• Published 12th Jan 2021
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The Anomaly in a Mare's World - Hilord17

Everything is perfect in the mare's world. That is, until a certain stallion arrives and start to mess with it, just by being himself.

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III - The Weird Ponyville

Author's Note:

Hope you like it so far. I still want to do more with this scenario, but we will see.
If there's any kind of misspelling, please let me know!

Have a nice day/night!

"How much time do you need, Discord?"

"It may take me a few days if we are lucky."


"Luna, please calm down!"

The glorious Canterlot royal castle. Just working there it's enough to boost your status in society and in some cases even bring honor to your family. That said, it's not easy to get accepted. Even the cleaners must perform a unique test to land the job.

Sadly, since Princess Luna's return, the castle staff in charge of hiring new employees always forget to give the applicants a warning about the 'Royal Canterlot voice of old', and how she still uses it from time to time.

Needless to say, every time it happens, nopony is prepared. Not even the guards.

"If your stars hate me, it will take me a few weeks."


"Oh, settle down Luna!" Discord looked at her with a 'are you serious' face. "That aide of yours is a tough cookie. He's going to be alright." the draconequus paused for a couple of seconds. "Probably."

"Discord!" Celestia did a really good job hiding the anger in her voice.

"All right, all right...you girls are no fun."

Discord did a quick teleport, appearing right next to Luna, and now holding a small round glass jar, with a strange mist inside that was slowly but constantly changing colors.

"You know, you are lucky I'm interested in this little bundle of chaos." Discord started to admire the mist inside the jar. "It feels like it's trying to tell me something, but the sample is so small that I don't understand it yet."

"Is there anything you can tell us right now about this strange energy?" asked Celestia.

Discord did a quick teleport again, this time appearing right next to Celestia.

"I still need to check this at home. All I can say now...is that this energy is a mess!" Discord could not hide the joy on his face. "And I love it!"

Celestia was not amused.

One of her most trusty and powerful royal guards is missing. As soon as they heard Aero in the magic signal, they rushed to the one room they didn't want to look at. Even if the place brings out the worst of memories for both sisters, they were not going to abandon him. She was even surprised that it was Luna who acted first when they heard Aero's warning.

There was no sign of him in the castle at all. The only thing they managed to feel with their magic, was the strange energy in the old throne room. Discord's arrival was surprising for both alicorns, but after hearing from the draconequus himself that he was drawn to the place by the same strange energy, they asked for his help.

"You were right about one thing, Celestia." said Discord, taking both sister's attention. "This is not pony magic. In fact, this energy is not equestrian at all!"

"Are you sure about this, Discord?" asked Luna, trying to calm down.

"Of course! Why do you think I'm so interested in this?" he pointed the jar with one of his claws. "This energy contains all sort of things, chaos included."

"If we can find the origin of this energy..." Celestia focused is attention on the little jar.

"As I said, give me a few days with this." said Discord, snapping his fingers and disappearing the jar. "If you want to find him, I need to make sure I can control the chaotic portion of this energy."

Celestia only nodded, knowing Discord is right. Messing with an unknown source of power is the worst thing anypony can do.

"Please...as soon as you find anything that can help us find Aero..."

Discord could almost feel the sadness within Luna. He approached her without teleporting, which was something unusual for him to do.

"Tough cookie. Remember." he put one of his hands in her shoulder. "Also, he mastered quick teleport magic with me. He is not allowed to lose now."

And with that, Discord used his magic to teleport away.

This did not ease Celestia's worries. She knows that Aero can survive on its own. As a member of 'Elemental', he has proven that many times. The problem is what Luna feels right now.


Celestia used one of her big wings to wrap it around Luna. In a way, she's happy that Aero has been so helpful to her sister when nopony else wanted to be even near her. It took a little while, but she finally accepted his company and friendship. Since then, Luna has been a bit more cheerful during Night Court, and she tends to smile more often.

But now, with the sudden disappearance of her aide, but more importantly, her friend, Luna's confidence might decrease, and get worse if he doesn't return soon. She doesn't want to see her sister so sad. Not after the millennia she had to suffer alone.

"As mischievous as he is, Discord keeps his promises when it comes to chaos. We will find him, Luna." Celestia's words were able to give her sister enough hope to stay strong, and she finally managed to smile a bit.

"Yes sister, we will."

