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Hey, folks! I go by TallFry, but I'm considering just using my OC's name instead at some point. I've technically only got one story, but it's a long one that isn't gonna be done anytime soon. But, rather than just have one big never-ending story, I'm doing it in a context of "seasons" like the show does! It centers around the pegasus in my profile pic, and it does feature myriad other OC's when appropriate, but it mostly uses the show's cast, in how this character basically influences their lives, and how they influence his in turn. Needless to say, I'm gonna be posting it all here. I hope you enjoy it! :twilightsheepish:

Uhm... hey, I’m a new member...

Hello everypony! My name is Scarlet Thorn and I'm writing a story that centers around mostly OCs and cannon background ponies. Nopony is willing to give my story a chance unfortunately!

If you could read, and maybe like, or at least drop a comment on "Tales from the Equestrian Others-the Fallen Angel of Ponyville" it would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there:pinkiehappy:! I'm a new fimiction member that just joined a month ago and I'm currently writing an MLP story with an OC of my own!:scootangel:

I'm writing a story. Hello.

Glad to be here ^^.
I hope you check out my story.

Here's a quick summary.

It's about a grumpy and socially awkward Earth Pony OC that joins the mane six on their adventures. It's basically a rewrite of Friendship is Magic with one OC added to the bunch.
There are more OC's added as the story progresses and a bunch of custom chapters that serve to "extend" the story of Friendship is Magic.
I would love if you check it out and let me know what you think about it ^^.
My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship

Flight tells the story of the pegasus rebellion against an oppressive batpony regime that taught them they couldn't fly. It's an allegory with many sub-surface themes, like true empathy and how to combat depression. I hope you enjoy reading it! :pinkiehappy:

I have a story involving about 99% OCs, but it's not 'Human', it's Anthro (They have hands, but they have hooves instead of feet, just to clarify.) Would this count for the Human folder?

A troll has been going around submitting a story to a mass number of folders and groups. After 3 hours of combing I found the story in 3 Folders in this group
The story - The Ravaging of Rainbow - is a trollfic and contains no OC's
it is in
and Comedy

Well, I am glad you liked my advice. And that is all I was trying to give, some advice. I didn't want you to give up on the story you wished to write. :twilightsmile:

I did understand that Sean can't use magic, that is why I suggested the idea that Sean might become very powerful in the story by an external magic device like the alicorn necklace, or some tech like the iron man suit.

Remember this, even if Sean can't use his unicorn magic, all the ponies have some inner magic they use all the time. Even the earth ponies. Else Tirek would not have been able to get any magic out of the earth ponies.

The pegisi magic is obvious. One: they fly fast with tiny wings for their size. Look to Bulk Muscle, best example of that. Two: They can sleep on clouds. Magic must be involved in that. Three: They can make other thing sit on clouds as well. Though for some reason, they can't get an earth pony or unicorn to stand on one.

They can make a road stay, a road any pony can stand on, just not other ponies. I chock it up to that it is the inner magic of the other ponies that interfere with a pegisi being able to help them stand on a cloud like they can with other things.

As for earth pony magic, both Zecora and Pinkie has both shown some level of being able to use magic. Though on the show it is stated Zecora is not a pony, she is a zebra. Twilight said this specifically on the show.

One other hint of earth pony magic is the cutie marks. all the ponies have them, even the earth ponies. And it seems to be on them by magic. With out their magic, they lose it.

Another universal magic shared by all, is how each can pick up and move things. Many grab with their mouth but some grab with their hooves and they have no fingers to do this with. Some even grab and hold with their main and tail at times. Much of this I would say is done by magic. A universal magic shared by all of them.

I do fully understand though what you are saying about Sean, he can't use his unicorn magic at all. This does not mean he couldn't use any other types of magic, mostly the universal magic all of them share, or else he likely would not be able to have a cutie mark, or able to pick things up without using his mouth alone. That is why I stated that he could get powerful in other ways, even if not with unicorn magic.

I remember Zecora say to Twilight, "That will be the day when a pony can lick me in magic." Suggesting that she is very powerful, even though she is no unicorn, or alicorn.

Okay, Aside from the magic side of things, I find it good that you have Sean have his flaws, and is hardly perfect. Makes for great character development.

