulations!

My opinion of this story is pretty much exactly the same as Harwick's, so I won't bother trying to say what he's already put perfectly.

I think the best thing about this story was Blueblood's portrayal; In many stories, he just comes off as the most annoying prat in the world. He does that here, but the difference is that he's an enjoyable prat – endearing. Well done.

I really wanted to like this fic but honestly the ending just kinda crushed me. Celestia realizes how deeply she hurts Blue by patronizing and ignoring him and then she simply turns around and patronizes him some more.

I can accept Blue not changing or learning because it fits him, but to have Celestia be unchanging as well was too much. It felt cruel honestly. She sees how deeply he is hurt and how strong his conviction is and instead of acknowledging that she gives him busywork.

I still love your works but this just made me want to cry.

2390158 I agree with you with that one.

I like any fanfic that has Bluebood reinvents himself or improves himself to be better.

P.S- This fanfic have been added to my ever-expanding good/favorite list on my userpage :)

A very original and very funny fanfic. I found myself laughing at just how clueless Blueblood could be. Saying that, I actually felt BAD for him. When he hits his lows, he just heads straight for depressedville. You can't fully blame him, actually. When you have everything handed to you all your life...how can you be expected to do anything on your own correctly? How do you fit in when you feel like you don't have a purpose?

I also liked how you alluding the situation to how Celestia treated Luna, as well. Celestia seems to have a habit of obliviousness when it comes to how she treats family.

Anywho, back to the LIGHT side. Prince Blueblood was actually a character I didn't originally give too much thought to. But after reading two interesting takes on his personality, yours included, I honestly have grown fond of him. There is charm to his stuck-up and idiotic ways.

Now that's nice epilogue. Go Blueblood! We love you!

First of all...i wasn't expecting an epilogue. That alone filled me with joy. Secondly, poor poor POOR Shining Armor. He can't seem to catch any lucky breaks. XD The start of the day with Blueblood's stupidity, and the end with Princess Celestia interupting a very private moment...LOL. Oh my.

Speaking of Blueblood...i was actually happy that he was joyfully helping out. Not only that, but it wasn't a complete disaster! I can understand how touched Celestia felt. Sure, the prince hasn't changed completely...but you can't really expect that to happen in one night, now can you?

I suddenly feel the need to write a Blueblood fic. What have you done to me?!


It could go either way I suppose. I mostly meant Twilight to be so bashful because she's not sure how to talk to a pony she's only heard of being talked about in 'complete jerk' tones!


*Takes a bow* Why thank you, sir. I'm glad to give another good story to your collection!


I hope the epilogue just makes him more endearing.


Ah ha! You're just the customer I wanted to reach with the new, "guaranteed not to make you cry" epilogue then!


It's an honor, sir. Thank you.


And Blueblood loves you too, random citizen.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one ruined cake, as the saying goes. I think.


Exactly what I intended. :trollestia:


Same here. I actually added it to my writing to-do list last night, before the epilogue was added. I have one I will do, and then another possible maybe.

I really liked your portrayal of Blueblood as a completely clueless pony trying to be good and failing. I always considered him an insufferable git, but never considered that he might end up like this. It's a great idea for a story.

That said, I'm not sure I liked how Celestia responded at the end. Blueblood actually wanted to make himself useful and do some good (even if for the wrong reasons), but even when Cluelesstia eventually realized that she still didn't take him seriously - even as she offered to help him. I would think that Celestia would be more genuine in her approach. Yes, she suggested things that were well within his capability, but it seems more reasonable that the things she would suggest would also be at least somewhat productive. As it is, she seems to be brushing him off even as she apologizes for doing so, which seems a little out of character to me.

TLDR: liked clueless Blueblood, Celestia not so much.


Oh no! Read the epilogue too! Maybe it'll help, and there are happy endings all around!

Again, I am surprised this story doesn't have move views/up votes. Your portrayal of Blueblood has been a real treat to read. Perhaps you should submit it to Equestria Daily to see if it can be featured.


I also liked how you alluding the situation to how Celestia treated Luna, as well. Celestia seems to have a habit of obliviousness when it comes to how she treats family.

I'd say you're on to something:

Celestia:"Oh, what a beautiful life! My sister and I, together forever to help all our little ponies find happiness. Nothing can ruin it!

Luna/NNM:"Bwahaha! I have deep-seated abandonment issues and am so insanely jealous of my older sister that I'll either turn our home into Pony Mordor or destroy it!"

Celestia /is forced to banish her younger sister/

Celestia:"Lulu, why?! Don't worry, I'll find a way to help you! I won't let something like this happen to our family again! I will pay more attention in the future!"

Blueblood:"Auntie, I've come to the conclusion that the main aspect of my existence is taking up space that would better be filled by somepony who contributes to our nation and family in other ways than being such a grandiose failure that even you are disgusted by his presence. Here's my self-exile notification. Be seeing you."



Cadance /has been ponynapped and impersonated by a megalomaniacal and evil shapeshifting parasite with a completely different personality, intent on stealing first the groom then the rest of Equestria/

If I were Princess Celestia, I'd probably look into the mirror from time to time, wondering where it all went wrong...