And with this, Celestia's smile returned too.

"And who knows? He might get a promotion once we find him. That's up to you, of course."

"Sister? What do you..."

It took a few seconds, but once the Princess of the night understood what her sister meant...


A mess. That's the best word Aero can think of right now for what's going on. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are missing, something weird is happening in Ponyville, Golden Oak Library is somehow not destroyed, Ponyville's castle is nowhere to be seen...and now Princess Twilight Sparkle doesn't have her wings.

There's no explanation for everything that has been happening to him since he woke up. If there's one thing Aero hates the most is to be in a situation where he doesn't know what's going on.

He needs to-


The voice of Fluttershy brought the royal guard back to reality...in front of the two mares.

"Oh...sorry about that. I was just a little surprised." Aero knew it was a white lie, but that was the best he could come up with. "I was looking for you...Twilight Sparkle." He decided to not call her 'Princess' for now, and judge her reaction.

"M-Me!?" She's clearly surprised about something.

"(Okay, I can understand Fluttershy, but Twilight Sparkle too?)" thought the royal guard, trying to keep a normal conversation. "I have some delicate information that I need to discuss with you two."

Information. He needs information.

Technically, there was a chance that Aero was in some kind of dream or nightmare, but if that was the case, then Princess Luna would have appeared a long time ago to help him wake up, so this is definitely real.

There's also the fact that Twilight Sparkle is acting like she doesn't know him. Every time she visited Princess Celestia, he was able to speak with her. It's thanks to her that he knows a bit about Ponyville, the Elements of Harmony, and her friends. If she's acting like it's the first time they meet, then...

"O-Of course! Come on in." Twilight went inside the library, followed by Fluttershy and finally Aero.

The royal guard noticed that Fluttershy was looking around, definitely looking for something, or maybe someone.

"Where is Spike? I thought he was with you."

"(Spike the Great and Glorious...)" thought Aero. Twilight's 'number one assistant' according to her, and savior of the Crystal Empire. Of course, it's only natural for him to live with the Element of Magic.

"He is in Rarity's Boutique." said Twilight, looking at her friend. "Since Rarity and Applejack are on a date with Davenport, Spike offered to be with Sweetie Belle and her friends."

"Are they going to be alright?" It seems Fluttershy was really worried about them.

"Spike is with three energetic fillies. He's going to be alright." was Twilight's answer. "And since Spike can cook, they won't go hungry."

"(Cooking, huh? I focused so much in my job as a royal guard that I never learned a thing about it.)" thought Aero, while looking at the many books inside. He would not be surprised if these books and the ones in the Ponyville castle were the same.

"It's a shame. I've never had a chance to talk to him." said Aero, getting the attention of both mares.

"Wait. Do you know Spike? How? He never leaves Ponyville, and I'm pretty sure you don't live here."

"(She still acts like she doesn't know me. She already knows I live in Canterlot because I told her in one of our many conversations. And what she said about Spike...)"

Aero needed answers. Now. Maybe he just needs to take the direct approach. Just one question.

"Twilight Sparkle. Do you not recognize me?"

For a few seconds, nopony spoke. Fluttershy remembered that Aero already knew her and Twilight. As for the Element of Magic, she was still silent. Aero simply stood there, waiting for an answer.

"I...I..." Twilight finally hung her head, apparently ashamed. "I'm afraid that I don't recognize you...I don't even know who you are. I'm so sorry..."


Aero closed his eyes for a moment. Twilight and Fluttershy shared worried looks, thinking that maybe they offended him somehow. Finally, and without any warning, the royal guard activated his magic, revealing the silver aura in his horn. In a second, both mares were surrounded by a magic silver barrier.

"W-what's going on?" asked Fluttershy, a bit scared.

Twilight, however, knew immediately.

"A scanning barrier!"

"(She knows the spell, like Twilight should...)" thought Aero, still maintaining the barrier.

Twilight took a quick look at the whole barrier before looking at Aero.

"How can you use this spell? Stallions don't learn advanced spells."

Aero knows that there's something really wrong with that statement, especially because it was Twilight of all ponies who said it, but he didn't lose his focus, and after a few seconds, the magic barriers disappeared.

"I don't get it..."

Aero's words got the attention of Twilight and Fluttershy. The shy mare didn't move from where she was, still a bit scared of what happened, but Twilight was slowly approaching the stallion.