So, Sean is a little unsavory, in that he can be unusually cruel. I think many people are cruel. In their own ways, even if they don't see it, or conveniently not wish to see it. Like to make a verb jab at someone, while not caring how it might effect that person. Oh' but these people do think of themselves as nice, all while ignoring the bad things they do by thinking it as OK, and letting themselves off the hook with such thinking.

I have told others just how well people hide themselves from the thought of their own inner evil they may have.

Point in concept: You would think of something as being evil for going around and eating children for pleasure. Something like a demon or other monster would do. Now think of the average person who eats veal. Now ask yourself, what is the difference? And who is the evil ones now? :pinkiecrazy:

So, you say Sean, for the most part is the product of the cruelty of others. This is not uncommon. I have used some of this in my own stories, but to various degrees. None of them are entirely like Sean though. But I feel most everyone is tempered by their interactions with others, or even the lack of it. Even being by one's self will shape a person, to a degree.

I used this lack of interaction, by one, in the story I am about to put out today. the effect of this will only be shown in the last chapter though. Chapter eight. It is a story on Fluttershy and how she grew up, but it is also much more than that.

In light of all that, I think you have an interesting character there. :twilightsmile:

406694 Thank you very much for replying to me and I absolutely understand everything that you have told me

Now for saying that people might think of Sean as an overpowered character while he may be very skilled in physical hoof to hoof or weapons combat, Remember that Sean is absolutely useless with magic like he actually has no magic in him at all for a unicorn and he relies on his intelligence and skill if he is ever in trouble or to complete in tasks. again his inability to cast magic makes him of course completely useless with it and i know i havent added this information before, one of his flaws is he is actually a very socially awkward and sometimes idiotic pony. He has the intelligence and the skill but he tries to solve the problem in his own way but it almost never works and it causes an even bigger problem for everypony and can make some pretty bad decisions whenever he is under pressure which even might possibly lead to the death of a pony, he tries to keep himself calm at all times through meditation and other relaxing activities in order to not be under pressure. Now for the socially awkward flaw i will give you a little backstory to this.
When he was a child Sean was constantly bullied by everypony because of his inability to cast magic and it has broken him because of that whenever nopony bullies about his inability they would bully on him for being... well just weird, Sean has done a lot of weird and disgusting stuff in the past such as saying the wrong inappropriate stuff, touching another pony in wrong ways, harming animals and bugs in twisted ways and many more. I wouldnt go into anymore detail just yet until i start writing this story when i have the time :derpytongue2:.
If you are also talking about COMBAT flaws. Well, i have told you about that he just full on cant use magic and he also relies too much on his gadgets and weapons. BUT i will add more flaws about him later on in the story or even in the first chapter describing or showing his flaws Combat and character wise. And i am sure that at least some viewers will like the characterization of him or just well simply liking the character :twilightsheepish:

Now for the story. Ok now i knew that somepony (which turns out to be you) would talk and share their thoughts about it and try to give me a few warnings and advice when typing such a story.
Now i shouldnt give too much detail on the story but the Mane six and Sean are trying to find ways in order to stop her from coming, and they also plan for her arrival in equestria and find out how to defeat her IF she would ever arrive anyways. There is some adventuring in this story where the six have to find ways to stop the goddesses tracks and not let her out of tartarus, where they would have to many ancient locations, hideouts of the cult, maybe try to make allies to help with this and sometimes they would also have to try to find SOME of the thousands of ponies who are part of the Goddesses cult. If you really wanna know the name of the goddess it is Cegolas. I have no idea where i got that name from :P
And for the guardians well actually for quite some time it would actually remain a mystery for them if they would ever find one and THAT is all i have to say about the story and everything else for right now. As it is still a bit too early to tell you a lot of the information right now :twilightsheepish:

But i must say that your advice and your warnings do help me and i have to thank you for that as it actually really helped me and think more of how i should approach the story as it goes on so thank you very much again! :twilightsmile:

I am sorry if this reply doesnt really satisfy you at all i do get out of hand sometimes XD But again you really helped me and i will make sure i remember what you just said and think more about how i will approach the story so thank you!

Oh yeah the name well it does sound long does it? :derpyderp1: and i think i should probably simplify it maybe yeah.

OH yes and your story i have been reading the first book of the kezzerdrix only the first chapter though for now. It is a bit entertaining and kinda dark i gotta say :)

Now in leage with: Original Character Rights Association?

