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Infuriated by a seemingly unwritable essay, Twilight Sparkle turns to bashing her head against a table to ease the feeling of literary inadequacy. Luckily, Spike is there to offer some more practical advice on finishing her essay--and why she should write it in the first place.

Dedicated to all editors: the grandest fools of all.

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Yes! This is cute, and funny, and all the things a slice of life story should be. Plus, it's nice to have a story I can relate to. :twilightsmile:

Congrats on getting to Equestria Daily.

You know, this is one of my favorite depictions of Spike. So often he's portrayed as a bumbling moron or the butt monkey of the cast. It's nice to see him like this.

My being an aspiring editor doesn't hurt either.

I think I needed this.
Take a like and a fave; you deserve them.

However, one thing I noticed...

With his hooves freed from comforting his distraught compatriot, he nursed his temples in a fruitless attempt to massage away an impending headache.

Spike does not have hooves.

2562428 Yes, this had been brought up a moment before your comment appeared. She's all fixed now.

2562267 I second that wholeheartedly on both counts.

Seeing Spike as an intelligent and likeable individual with a genuine care for Twilight is sorely underdone in this fandom. it's also no small fact I tend to bounce in joy anytime i'm able to help someone :twilightblush:

I am suspicious.

2562504 No, you are Spike.

I'm not sure I have the legs for the job.

A delightful read, and a potent reminder to those of us who help out our fellow writers as to why we do what we do.

I'll echo 2562428 here: I think I needed this. ^^

A great story; I'll have a more in-depth review later. A touch of irony, though - "segue" is transitioning from one clause to another; a Segway is a douchey scooter for non-obese people.

meh. slice 'o life stories never appealed to me.
THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME!:pinkiehappy::moustache:

Nice read.
Maybe this will help me to stop fretting at everything I type.:twilightsmile:

Was that sentence awkward? I even read it out loud.
Oh god make it stop.:raritydespair:

Aww, this is so adorable! :twilightsmile:

Have you tried rephrasing it so that the clause that starts with 'and in addition' is at the beginning of the sentence.


I liked the story and the message behind it, even if it hardly applies to me.

I love the idea:yay: can't wait to read. Maybe I should send it to my editor.

Wow... this is nearly exactly what happens when I write!

Dude, are you hiding in my closet?!

2563875 He knows my secret. Flee!

Your prose is somewhat wordy, at least for this kind of story; Twilight's commentary on the writing process, while relatable, borders on being whiny; and while the minor discrepancies in phrasing are easily overlooked, your advocacy of beginning sentences with conjunctions is reprehensible. Overall, I was interested enough to see the story to its conclusion but not enough to say I liked it. That may just be me being overly critical after a long day, though.

Just commenting here to let you know that I left a highly critical assessment of this story on its EqD page. Apologies if it comes off as being too harsh. :trixieshiftleft:

Once I realised that Spike was the editor the story made a lot more sense.

An excellent depiction of writer's block and perfectionist Twilight!:pinkiehappy:

First, Fitzmareald made me cringe.

Second, How To Train Your Dragon reference was well-placed.

Third, you've made me realize the problem with my own writing, and I thank you wholeheartedly.

luckily for me, that's not my problem when editing.

my problem is I edit for multiple people and one gives me a chapter every two days.


I know that feel.

A slice-of-life masterpiece indeed! I love how you put forward so many different emotions without making the story sound out of the ordinary or unusual. I really get the feeling that this is just another day for these two, but that doesn't stop them from reacting in interesting and emotional ways!
That, and you won me over with your portrayal of an editor attempting to help a writer who is reluctant to get help. The "thank you" moment at the end is always the best feeling, isn't it?

Very enjoyable read. Please have a like :raritywink:

As bizarre as it sounds, sometimes Twilight tries too hard. You have to stop, step back and think again.

As if it wasn't enough that Twilight couldn't write a single sentence of prose to save her life,

Right here, I recognized that this was a familiar read...
*Checks email for a Gdoc link, and finds one.*
Ah, and i realized that I helped edit this story, back in mid-march.

He was needed. He was useful. And he was happy.
A dumb grin spread over his face.
Oh yeah. That's why I bother doing that.

That sums up why I edit perfectly.

2564942 i wouldn't even have noticed it if you hadn't posted it. It was quite well placed, indeed.... Wait.(just a double check) you ARE referring to the "you just gestured to the whole stack" as in when Hiccup tells his dad "you just gestured to the whole of me(or something like that. Do forgive my memory, its kinda weird now:pinkiegasp:) anyway you are referring to that right? :pinkiehappy:

2576022 Yes, I was. I've only seen that movie once, so I had to check.

Aww, this was a nice Slice of Life fic. With Romance as my first, Slice of Life is probably my second favorite genre. Great job. :twilightsmile:

I've put most of my thoughts here on my blog (you'll have to scroll down), but to be brief, thanks for the read. It's not everyday I read a fanfict where the prose and the premise seem to mesh so well together that the actually writing itself is enjoyable. Or for that matter, the difficulties of actually trying to write something.

Why the num8er 908? I can't figure it out.:twilightoops:

It's a simple, decent fic. A worthwhile read.

We never get to see Spike and Twilight appreciating each other this much in the show. The depth of familiarity and the level of affection you've written here is very gratifying compared to all those fics where the only thing between them is banter, a few smiles, and Spike working his tail off. This, combined with your beautifully copious prose, prompts me to think you may have been inspired to write this by The Descendant. I wouldn't be surprised. It was a great pleasure to read.

"You can trust me with this, Twilight. You will always be the greatest writer in the entire universe to me, regardless of whether you get a little stuck on one measly essay. The way I see it, any help will just make you all the better, so you won't get stuck next time."

This time, the defensive author offered no resistance as he shuffled the loose pages back into order and began perusing them with all the slow caution of an experienced editor. A mere minute—

"GEEZ, Twilight, WHAT IS THIS CRAP!? A STONED THREE-YEAR-OLD RAISED BY RACOONS COULD WRITE BETTER THAN THIS!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Know what? I can't stay in this house with you anymore. This draft makes my Mare-Do-Well/Daring Do crossover fanfic look like fine literature. I'm out."

3187973 I've never had the opportunity to make The Descendant's acquaintance, though if his stories are as beautifully copious as mine I'm sure I'd be in good company.

Heh, as an editor myself, I know the feeling Spike had at the end.
Definitely a worthy Slice of Life story.

Yet another story I forgot to favourite after getting an account? Just how many of these are there?

I edit because Random House pays me.

As an homage, this is great. The heart is there.

I would still red-pen it.

F. Scott Fitzmareald


4563058 Oh damn, no one's bothered to draw a ponysona of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Now how am I going to to justify my awful pun?

(Also, it's pretty awesome you're able to make a living out of literature.)

Great story (favorited, thumbed, and mustached :moustache:), but 2701502 says what I'm wondering.

You used the right plural for 'opus', but missed the necessary adjustment to the adjective: the correct phrase is magna opera. The adjective must match case and number with the word it modifies.

Huh. I expected this to go to an entirely silly place. I have to say, glad it didn't. As a writer, I can so identify with Twilight's feelings of inadequacy, in spite of years of success to bolster the ego. I also liked the idea of Spike being a good proofreader. He's shown mostly as a go-fer in the show, so the notion that he might grow into something more valuable is nice, and pretty logical.

A quick read, well-done, and who WAS your editor? Kudos to them. ;p

but you're not even writing the same type of literature that F. Scott Fitzmareald was. He was—”

“One of the greatest authors of all time, yes,” she finished for him.

Eh, when you really look at it, The Great Gatspur wasn't all that great.

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