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Anon gets into an arm wrestling contest with Applejack and Rainbow Dash. It goes exactly how you expect.

Don’t know how to explain it anymore than that.

Update 2/18/2020: I am shocked this got featured.

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SRY #1 · Feb 18th, 2020 · · ·

“Ladies,” He spoke, softly and without fear nor pain. “While I am still in shock, could either of you please direct me to the nearest hospital? I’m afraid I may have fucked up.”

This part had me laughing out loud at exactly how perfect a response that is to hurting yourself badly.

Shock is a hell of a drug.

hooking her hoof in between his wrist.

Between his wrist and what?


"he never was the most cleanliness of house dwellers" - *cleanly

"Anon too let her pride show, posing to show her leg muscles" - *Applejack

"I’d we had, y’all would be broke.” - *If

Needless to say, the pain will stick with Anon for as long as he lives.

A quintessential example of how one bad sentence can turn a fic from "reasonably good fluff" to "really awful and wrongheaded".

Alondro #5 · Feb 19th, 2020 · · 34 ·

Alondro is strong enough to take them both on at once.

He can endure the full strain over and over and over again, while leaving them panting and shivering in exhaustion.

Yes, this is a euphamism filled with innuendo. Filled to overflowing, you might say. :rainbowwild:


Alondro #6 · Feb 19th, 2020 · · 19 ·

Anon attempts to pet Derpy, who bites his hand off.

You do not attempt to dominate the Derp! :derpytongue2:


"he never was the most cleanliness of house dwellers" - *cleanly

Close, but not quite.
"Most clean" would be grammatically correct, but it sounds wrong when read. I'd recommend "Cleanest".

“Quit it!” Rainbow Dash ordered, blushing. “What are you doing?”

Flustered Dash is best Dash

“I am the rock on the eternal shores! Crash against me and be BROKEN!” Taunted Anonymous.

Easy there, Apocalypse.

This is the cringiest comment I've seen today. Maybe the entire week.

10093117 Wait about 5 minutes... 10 tops. :trollestia:

No a lot of the comments I see are pretty good. Yours, however, is not one of them.

That was fun thank you.

Yep, though I'm not proud of it.

Don't be sorry I loved it!

Don’t apologize, I rather enjoyed it.

What is this narcissistic shit.

10183493 FOR I AM THE KWISATZ HARD-ON-IRAC!! :rainbowwild:


eugh the cringe.

10185680 I am also a mega-male with enormous bulging muscles and enough testosterone to turn the entire world into Handsome Squidward.


this is next level Avenger's threat

you dont have very many friends do you?

10243766 The classic comment of someone compensating for insecurities... in other words, one of the NPC crowd.

10241916 If you only knew. But soon... soon ZAWARDO will know my power! :trollestia:

Compensating for insecurities? my dude look at your comment. I bet its a self insert oc as well

Don't bother. It's already calling people who disagree with it NPCs; it's too far gone to save or even get through to in any meaningful manner. Just ignore it and it wanders off eventually.

fair enough mate, ill leave it be

10244109 I should think the only 'its' around here think they're deer.

10244162 You do realize this means war.

It's not a deep or complex story, but it succeeds at what it's trying to do. Very much worth an upvote from me.

You are totally a stupid.

The individual who comments on my intelligence fails as basic grammar.

This is an example of basic irony. :trollestia:

-You're a double stupid. He just said he's not! Right Dylan?
-Yeah, asstards.

Sir, You also failed your grammar test here.

"The individual who comments on my intelligence fails AS basic grammar.

This is an example of basic irony."

Now the only thing you have to say is "You can't fix stupid" and the amount of irony we would achieve in this comment section would be legendary.

I would have expected applejack to injure him, because strength is usually her thing. Also, does this mean rainbow dash’s ego is finally turned down a notch? Because something tells me that’s not gonna last long.

10324637 Autofill replaced it. Every time I turn it off, it turns itself back on with the next updates, and always chooses the wrong word.

Alright. I apologize for my Snarkiness, figured you were like that other guy with the hamster for a profile pic. He just kept getting mad at people and starting flame wars.

Aw, so Anon has permanent hand damage and pain now. That suck, I hate any permanent injury like that.

IDK why this is so funny but you've somehow made my day XD

Hell of a way to lose a match.

Okay, I got to admit, that was pretty funny to read. Now, shut the fuck up, and stop being so full of yourself, it's making everyone uncomfortable.

10588384 Ya'll just jelly of my Super Saiyan swagger.

“One more round! Winner takes all!”
“Take all of what? We didn’t bet anything. I’d we had, y’all would be broke.” Anon made a show of checking his nails.

:ajbemused:: "Besides, you still owe me two bits..."

“Quit it!” Rainbow Dash ordered, blushing. “What are you doing?”
“It’s called petting and I find it puts you Equestrians in your place.” Anon stopped again and wiggled his fingers once more. “That’s the magic of hands.”

Heh! Never underestimate the power of petting.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

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