"Who was the irresponsible mare that taught you this spell?"

Aero could have said that it was a spell almost everypony in the royal guard had to learn after Queen Chrysalis' failed invasion, but at this point, he's pretty sure 'this' Twilight Sparkle has no idea about her or the invasion.

"I just confirmed that you two aren't changelings, or any kind of shapeshifter." said Aero, ignoring the last question.

"And why would you do that?" asked Twilight, a bit upset now. "Of course we are not changelings! They live peacefully in their haven. Why would they come here and disguise as a pony when they can freely walk undisguised as citizens of Equestria."

"Because it doesn't make sense!"


"You act like Twilight Sparkle, and you seem to have the same knowledge as her...but you are not the Twilight Sparkle I know." Aero then looked at Fluttershy. "This may include you, Fluttershy. Maybe that's why you don't remember me."

"Aero...I-I think I don't understand." managed to say Fluttershy.

"Me neither. What do you mean by that?" added Twilight, clearly confused about the stallion's behavior.

"While it looks like nothing has changed, many things are different since I woke up in that old castle in the Everfree Forest." said the royal guard. "Ever since that cr-"

"The Everfree Forest!?"

The dual scream caught him off guard. Both mares immediately rushed to Aero, with a mix of shock and fear on their faces.

"Are you crazy? It's too dangerous for a stallion to be there!" said a now very worried Element of Magic.

"You poor little thing! So you were scared after all!" Fluttershy was gently caressing the stallion's mane.

Aero immediately did a quick teleport, appearing on the other side of the room near a desk and a few bookshelves filled with books.

"For Luna's sake! You don't even remember that I'm a royal guard!" exclaimed Aero, a bit more upset than before. "Stop treating me like some defenseless foal. That goes for you too, Fluttershy."

While Fluttershy was surprised to see Aero a bit angry, Twilight just stared at him for a few seconds, before looking at her friend.

"Did he just say what I think he said?"

Aero rolled his eyes, still not believing those words were coming from one of the smartest mares in Ponyville, and possibly Equestria.

Fluttershy took a few seconds to answer that, looking at Aero, then at Twilight.

"Y-Yes. He told me that, um, he...is a royal guard."

"He's a stallion! He can't be a royal guard! Forget about getting hurt, he could die! I don't believe him."

"(It's no use...)" thought the stallion, getting more frustrated. "(They don't remember me at all, and they're also acting really, really weird. At this rate, I'll never find the Prin...)"

It was then, that Aero noticed a certain parchment in the desk near him. A parchment that was actually a letter, but that's not the reason Aero was interested in it. He got curious because he recognized the writing on it.

He knows who wrote it.

Aero immediately took the letter with his magic. The girls noticed this, and Twilight got a little nervous when she saw that parchment.

"Twilight, my faithful student. I wish this letter was about a possible visit to the town of Ponyville, or an invitation for you and your friends to a party in Canterlot, but I'm afraid there is a matter that requires your attention. A few hours ago-"

That's all Aero managed to read because the parchment disappeared, and now it was floating next to Twilight.

"That's private." said Twilight, not happy with what the stallion did.

"When did you receive this letter?" asked Aero, catching Twilight off guard.

"The letter? Why?"

"Look. I don't care about what's written in there. I care about the letter itself because that's Princess Celestia's writing. Did you receive this letter recently?" Even as Princess Luna's aide, Aero has to report to Princess Celestia. She just wants her sister to be happy, and if there's something wrong, she will do anything in her power to fix it.

In short: Aero has been with Princess Celestia long enough to recognize her writing with magic.

"...Yes. A few hours ago, before Spike went to Rarity's Boutique." was her answer. Aero noticed that once again, Twilight seemed confused.

"And... is she in Canterlot right now?" The final question. With everything he has seen since he woke up in the old castle up to this point, Aero started to suspect that maybe, just maybe, it's not that something happened to the Princesses.

Maybe something happened to him.

"Yes. She is in Canterlot right now," said Twilight. "And Princess Luna is also there if you are wondering about her too. Why are you so interested in them?" Aero was sure that the last question was not just curiosity. She was worried.

"I only care about their safety." Aero sighed slowly. "But now...I have no idea what's going on anymore."

"Um...maybe you could..." Fluttershy, feeling a bit better, started to walk towards Aero. "Tell us what happened. You still don't tell us about that 'delicate information'."

