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Hello there! I'm from Chile, but I love FimFiction stories.


A promising member of the royal guard, and recently, Princess Luna's aide, was helping his two Canterlot Princesses with a personal favor involving their old home in the Everfree Forest. After a rather weird encounter with an unknown being, the royal guard codename 'Aero' discovers that he is now alone in the forest.

Later on, he also realizes that something very strange is going on.

Especially with the mares.

Set during Season 6, after "The Crystalling" Part 2 (from Aero's perspective).
RGRE (From Chapter 2 onwards)

EDIT: Featured 01-12-2021. (That was really fast, to be honest. Thank you guys.)

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 37 )

hes so going to assume he came from the future.

And so the game of one million questions begins

"(The Princesses are missing, Ponyville is weirder than ever...and Princess Twilight Sparkle lost her wings. This is not good. I need answers, and I need then now!)"

...See, I wanna quote what Joker said in ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’, but I can’t remember it for the life of me.

Nice start m8, hope this doesnt die. Good writing btw

Ty for the chapter. PRAISE THE SUN \|T|/

This is going to be so much fun. I love rgre stories like this. Over the top gender role flip to make it funny with out it being to cringe. The fact that Aero seems to be a native equestiran from an egalitarian Equestria rather than a displaced anon is another plus.

This story is super well written, I hope there will be updates regularly.

your already winning over by having a fic not named anon, nothing against Anon fics.
Its just brings back memories of another fic that I wished would be confirmed cancelled instead of hoping for an update.
'I'm not the hero' is the name of it btw.

Any pictures of the creature cause right now it kinda sounds like a heartless crossed with fathers original form in fullmetal alchemist.

It took me a moment to realize that he was transported into another world. Nice.

Alright this is definitely a departure from your average RGRE. I'll be watching

"It may not seem like it, but you are the only one we can count on when it comes to...intimate problems."

Woah wait a minute, what does she mean by that?


A unicorn royal guard. He obviously has a name like everypony, but he has grown fond of his 'codename', so he uses it almost all the time instead of his real name. Even with the Princesses.

Is it supposed to have a meaning or something?

"As a high-ranking royal guard, Luna's aide, and one of the four members of 'Elemental', you have earned our trust, and I say this because we care about you, Aero."


And it was no joke. Celestia knows that once in a while, Equestria can create exceptionally great ponies, with a strong path to leadership, greatness or nobility. Aero is a unicorn, but he was taught from a very young age that a mage's weakness is his body, so he prepared and trained his own since then.


Aero also possesses a unique ability among ponies, making him a very valuable asset.

What is it?

He does not use the royal guard's armor for a few reasons, the most important being that to the public eye, he would look like an assistant and not a soldier, fooling possible enemies that may want to hurt her Princess.

What are the other reasons?

He is a great stallion and stands out in a good way. Celestia took a mental note to talk with Luna about this in the future. Mostly because he is by far the only stallion that managed to get not only her attention, but also her friendship, and maybe...just maybe...

Aww, they’ll have some girl talk.

He carefully opened the door, and noticed that this part of the old castle was REALLY dusty. As he walked, he was leaving a trail with only the dust from the floor. Almost every piece of old furniture had spider webs. Heck, he could even see some spiders. Curiously, most of them had some peculiar symbols on their backs.

Are those symbols gonna be important?

Honestly, Aero wanted to wait for the Princesses to come before doing anything, but since the creature is not acting suspiciously, or trying to hurt him, he decided to let it touch his horn.

Just like the guards, he’s stupid.

*I'm so sorry mister. I hope you can forgive me, but I need your help!*

*Please! I beg you!*

*My sister! My sister is...*




Is this some sort of vision?

The premise here is interesting but it seems very self congratulatory to the protagonist.

A lot of ‘he so hawt’ ‘he’s so amazing’; telling but not showing.

He’s perfect in every way, which screams...well OC.

The build up is good. The Rgre aspect is interesting but the focus is on him too much.

Give him some flaws, something that he needs to struggle with.

It’s early, and I am curious on what will happen, but I’m not hooked. Do continue

I would suggest working on making your tenses consistent. Throughout your story you switched between present and past.

Wind manipulation.

Such a thing is common in fantasy books or even comics, and the closest thing related to that in Equestria would be the way pegasi control the weather. Aero discovered his unique ability by accident when he was training his magic as a foal. At first, he was very confused. He even talked to his family about it. His parents also wanted an answer, because Aero used his ability without knowing it on a few occasions, causing a few accidents, and luckily, no one outside of his family knew about his strange power. One day, a couple of royal guards arrived at his home, saying that Princess Celestia wanted to meet him and his family. Obviously, she somehow got word about Aero. It was during his first meeting with Princess Celestia, that he found out about his 'unique ability' in more detail.

Wait, then why is he red?

And that he was not the only one.

Are we ever gonna meet them?

"(I better land in the outskirts of the town. I don't want ponies pestering me with questions about flying.)" thought the guard, using his unicorn magic to reduce his speed, and slowly landing in a safe area, just near the entrance to the Forest.

