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Applejack expected a heartfelt reunion when she went to visit Dash. She expected to hear stores of how the fastest flier in all of Equestria was faring after becoming the poster pony of the first major war in hundreds of years.

She didn't expect to find herself painted onto the side of an airplane.

Inspired by the cover picture (link in the source).

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Love that pic, Derpy chillin' like a fucking boss.

Will read tonight

The funny thing is I think this is based off a real picture someone took and I can see derpy as the navigator

DERPY!!!!!!!! And she is a boss, period. Some Applejack/Derpy Hooves? I would LOVE to see that in a fic!:ajsmug: Wow, awar with the Griffions? That sounds very bad ass, glad to see Apple Bloom is in it:yay: Wonder what the other Mane Six think about it. Damn, this made my day a very, very well written story that has a great plot and grammer, spelling and the likes. Love it 100% :twilightsmile:

Cute fic. Poor AJ, reduced to a teenage colt's - and RD's - fantasy. :rainbowwild:

Lol awsome fic :twilightsmile:




Commence read.

Hints towards Applejack and Derpy, as well as a Griffon war.

Rainbow Dash ace pilot :rainbowdetermined2: pretty sweet

1982151 There was only like 2 grammer errors when he sent it to me.:twilightsmile:
He'd done it that well i dont know why i bothered pre-reading it.:applejackunsure:

1997596 You know darn well I appreciate pre-reader input like yours, you silly.

1997596 I heard that, you both done very well.

2067571 As of now, Max is currently in a professionally-dug hole somewhere in the Hindu Kush mountains of Eastern Afghanistan.

That... that was some good buildup to a few good funny moments. Little sad there with RD saying that line though, telling AJ how much she meant to her and wanting to be up there with her best friend and not some sexual distraction to kick flank with... so she could feel like she has a better chance at getting home and all.

I should of read this soon as I finished Hands over Hoof. This story was comically heartfelt, very cuddly indeed. I was wondering though, did AJ like slightly open up to the idea of being pen pals with Derpy, in a get to know you feely way, or just wondering if RD was telling the truth? AJ and Derpy ship... that I'd like to see done one day!

This was a very nice story to read, hope your (friend, brother?) is okay still.

This is beautiful. It feels just right, and RD abd AJ are perfectly in character.

Awesome AU fic.

I also love the fan art on the cover, which is of a B-25...I think.

B-25 flyingforttress is a heavi bomber from WW2 whit 11 guns and a crew of 9 is an icoonic warplane:rainbowdetermined2:

Author Interviewer

I am shocked to hell and back that this wasn't Appledash. c.c Other than having a fairly weird setting, I rather liked it, though. Solid friendshipping.

Ummm...dude, the B-25 was call the "Mitchell or Liberator" and it was only a twin-engine medium bomber. Which only needed a crew of 5 to 6. :twilightsheepish:

It's the B-17 that was call the "Flying Fortress" and it's four-engine heavy bomber. Which it needed a crew of 10. :twilightsheepish:

You know...I wouldn't mind reading about this war between Equestria and the Griffon Kingdom. That's sounds like it would make an awesome war adventure AU fanfic, just reading about the exploits of Rainbow Dash and Ditzy Doo/Derpy Hooves serving in the Royal Equestrian Air Force. :rainbowdetermined2:

5187296 actually, the "Liberator" was the B24, not the B25.


Oh, yeah, you're right. Silly me. :twilightsheepish:

But it's kinda hard to tell if the bomber in this fanfic cover's a the B-24 heavy bomber (which has four engines) or the B-25 medium bomber (which had only two engines). :trixieshiftleft:

5964870 It's a B25. The glass on the nose cone of the B24 was all one piece. (among other differences)

I do like the airplane concept in the mlp world, or any kind of human vehicle that can work. It dose make you think about stories revolving around these said vehicle and how their involved.

Bucking great story!!!!

I actually used the illustration in my museum on Second Life as part of an exhibit on nose art (full credit given of course hehe). The US military actually has strict regulations on what can be painted on aircraft now, but those regs were a lot more lax during the World Wars.



The folks down there had quite a good laugh until they realized she was serious.

Then they only laughed harder, poor filly.

was bender with them? i'm sure he was!

equestria untamed

oh! god flashbacks to bad art. kill it with fire

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