This seems a little complicated just for being able to post stories with an OC in it. :pinkiecrazy:
That is depending on what might actually be holding back such a right. :derpyderp2:
It all seems rather silly to me. :derpytongue2:

Wow. What you put down is about as long as what I did dude. :derpyderp2:

I can see a mix of Batman in it. Iron man for the father and son weapons division. And a little bit of Scootaloo, in Sean being a unicorn with no magic, like Scootaloo being a pegisi unable to fly.

I also pulled that angle with one of the fathers to one of my main OC"s His name is Lance. His daughter is Dazzle, one of my main OC's
Though he was not without magic, he was just not good with it. So he worked at making himself physically strong to compensate as well as Sean. In time as Lance got older, he did get good with magic, but not great. It is all in the story.

If you do intend to go with what you put down, watch out! :pinkiegasp:

Many don't like to see over powerful OC's. Mostly those that rival Twilight in both intelligence and power. However that power is obtained. Be it from another magic source or tech. Just letting you know.

Some also think the writer has a god complex if one does go that rout in their story. Some also consider the OC in question to be an absurd self-insert, just to make themselves seem great in a story. You will get flack for that. Just saying... I have seen it, and it is harsh.

Cool going with Sean Blondemane Melody, as a name. I almost mistook it for being Sean Bloodemane Melody though. That was my mistake.

The name does seem a little long. That is for a pony in such a story. I am not saying change it! Just that you might consider simplifying it. Possibly just to Sean Melody. Much more easy on the eyes for a reader. Also some might think such a long name to be a bit too pompous. You may get flack for that as well.

I will also tell you, you are messing with some very powerful forces in your story. A goddess of death, and a demi god?
I have seen a lot of such stories get chewed up and spit out, by viewers, if not handled right.

If you wish to do something like this, I suggest having a very good reason why the others can't stop the goddess of death from coming out if they already know she is going to get out. Possibly explain how she gets out as well. Not just simply that she does, and none could stop it.
Make it work, not just simply happen.

It might work in you favor if the ponies don't know she is getting out, till she does. Instead just let the reader know, not the ponies. It may build better suspense. :raritywink:
Again, all depending on how it is done.

It also helps if the ponies not look so stupid in not able to find a way to keep her contained if they know an already trapped threat is getting out.
If the threat is unable to do much of anything about the ponies running around trying to stop her before she can get out, and the ponies are just simply unable to stop this from happening, without a good reason why. It might not look so good.

Now about that demi god. OK, you say one comes out every generation yet none has been seen for the last 3000 years? And the ponies go out looking for one, and expecting to find one. Might want to give why they expect to find one now of all times. That might be important to the story.

Much of this tail about a demi god, elemental guardian, what's it, makes me think it is actually none other than, Sean Blondemane Melody, the over achiever.
Got to say, if the story is about that, it has been done a lot. That story line will get flack as well. Just warning you.

I am not telling you not to do this story, I am just telling you what I have seen others say they hate about such stories.
Some have said "I would rather dunk my head in a used toilet, in hopes of finding something better to look at."
I am just trying to help you from receiving such a comment. Or many. That is after you put a lot of time into writing it.
It happens. :duck:

Other than all that, good luck with your story. :twilightsmile:
You might just need it posting such a story on this site. :unsuresweetie:
It is just sad to me to see a witter put so much time into a story to have it shit on after.
Some people are just not nice on this site. :pinkiesad2:
I had one say to me that one of mine is the equivalent of shitting into a bowl and calling it art.
As I said some on this site are not all to nice.

OK. So which one?

I suppose any will do, it all depends on what you like. :twilightsmile:
I will say, if you do read any of the Kezzerdrix stories, start with the first. Or you might understand less as to what is going on in the second and much longer story. :derpytongue2:

401637 I think i will take a look at your story and see how good it is dude :twilightsmile:

Hi guys! When i started on making my own OC i wanted to try to make my story featuring my oc something different, way different and i thought hey maybe he could try to be like batman or samurai jack, a master of almost or every martial art in Equestria! And some of you might think that this sounds strange and something you wont feel you will get use to maybe. I am a really big fan of action movies with loads of fight scenes as you can see, and for that i want to make a good fanfic with my oc with some good fights, some slice of life and some big adventuring as well. Before i go any further i will tell you about my fanfic and my oc. Lets start with my oc, Sean Blondemane Melody.

Wait did you just saw the word Melody!? Could it be... Yes yes you guessed it his part of the melody family (Octavias family) and is the brother of Octavia Melody. I have not given him his official age yet but originally i wanted him to be twenty one and Octavia to be 22 so yeah his like a little brother actually but i am still not sure if this should be his age.