I must say, this epilogue was a fine addition! It left all the characters intact, and the reader with an uplifting feeling. Well done!

Got to say, one of my favorite Blueblood portrayals yet. I had already decided that this story was great, but that epilogue just made it perfect. I'm ranking this up there with "A Teacher With No Class" and "The Best Night Ever".


Dear lord...

When you list them all out like that, it does seem quite terrible, doesn't it?

By any chance you weren't inspired by a certain russian prince that left on an adventure in a sailors outfit..where you?

I wish they would make a redemption episode for Blueblood in the next season. I think it would make for a very good and funny episode. A lot of fans see Blueblood as a horrible monster, but I find him to be more like Daffy Duck from Loony Toons. There's a lot that they could do with his character in an episode.

Author Interviewer

How did I not get notified of this epilogue? :O It's very nice! I especially like the opening, but a little resolution goes a long way. :D

EQD got me here

Hilarious and cringe-worthy :rainbowlaugh:! It's been awhile since I read anything that made me go: "Oh, this can only go wrong" without a feeling of irony. A like for you, and a new favourite on my slim fav list.

2570496 Really, Blueblood is just a jerk. It's not like he took over their minds and attempted to invade the country or enslave the population to suck out their love and leave them empty husks.

And yet everyone loves those villains...


At any rate, this is definitely a story I must take time to read slowly, to watch BB's attempt at valor crash and burn in slow motion.

It's always hilarious when a pompous twit tries and fails to make a good impression. :trollestia:

Even idiots like Blueblood can be found uses for somewhere, I guess...!

cake batter in the eyes?

if there's one thing i know, it's eyes, and if it's above room, or body tempurature, it will hurt like no other pain... maybe i should become an optomitrist... by whatever being that is greater than god, i hope i spelled that correctly.

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. Too bad Blueblood is only partially squirrely :raritydespair:

I realize that sometimes it's better to end a story than continue it. But I feel like this could keep going.

This clarifies the ending of the 1st chapter wonderfully. :twilightsmile:


And yet everyone loves those villains...


I've found that in general, people can't help but love a bastard with style... from a distance, at any rate. That's why, for example, Trixie seems to be generally more popular than Gilda: the former had showmanship, while the latter merely had a faux-cool persona. (Though antagonizing Fluttershy didn't seem to help matters...)

“That you keep a stricter eye on Shining Armor’s guard. Make sure they are doing their jobs around the castle.”
“Oh! Well, ah, the... posture! Yes. Their posture is very important. I’ve noticed it sagging here and there lately. Probably the long hours they put in, the poor dears. They need somepony to keep them in line. It’s... vital!” She nodded firmly, her mind set. “Yes. Absolutely vital to castle security that they keep their backs straight and eyes up. That will be your first new duty as Executive Prince.”
“Oh! And you must also make sure the castle grounds are safe from intruders at night! You must check on all the castle staff and ask them how they’re doing, and make sure they are all doing their required duties

So Blueblood is now officially an REMF (by Celestia no less!)? Oh dear. The guard will openly revolt and stage a coup detat after a week of his "help". :facehoof:

2622014 I suppose that's why super-psycho Chairman Mao is popular.

That and the Communist Conspiracy... *builds WOMD in preparation to crush the Red Threat...* :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Simply fantastic Blueblood characterization in this, I just love what you did with him. Have a thumb and a follow.

oog...a story from the perspective of blueballs...ugh, fine. lets get this over with. I hope its good.

“Auntie!” he called, his voice ringing like a bell. If Fancypants could suddenly bend the rules and treat royalty like any other pony, why couldn’t he do it too?

Celestia, lounging on a pile of floor pillows, didn’t even look up from her paperwork. “Yes, Blueblood, dear?”

we are never told in canon exactly which princess is blueblood's aunt. but we know he is nephew to one of the princesses. but that has always bothered be because of what it implies. if you are an aunt to someone, then that means that your sibling had a kid. if luna is the aunt then that puts celestia in a bad light, and if celestia is the aunt, then that puts luna in a bad light. but besides that, we know that celestia cant be the aunt. luna hasn't been back from the moon long enough for her to have a kid and for him to be that old already. that makes celestia the mother. and that's a weird thought, given the character traits exhibited by celestia.
and no, I refuse to believe that celestia's husband's sibling had a kid- or luna's husband's sibling had a kid. there are so many things wrong with that...ugh.
as it is, the mere existence of blueblood contradicts the character traits of celestia and luna. i mean, unless of course, you take the interpretations of their characters offered by shipping stories, romance stories, or comedy stories seriously.
that's all i got. it doesnt really relate to this story, but i wondered if you had anything to say on it. or, you know, if you were going to fix the "celestia cant be the aunt" plothole.

Very nice epilogue. Poor Shining Armor (though not that poor, it's not like his Princess isn't still waiting for him when he finishes up for the evening), and a nice victory of sorts for Blueblood.

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