"The emergency was that the Princesses were missing...al least that's what I thought at first."

"Well...if the Princesses were missing right now, there would be an uproar in Canterlot, and as her student, I would be one of the first ponies to know about it."

Aero closed his eyes, trying to think of some kind of explanation.

"(There must be an explanation for this. I already discarded the dream theory. I don't think this is Discord's doing because he would never involve Fluttershy with the use of his chaos magic, as he respects her too much. Twilight Sparkle doesn't have her wings and in that letter from Princess Celestia, she refers to her as 'Faithful Student'. That was before Twilight became a Princess. For a moment, just a moment, I thought this could be some weird time travel incident.)

"(Twilight Sparkle did tell me about that one-time use time travel spell she used, but... this doesn't explain Ponyville's odd behavior, and even in the past, back to Princess Luna's first days after her return I was not her aide yet, but a few days later Twilight met me for the first time).

"(She should at least remember me...)"


the stallion snapped his eyes open, noticing both mares once again were close to him, with a mixture of worry and sadness.

"It's clear that something is happening to you, but we still don't understand." said Twilight.

"You could...tell us from the beginning, um, if you want to." added Fluttershy.

Aero was a bit conflicted. At least that's what the girls thought when they saw his face. He took a few seconds before giving his answer.

"All right, but don't interrupt me until I finish."

"Tell me your secrets...you have to tell me..."

Discord was very comfy on his only sofa on the floor. Everything around him was exactly like he wanted. It was his home, after all: The blue-origami birds, foxes, and fishes along with the kettle with wings flying around, the totally not ominous portal in the floor of the living room, the very small volcano in the ceiling, and the living pony piñata, just to name a few.

Yes. Everything was a perfect mess.

And now, a round glass jar was floating in front of him. The small multicolor mist inside was all the residual energy they could collect from the old castle in the Everfree. A non-equestrian energy with chaos in it! It has been centuries since the last time he encountered one.

"I know you are trying!" Discord was now very close to the jar, his face almost sad. "I can feel it. You want to go back to your owner, don't you? Yes, you do! I can help you, but only if you allow me..."

Suddenly, the mist inside started to change color much faster than before.

"Oh? Do you finally trust me a little?" asked the draconequus focusing on the mist, which started to become transparent. "You really are unpredictable, little bundle of chaos. Surprise me!"

The mist somehow started to show a certain place inside the jar.

It was Ponyville's library! But how? That tree was destroyed when Twilight Sparkle fought Tirek. Why is the mist showing him this?

"...Oooooh. I see..."

Discord got his answer very fast because now three ponies appeared. One of them was Twilight Sparkle, but...

"Her wings! They are gone! Is this possible? Can Celestia do that? Really?"

The other pony was her good friend Fluttershy! It seems both mares were having a discussion with-

"Aha!" DIscord's eyes widened when he saw the third pony.

It was Aero, the tough cookie!

"There you are, you big sneaky champ! You know, that Luna is very, and I mean, very worried about you. So if this is where you are..."

Discord was trying to understand the situation. The library was destroyed, but Aero is there. So is Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy, and Twilight has no wings! Most intriguing. Is he seeing the past?

Or maybe...

Suddenly, the view of Golden Oak Library slowly vanished and the mist returned to its previous state, slowly but constantly changing colors.

"I wonder..."

Discord did a quick teleport, and now he was in Twilight's Castle.

In the throne room, on top of the Cutie Map.

And how lucky he was! Twilight and her friends were there. Each one in her respective throne. Oh, and Spike too. Cool dragon. It seems that 'Starlight' pony is not there though.

"Woah, Nelly!" Applejack had the fastest reaction, almost falling off her throne.

"Discord!" Twilight was already a bit upset. "Don't scare us like that!"

"Not cool Discord." added Rainbow Dash. "That was a straight jumpscare."

"As much as I loathe such behavior," said Rarity, more curious than annoyed. "I don't remember you suddenly scaring ponies just for the love of it."

"Yeah! You're all about chaos, not fear." Pinkie somehow appeared instantly right next to discord. Not that he minds though. Pinkie being Pinkie is one of the things he loves about her.

"Discord? Is everything ok?" asked Fluttershy. Ah, never change, dear.

