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*Story submissions locked due to group being understaffed*

Welcome to Society of Unappreciated Talent!

Does your story deserve more views? Are you looking for some quality fanfiction?

You've come to the right place!

This group is dedicated to giving unappreciated authors a chance to show off their work! Here, you can submit your story to be reviewed by part of our staff so it can get the recognition it deserves.

Want to be part of our Skype chat? Check out this thread!


The Society would like to announce that it going to conduct a writing contest for it's members to participate in. Go to this thread to learn more.

How it works

Members can submit their story to the Submit Here folder and then into a respective subfolder. From there, the story will be claimed by one of our Staff Members for reviewing. The Staff will determine whether the story will into one of three categories*:

Appreciation Needed: for underrated, unappreciated stories that need and deserve recognition.

Improvement Needed: for stories that could use a touch up or two.

Special Consideration Needed: for the stories that shine high above the rest.

*For further detail about each category, go to this document.

Don't be afraid to submit your work! It took time and effort and deserves recognition!

User Types


Anyone that joins would be considered a member whether they be a writer or just someone looking to find some quality lesser known stories.

Staff Members

These are the people that look over each submission and determine which stories need appreciation and which need improvement. Staff members thoroughly analyze each story and write a short review that details the good qualities that story has to offer. These reviews define what makes the story good and why it deserves recognition. When the story needs improvement, these reviews will offer constructive criticism to help the author revise and make the most out of their story.

Interested in becoming part of our staff?

Anyone looking for a way to help out should look no further! As a Staff member, you are what keeps this group functioning. We couldn't do it without you! Take a look at this document to find out how. We need all the help we can get! Every person counts!

The current staff are:

The Headless Horsepony

Weeping Angel


The admins are here to help promote stories and to make sure everything goes along smoothly.

The current admins are:


Rule One Submit in the "Submit Here" folder in one subfolder.
Rule Two All stories must be under a certain number of views before we can help.
Rule Three All staff must be kind and respectful in their dealing with members.
Rule Four Posting threads is allowed, as long as you post a topic that at least semi-relates to this group.
Rule Five No self promotion.
Rule Six Love and tolerate.

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Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

How do I catch people's attention?

What if you hate your writing talent but you want people to see your stories?

Comment posted by Leonzilla deleted May 3rd, 2014

And so here lies another group that hasn't being active for a while.:fluttercry:

This one has almost a month from the last post before I found it.:applecry:


Comment posted by Part-time Rarity deleted Mar 11th, 2014

351000 :facehoof:
That is kind of funny though.:raritywink:

69 new members this week :rainbowlaugh:

350388 It's all good and taken care of. :twilightsheepish:

I got this.

350209 Unfortunately friend, new group, new application, new rules. You will have to submit another application to get your job back.

100th member. I feel special...

I was wondering where this group went. At a certain point, I got a 404 error when I tried to follow any links. Mind if I have my old job back?

I feel appreciated enough; I just enjoy joining a bunch of random groups.

Hey, Part-time Rarity! Remember me? I sure remember you.:pinkiehappy:
Well, the hit-numbers on my stories are still pretty low, so as soon as you unlock the door, I'll plunk my stories down.

This group needs a way for staff members to know who is already reading what submission. Possibly a thread? Also, a written set of rules on story submission wouldn't hurt. :twilightblush: . . . :unsuresweetie:

#911 there's a #STALKER on my #computer!!!

JK. Hello there!

345667 #You know who I am, Reptile.

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