I mean, starlight does it, too. So I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

Since the defeat of Nightmare Moon, there have been no major incidents in Equestria, and she is absolutely grateful for it. The Ponyville local guard has done a wonderful job too, keeping the town safe. After all, it's a mare's duty to protect, care, and guide stallions. Any foolish mare that dares to hurt them, use them for their own selfish purposes, or abuse them, is a criminal, and Celestia herself will not be merciful if you are found guilty.

Wait a minute.

"I get that a lot." was the male unicorn's answer, smiling a little. Flutershy had to fight the urge to spread her wings a little. She was melting from that smile alone.


"Unicorns tend to have weaker bodies compared to earth ponies and pegasi, but I wanted to be strong in both physical and mental aspects."


"Well, maybe you were a bit afraid of me because I'm a royal guard." added the Stallion.

Wait, I thought he wasn’t a royal guard, anymore.

"I'm pretty sure you don't remember my codename. You can call me Aero." said the unicorn, smiling again.

Wait, what makes him think that?

That's not fair! Don't tease a mare like this! I could think that...that...


Celestia stared at the old stone spheres for a few seconds before continuing.

I thought they were turned into necklaces.

"I never thought you would be here..." said Luna, with a hint of worry in her voice. "Considering you despised this place in the past."


Not your everyday tree. This one was special. It was big enough to hold a few rooms and even a living room inside. It has many custom windows, and enough leaves to make a good contrast with the large wood. Aero knows this building. He knows what it represents, and who lives there. There's just one problem...

It represents something?


Wait, then why is he red?

It's funny how nowadays we associate a certain color with nature. You thought he should have a green or white coat, right? He may have an unusual ability, but he's not a destined hero or something.

Are we ever gonna meet them?

Maybe :)

Wait a minute.

Consider that this is a RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) story.


In RGRE universes, stallions are very, very rare. Mares are accustomed to making herds with the few stallions alive. What's even more rare is to find a single stallion that's not in a herd (it almost never happens). If you add that he has good looks and a well-toned body, a mare from a RGRE will try to herd him whatever it takes.

Wait, I thought he wasn’t a royal guard, anymore.

He is Luna's Aide, and a member of a group of high-ranking royal guards. Explained in chapter 1.

Wait, what makes him think that?

Form Aero's perspective, Fluttershy doesn't remember him.


That he is interested in her (and therefore, start a herd with her.)

It represents something?

You...kinda get what he means at the end of the chapter.

Oh my god, you can't just ask people why they're red!

I honestly thought since he was red that he’s element was fire. Also, if he’s not destined to be a hero or anything, then what makes his ability special?

I honestly didn’t really think the tree represented anything.

Ok thinking about it, I can probably see how that sounds wrong.

She was not injured, as there were no visible wounds on her body. Her voice was also the same. Her horn was in perfect condition too. Everything was ok...

You almost make it sound like the Twilight in his universe suffered great injuries. And if so, it makes me wonder what the heck Twilight fought to end up that way.

Hmm very interesting I gladly await for more though I wonder/hope that Celestia, Luna, and maybe even Discord follow after Aero or maybe at least Luna and Discord if this is before Twilight learns to control the sun and moon

Interesting story so far.


Maybe it was too much, my bad. It was only to make the point that, at the eyes of Aero, it was definitely Twilight Sparkle.

Yes, that was the first thing I noticed.

There’s also a part that talks about the princesses taking “hundreds of years” to work up the nerve to return here. Celestia, sure. Luna? Not unless this is set hundreds of years after the show... which it isn’t, unless Aero is immortal, since he’s explicitly identified one of the first ponies to have approached Luna after her return. That cracks a plot hole in your timeline big enough for Former Dragon Lord Torch to take a nap in. :twilightsheepish:

Since the defeat of Nightmare Moon, there have been no major incidents in Equestria,

Well, aside from Discord, Chrysalis, Sombra, Discord again, and possibly even Heartbreaker Flurry Heart, Tirek, and GlimGlam Rounds One and/or Two... otherwise he wouldn’t be after “Princess” Twilight, now, would he? :twilightsmile:

Edit: okay, I see what you’re trying to do now. He’s not in his Equestria anymore. I would say that that tidbit was a bit too blatant. It’s too big a contradiction, so it slaps the reader in the face instead of starting down the AU hint trail gracefully. Instead, a reader coming at it cold just gets a “Hay! What the buck?” moment. The rest of the chapter doesn’t need it to make sense and reveal your twist, so maybe prevent that pacing problem and remove it?


I get what you mean. I admit that I was thinking about the people that already know about RGRE stories when I had the idea for this story. I also made the first chapters that confusing because honestly, that's how it would be. Stallion from canon Equestria would be confused as hell, and a RGRE mare would be even more confused about a stallion that is not 'soft & fragile'

I do want to get the point across in chapter 3 tho.

You're fine. When I read it again I see what you were going for. I just jumped to conclusions.

I wonder if there's any chance that the two different Celestias will end up meeting each other, and which would win in a fight.

Man, that sounds like I really need to change that part a bit O:

Aero seems like an interesting OC.

This looks really awesome.

Can't wait to see where this goes.

So basically, Aero not only went into an Alternate Universe, but ALSO an Alternate TIMELINE?

This story is great, love to see more of this!

Did somebody accidentally the Publish button? :trollestia:

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