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Does this look infected to you?


Applejack's cousin from Las Pegasus, a dancer, comes to visit, and catches everyone off guard. Especially Spike, who is instantly smitten with the young mare--and Rarity is none too happy about it.

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Damn Spike, you're inconsistent as fuck.

> Las Pegasus

> Dancer

I totally pigeonholed her as a stripper, now I feel dirty.

Rocket Queen - Guns N' Roses

Oh Bon Bon. Silly.

And Spike... well, I like this for one very good reason: It at least breaks his "Single-Character Sexuality" and makes it clear that his actual romantic preference is female ponies (Not that hard to understand; he's been re-molded to think of pony beauty as the acceptable standard, that means he'll be romantically attracted to them all his life.) Good chow, chap :moustache:

intwesting, to the tabs with thee!!

Apple Bottom...

Apple bottom jeans, jeans, boots with the fur (with the fur!)

I see what you did there :rainbowkiss:

mphf, im sure this Aj's cousin gonna treat spike like dirt, just like rarity, or smth like that

As rightly you should! Pidgeonholing dirty strippers is a surefire way to contract syphilis!

Being a stripper must be kinda troublesome when you come from a culture/species who normally don't wear clothes.:ajbemused:

(I assumed Apple Bottom's dancing might sure have been attractive to the audience, if you know what I mean, but that no removing of clothing was needed.)

714855 I don't actually see A.B. as a stripper. She's just a dancer, working in one of the shows out there. I was actually thinking she was doing more of the Cirque de Soleil kinda show, to be honest. She just happens to be mega-hot.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a stripper, just not how I saw this character.


Great story. Very well paced, some harrowing near-misses, and friendship prevailed in the end!

I have read alot of Cold in Gardez fiction, and until now I found nothing as well executed - I could see this being an episode quite easily. Well, overlooking Bon-Bon, though personally I found that hilarious.

Great stuff! A star, a thumb, and a following!


Where did you get the cover image from?

720384 I made the cover image. I'm a graphic artist. I was thinking of posting it to my DA account. If you want it, let me know and I'll certainly post it.



that's really awesome! I wish I was that talented

I'm not usually a fan of OCs, but this is well done!

722668 Thanks. :)

I'm not big into OC's myself, but A.B. was a pony that came to me because of the joke on her name. The story grew around it, and it was structured like an episode, so I went with it. I'm actually very pleased with the outcome.


Spike was an annoying tool this whole fic :facehoof:

Haha! Awesome :rainbowlaugh:

The Bo-Bon part reminded me of the movie Friday. GOD DAYUM!!

Very good read, it would make a great episode, you know as long as the flank flaunting was a little less obvious, just left at that she is beautiful

714572Awww.Now you have that song stuck in my head!

This is Spike. :moustache: He have all mares.

I kept thinking you were going to end with Spike talking with someone saying something along the lines of:

"Wow, I can't believed it worked so well."
"I told ya Spike, ladies'll fall head-over-heals for you if they think you're not interested in them."

that and I would've thought Spike would've been safe, being a much closer species to crocodiles than ponies (plus the hard scales that I don't think could be harmed by their jaws)

Enjoyable story, though Spike was a little too stupid in this one for my taste. I can picture him doing a lot of ridiculous things for love, but jumping off a cliff is a bit much. If you were going to go overboard, you should have just gone full Refuge in Audacity and had him try to jump a shark on a motorcycle juggling chainsaws or something.

Nice story. It was funny with Spike being in a love triangle with Rarity and Apple Bottom.

2909377 ...juggling chainsaws you say?... :rainbowdetermined2:

I can see your point. He does have a bit of idiot ball going on, but I did try to portray it that he was blinded by love. And trust me, when you get hit that hard you can do stupid things. This is from personal experience. AMAZINGLY stupid things. It's a wonder I'm not in prison. (Let's just say in my case the word "mule" is often used...)


Okay, I gotta ask:

Did this story get listed somewhere recently? I'm getting a LOT of hits and activity on a story this old. Not that I'm complaining!



I got that it was a "blinded by love" thing, and that can certainly be used to hand-wave a lot of things. Still, doing something that would obviously kill him on nothing more than an offhand comment... I dunno, I'd at least expect that he'd have to be getting promises of some major quid pro quo first.

This would make a good episode.:twilightsmile:

Wow, I had no idea that ponies had such sharp claws! :rainbowlaugh:

Congratulations. This story has good enough grammar to be added to the Good Grammar Directory, a comprehensive directory of grammatically correct stories on FIMFiction.

I want ice cream with luna:pinkiesad2:.

“I’m going to jump now.” Spike said from the edge of the cliff. “Here I go.”

:ajbemused:: Spike, you're an idiot.
:rainbowderp:: Whoa... he's dumber than I thought.
:fluttershbad:: I can't watch.
:raritydespair:: WHY, SPIKEY WIKEY? WHY?!
:pinkiehappy:: Do barrel roll!

Spike opened his eyes, and looked around quickly. “Wow! You mean we survived? That worked out even better than I hoped!”

If it was to make Rarity jealous, THAT is one hell of a Batman Gambit.

Who DOESN'T want ice-cream with Luna?


Lets all head to the ice cream parlor with Woona!!


Eh, he's a Dragon, they bathe in lava.

Pretty sure he'd just wind up as a chew toy for awhile before the gators realized he wasn't food.

Wow, that was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!:fluttercry:

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