"Well, maybe. Maybe not." was his answer, this of course got the attention of everyone in the room.

"Next time, try to choose your words a bit better Discord." said Spike, while looking at his friends.

"Duly noted." said the draconequus, clearly not really meaning it. He then focused his attention on Twilight.

"So, Twilight. A simple question for you." Discord slowly walked towards the alicorn's throne, abandoning the cutie map, and literally walking the last few steps in the air. "Aero."

"Oh. Princess Luna's aide?" said Twilight, now slightly worried. "Did something happen to him?"

"Aide?" Rainbow Dash raised one of her eyebrows. "Didn't know that Princess Luna had one." the other mares and Spike were also a bit confused, except for Twilight and Fluttershy.

"Well, he rarely comes to Ponyville." explained the alicorn. "Sometimes he helps Princess Celestia, but most of the time he helps Princess Luna in her everyday life."

"So he helps both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna? Does this fella even sleep?" asked Applejack, trying to figure out her own question.

"Now that you mention it...I've never seen him tired." Twilight got curious about this too.

"Oh, trust me. He found a way to be at his best almost all the time." said Discord. "I swear he's either a workaholic, or he likes being near Luna."

"Anyways..." Twilight was now a bit more interested in Discord's visit. "Why do you mention him?"

"I was wondering..." Discord needed to know something before getting his own conclusion. "Did he visit you before your library got destroyed?"

Twilight took a few seconds before giving her answer, trying to remember if there was such a moment.

"I don't think so. He only started to visit Ponyville after Tirek's defeat."

"Interesting..." Discord now focused on her pegasus friend. "Fluttershy. When was the first time you met him?"

"Wait. You know him too, Fluttershy?" Rainbow was not the only one to hear this bit of info as news. Everyone, including Twilight Sparkle was caught off guard.

"I didn't know!" said the Element of Magic, with a mix of surprise and curiosity. "How did you meet him?"

"Oh, um..." Fluttershy was a bit nervous now that all the attention was on her. "Princess Luna invited me to the royal gardens, um, sometime after the Grand Galloping Gala. It's thanks to her that the animals are not scared of me anymore. It turns out that she likes animals too." Fluttershy could not help but smile, remembering how much she enjoyed that day. "That's when I met Aero for the first time. Although... I spoke mostly with the Princess."

"..." Discord closed his eyes, more serious than ever.

"But I met him again! And this time..."

Fluttershy stopped, and the girls were about to ask her why. They noticed how she was looking at Discord, and when they saw the draconequus, they started to worry as much as Fluttershy.

"Discord?" Fluttershy got up from her throne and started walking towards her friend.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, looking very surprised, as if he just realized something.

"Oh boy."

That was all he said, before teleporting away, leaving all the mares in the room with more questions.

"Did you see Discord's face? Should we be scared?" asked the little dragon.

"I don't know Spike, but maybe I can ask Princess Celestia about it." was the alicorn's answer.

"And after that, I was on my way to Ponyville. That's when Fluttershy saw me."

Twilight and Fluttershy were true to their word. They didn't interrupt his story... but this was definitely not what they expected to hear.

"As I said before, although it seems that everything is normal... there are many things that don't make sense to me." said the stallion. It seems that he was finally done.

There was a very awkward silence. Aero was waiting for them to say something. Anything.

When Fluttershy came with a stallion, Twilight was sure it was to give her the news that she would start a herd, and maybe even ask her to be part of it.

Twilight knows very well the situation of stallions in Equestria. There is a reason Princess Celestia decreed so many years ago that every stallion must be protected from all danger, and why mares have the current role they have in society. It is also the reason why herds became a fundamental pillar in society. As the years went by, this became the norm, and no one disagreed or questioned it. The mares began to take care of the complicated and most dangerous jobs, while the stallions were protected since their lives were very valuable. Now the duty of a stallion was to provide foals for future generations and raise them to grow up healthy and strong, in hopes of giving birth to more male ponies.

As a result, stallions tend to be docile, calm, even pacifistic. They have no problem leaving decision-making to the mares of their herd. Despite this, they are phenomenal at understanding and raising their foals.

Centuries of history, customs, traditions, and knowledge...

Aero stomped on all of it, and it took him only a few minutes!

"Let me guess: you think I'm lying." said Aero unenthusiastic.

