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Small Hiatus for the Heartbreaker and the Cultivator · 6:52pm Jan 20th, 2014

This is probably long overdue but as many you have seen, I've taken a bit of a break from posting the next chapter. After some deliberating with editor and others, I chose to scrap the chapter I had written, chapter 16. This decision wasn't a light one, it took a lot of talking and brainstorming with my editor and others in order to reach it. The decision was not based on the content of the chapter but more of the direction of the story as a whole, which this next chapter would have

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Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: I am currently trying to finish the story completely. I want to finish all the remaining chapter so there is no more wait time (other than the week between chapters). I have about 2 and a half chapters written (only one edited). Once I have all the remaining chapters, I will begin updating the story again.

I apologize for the wait. There have been a lot of IRL issues that I've been dealing with, along with trying to write my other story.

Ate you ever going to The heartbreaker and the cultivation

Comment posted by BloodArcane deleted May 28th, 2014

Howdy, neighbour! I see you haven't even touched my story 'Open Wide'. If this is a bad time, I'll just submit it without editing and you can fix it up afterwards if you're so inclined. :twilightsmile:

Sorry to bother you! I'm very eager to submit it, so I may or may not wait for a response.

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Poll #1 Cover Art Change

I'm having some thoughts about changing the covert art for "The Heartbreaker and the Cultivator." So consider this as a place to vote for your opinion on it (use my comments section on here). A reason for your vote is not necessary but please feel free to include it as well as a suggestion for a new cover art pic. I'll close this poll around the middle to the end of February. Thanks for voting!