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The rainboom was not the beginning. 

Forty years after the lunar rebellion and the Long Night, two young deer hungry for adventure find a mysterious crown in the blasted ruins of a pony castle. Honor-bound to return the artifact to its rightful owner, they must travel through a dark and dangerous land to uncover the secrets of the crown’s power and save the spirit of a wayward queen.

A story about trust. Written for the Choices species-swap contest

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The characterization here is good, it's just a shame they aren't able to interact more due to Diamond Heart not being able to hear the two, and the three mains don't really complement each other well I feel (they're too similar and all tend to do just what's expected in their position at any given moment). It's also a little overly lucky they find the one thing to get the agreement, but I suppose for a short story, that's to be expected.

Huh... does Unicorn/Alicorn Twilight have to go on a quest to recover her overdue library books from a past life now?

Haven't read the fic but that's an amazing cover pic.

This was a pretty good story but what is with that title, is it in reference to Luna because with the pic I really though twilight ruled that is not the case tho

I love the whole "deer are innate telepaths who are mute" angle.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yes, the cute cartoon deer looks like a cute cartoon deer. :derpytongue2:

I actually loved this and would love to read more of this kind of story.

Oh, this was delightful. Fascinating take on Everfree deer and the forest itself, to say nothing of Celestia. This time period is always rough for her. I quite like this take on the specifics. Thank you for the story and best of luck in the judging.

Man, I'd love continuation. Nice story there.

Really loved the unique take on the deer. Would love to read more about them either as a continuation of this or a whole different story exploring living alongside speaking races as telepathic mutes.

Absolutely wonderful!
You've painted a gorgeous picture with your words, and I particularly loved your implementation of the Deer using telepathy to silently communicate. It makes so much sense for a race of skittish prey animals.

And then there were relations, and through the magic of, erm, family, they were able to finally commune!

A charming little story. Your track record of lovely fiction remains unbroken.

Hello! Have a review. I agree with FOME and GaPJaxie: a delightful story, and I really liked the world-building. Faved!

I loved it and demand more.

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