Sean Blondemane is a unicorn stallion who actually owns his fathers company (which i will call Tavi and Seans father Tech Savvy for my fanfic) after his father has retired. His company is called AliCO and is a tech company with a goal to make a better future for everypony with advanced technology, advanced medicine and is secretly a private military deeper down inside the company. Sean is a tech savvy (just like his father of course) guy and he has invented some very good weapons and tech he has made (some are just copies of the humans like the gun and grenade and other stuff) while others are very unique (i wont tell you that until i do this fanfic).
Sean is not just tech savvy but also a master in almost every martial arts in Equestria! This is starting to get a little bit batman-y right? Well anyways he traveled around Equestria meeting many warriors and fighters learning the different skills from different ponies (and griffins and dragons), this was his goal after he was bullied for being socially awkward, weird in different ways and having no unicorn magic at all. OH WAIT did you also just read that he has no magic!? Like born with NO magic!? Yes that's right he was born with no magic at all making him completely useless and probably the most useless unicorn to ever use magic well he doesn't have any anyways. But he does make it up with his Mastery and knowledge of many different martial arts, quick thinking and his gadgets at his side all the time.
He also wears glasses but inside these glasses is actually kind of like goggles for secret agents. Inside the glasses he can actually switch through different visions for strategic and investigative reason (much like batmans detective vision in Batman Arkham games). While wearing them he can switch through x ray vision, heat vision, night vision, and a whole lot others.
Sean Blondemane has blue eyes, blond neatly combed hair, well toned for a stallion and his cutie mark is nuts and bolts and a computer. More details about him and his past will be included in the fanfic.

OK now for the story! This story is actually based on one of my friends role play story that we both did online, it was very fun and hilarious as well, we both gave out some good ideas and i should actually thank this person for helping me with it and for inspiring me to make a fanfiction about it so i should also give my friend some credit.
This story is about him and his decision to stay in Ponyville for one to two months in the small but crazy town to reach agreements to mayor mare, princess twilight and the town to promote his companies products but he doesn't do just that he also meets and makes friends with the elements of harmony and shares some crazy days with them. Then on one fateful day Sean and the elements of harmony found out that a goddess of death, pain and suffering will be unleashed from Tartarus very soon and will unleash chaos and destruction on Equestria which will turn the world into a wasteland. They must do anything they can do to stop this madness and defeat this mad goddess. But Sean and the elements of harmony also knew about another thing. An elemental guardian. A powerful demi god like being where one guardian is born in every each generation destined to serve the princesses and to protect the elements of harmony. But none have ever been found since the last known guardian 3000 years ago. They must also find this guardian where he or she or it is and who the guardian is.
Well thats all i gotta say about my oc and story for now! You are very welcome to share your thoughts about all of this and maybe give me a few ideas for the story, i am always willing to listen to your thoughts and ideas if you have any. Thank you!

First I would like to say I am posting this, only because a few suggested to me that I do so. So, I am.


What can I say, I am one of many that joined this site to read stories about ponies.
Well, I could have done that without joining. I mostly joined to post comments to others on stories they made that I liked, and give my general opinions of said stories. During my time here, I did a lot of that.
In time, like others, I came up with some of my own ideas for a few stories. To say the least, they have not been well taken.
Not that I have had any expectations on how my stories would be perceived by the masses, the overall lack of comments I did not expect. Even by those that did not like my stories.
I could say within a twisted way of thinking, that my stories have proven to make the readers of my stories speechless, as being an achievement of sorts. Though this doesn't help with the knowing by me as to why so many do not like or those very few who did like it what I created.
For any who ask, yes, I did like my own stories, in that they are some of the type of stories I like to read.
I think that will do it for Introductions. I don’t wish to get more carried away with it then I already did. :derpytongue2:

About the stories if any are interested.

The first was created over a discussion I had with another author. It had to do with the lack of details as to how a pony got the name that they did. It is of course a bit of an oddity that the name of many ponies fit who they turn out to be so well. Question being, how and why. So, my story Baby Naming was made as an idea on how one might have gotten their name.
To date, it has 153 views, 5 likes and 11 dislikes. And two helpful comments by another on some spelling issues I fixed. Some comments was by one who liked the story. All of that was a while ago. That story is mostly dead now.

Onto my other two.