"Um, it's not that we think you are lying." managed to say Fluttershy, hiding a bit of her face behind her mane. "I-It's just that...I...we..."

"Take your time." said the stallion, in an attempt to relax the pegasus.

"We, um... have never met a stallion like you."

Twilight realized something: Fluttershy was smiling a bit when she said that. Her shy friend was interested in him. Even when she heard all that possible nonsense, she is still interested in him.

"Fluttershy is right." added Twilight. "It's the first time we meet a stallion like you. You look...capable. Like you don't need a mare to protect and love you."

Aero had a noticeable change of expression on his face. Twilight knows she said something that he didn't like, but she can't help it! This stallion is not acting as a stallion should!

"Are you sure you heard me? What part of 'I am a royal guard' did you not understand?" Twilight needed to salvage the situation quickly.

"I'm sorry! But it's what mares do! It's our duty to protect and care about stallions."

"Twilight. I'm bigger and stronger than both of you." Aero put one of his front hooves in his chest. "If anything, it's my duty as a royal guard to protect you in case your life is at risk."

Aero let out a long sigh.

"Ok, let's just...stop for a moment. We are getting nowhere. You think I'm acting weird, and I think both of you are acting weird too."

"But we want to help you..." It was obvious to Twilight that her friend was doing her best to look brave.

"If you really want to help me, there is only one thing we can do." said the stallion. "I need to speak with the Princesses."

"You want to speak with Princess Celestia?"

"Yes, Twilight. And also with Princess Luna." was the royal guard's answer. "I could not find them when I woke up in that old castle, so I thought they were missing. If what you told me about the letter is true, then I just have to speak with them in Canterlot. I'm sure they can explain to me what's going on."

"I...think it's a good idea." added Fluttershy. "Maybe the Princesses can tell us what is happening to Aero."

As much as she wanted to protest, Twilight knew they were right. The Princesses are their best option.

"All right. We'll help you." Twilight walked towards Aero, looking at him with a very serious expression. "But you will be by our side at all times. You are the weirdest stallion I've ever met. Plus, I don't want to see you getting harassed by mares at every second."

"Don't worry. I won't go anywhere." said Aero. "I just want answers."

"I'll get the bits for the tickets." Twilight went upstairs and was heading to her room. "Then we'll go to the Train Station."

"(We could fly...if you had your wings.)" thought the royal guard. "(If I was alone I could also teleport there, but I'm sure they will freak out.)"

"What about Spike and the others?" asked Fluttershy. Twilight was about to answer that, but...

"Twilight can leave Spike a note." said Aero. "And you don't need all of your friends to go to Canterlot, even if they are the Elements of Harmony."


"Are they also going to act weird like you two?" asked Aero, interrupting the shy mare.

"I think Aero has a point." said Twilight, now walking downstairs. "It's better if it's just us. We don't want any interruptions, especially with how flirty our friends can be."

"Flirty?" Aero was a bit surprised. "Although, considering how the mares were looking at me when we were outside a while ago..."

"Yes. They would definitely flirt with you. And not just my friends," said the unicorn while writting the message for Spike in a parchment. "I'm pretty sure the reason you were able to walk in Ponyville safely was that Fluttershy was with you."

Twilight left the message in the desk near the bookshelves. "There! Now we can go."

"Wait. Quick question: What if Fluttershy hadn't been with me?"

"Well... maybe they would have tried to invite you to their herds." said Fluttershy. "In a, um, very aggressive way."

Once again, everything was quiet for a few seconds.

"I'll stop my questions," said Aero, suddenly feeling lucky that he brought Fluttershy with him. "Ponyville is a lot crazier than I thought..."

Technically, herds are not illegal, but throughout his life in Canterlot and the many travels he has done, the number of herds he saw did not exceed a two-digit number.

"I just hope there are no more distractions." Aero reached the door of the library and opened it just a little, waiting for Twilight and Fluttershy to come too. When the three ponies left, they were met by the gazes of several mares. Only mares and no stallions at all. Almost as if they had been surrounding the place, waiting nearby for somepony to come out.

Twilight and Fluttershy were really surprised. It was obvious that the other mares were waiting for Aero to come out. Many of them were blushing, and a few of them were annoyed that he was already with a mare on each side.

"(And now they are stalkers... I don't think I'll visit this town ever again.)" thought the stallion, trying to stay calm. "Let's just get this over with."