These two are part of a trilogy I have been working on. First thing to know about them is that they are both a sad fic with some gore. There were many facets behind the creating of them both. I think I will start with the first. A Kezzerdrix in Equestria. Can’t say what was the first thing that was an inspiration to me in making this story. Be it the Kezzerdrix killer rabbit from the card game Magic The Gathering, or the development of a few OC’s I was thinking of making.

The story plays out as a simple day in the park with some ponies at play. One get’s separated while off looking for an errant ball that got away from her. A little exploration ensues till she finds herself in the the presents of one not so friendly large rabbit. Something she or any within Equestria has never seen before. This is a spoiler. It does not go well for her. Hence, the sad, dark, and gore tags.

The story has an alternate ending. A possible source for why some did not like the story.
If it was do to the reader not liking the gore in it, well one should not read stories marked gore, if they have a problem with that.

To date, it has only 45 views, 6 likes and 39 dislikes, and a lack of helpful comments. Some of the few where simply stating that the story was confusing, and bad. Another was a question of, “What is Kezzerdrix?” Even if the Kezzerdrix did not come from any given source, the story dose described it as one mean, and bad tempered big bunny. Looking like a twisted nightmarish hair.
I also think some forget, Google is your friend. Aside from that, the ponies don’t know what it is so it was supposed to be a bit of a mystery as to what it is in the first place.
I do have a link to a video showing just what a Kezzerdrix is. Yes, it was shown once in a commercial on TV. So, I did not just pull this rabbit out of a hat, it has an origin of sorts.

Commercial link:

The alternate ending was important to the story. One, it helps tell a little of what one of my OC’s can do, and it is a catalyst to the beginning of the next story. Return of the Kezzerdrix.

Onto the next and last one.

Return of the Kezzerdrix.
This is a long one, but I will try to keep it short. It was created for me to have a chance to expand some on my OC’s. Again, it is a sad, dark, and gory story. So it should be of no surprise that some ponies get hurt or even dies in it, and in a horrible fashion. Would not have been much of a horror without such moments. It also has some parts where many are having to not only deal with some unknown threat killing ponies, but having to deal with their sense of loss.

The story also takes from parts of the show directly. Some readers like this, some don’t.
Overall the story is mostly a sad fic, and some odd comedy in it, that I happen to like. This sort of makes it pay homage to a lot of the “B” horror movies out there. Slither, Nightmare on Elm Street, Feast, just to name a few. The story is a horror, though many parts of it is less serious than the previous one. Another possible reason some did not like this story. I would not know.

To date, it has only 49 views, 2 likes and 17 dislikes, and a lack of helpful comments as well.
Again, Some of the few where simply stating that the story was confusing, and bad. Another was another question of, “What is Kezzerdrix?” This one may not have looked at the story before this one, or they not have asked that.

I post this not in asking for good reviews or anything like that. As it stands by those that have looked at my stories is, they are not well liked and are bad stories. I am really only interested to know why they are seen as so bad. Mostly my last one. I put a lot of work into that one. I am also currently creating the third story to this trilogy. It will have in it the explanation as to why that Kezzerdrix was in Equestria in the first place, and what next is to follow. Bigger plans I have for this last story. Though I have little to no interest in posting it when it is done. If an interest in it dose one day grow, I might be tempted to share what I created. Though for the moment there is little interest in it by others.

Again, I am just curious as to why my story bombed so badly. None is saying. One did post many comments that I did delete. But those comments where an attack on me personally, and had nothing to do with my story. He even told me he did not read it. That it would just be a piece of shit not worth reading. Oh, well.

For those that do have an interest in any of these stories and do wish to give me comments, even if they are unfavorable to the story. I would appreciate some insight as to what is wrong with them. I will also look over and give my comments to some stories for those that do comment, and wish to have a few comments on their stories as well. It is why I joined this site. To read some stories, and comment on them.

For those that got this far-
Thank you for your time. :twilightsmile:

:ajbemused:Can someone tell me what are the requirements for posting a story here?:ajbemused:

Someone added my story but I am not sure if it should be in the folders of the group.

Does having a non-canon pony who's based on a real person count? Just asking because I want to add my story, but I'm exactly not sure it will fit into the category 'Original Character' :twilightsmile:

Members of the Supporting Original Characters group,
If you have a story with the main character as an alicorn or any other species, consider adding it to the group, Species of Equestria. It is a group designed for organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind. Click the link and join!

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