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A nice Yakutian stallion visits the nice, friendly lands of Equestria for a diplomatic visit. Despite being toted around as a land of Friendship and happiness, all of the mares keep bothering and or attacking him? What gives? Did he do something wrong? Was it a culture thing?

Well, Snowball, even with a security detail assigned to him, he'll have to learn why. As for the mares of Equestria, they'll be taught a very valuable lesson... By Snowball of all ponies. Will he and his arctic coat survive Equestria? Who knows?

RGRE Equestria with a Yakutian from a not RGRE culture based around Anui/Innuit/Yakut culture

A lot of influence from "The Long and Short of It" by SQA with his permission

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this sounds like a fun time
hope to see more soon

I'm intrigued to see where this is going!

Snowball who's that my name is ballsnow.

Fun fact: Yakutian horses have literal antifreeze in their veins, produced by their bodies, to help them deal with Siberian winter!


Shame the chapters are so short, otherwise good job.

just had to put extra emphasis on "thiccc" with 3 c's.
Hopefully there wont be any yakutians hunting Fluttershy's friends.:twilightsheepish:

Stallion whimsy is already strong with this one.


I'll give this a spin.


I'm very glad this isn't the other type of fluffy pony.

An interesting thing to find after my return. Hope to see more of this soon. Wish it could be a bit longer though, maybe 1k words at least?

I like how he just carries on like nothing happened lol. Extremely based.
"No males on this one guys"
oh this is going to go down like a lead balloon, can you imagine having to explain the ensuing disaster?
"Why didn't you send any male police officers?"

Also, who greets someone like that? is that a thing people do with prostitutes? From what I've seen things are usually pretty hands off until money changes hands?

To be fair, some douchebag dudebros would probably greet certain women the same in our culture, however dusturbing that is.

Some, maybe, but a whole procession of them one after the other?

Not making a big deal about being sexually assaulted is based?

He did make a big deal about it lol... Just a brief one, over quicker than you can blink.
More, it was not making a bid deal about the retaliation, the whole 'knock their teeth in and their lights out' and then just walking away, like nothing happened, getting on with his day, not worrying about it beyond the swift an brutal retaliation. And apparently doing it again and again, in much the same way. Yakutian pones are built different.

You show 'em Snowball no time for thots

well, the mare is fine, if someone touched my balls just like that she would have to be in an artificial coma and on a ventilator... :).............>:)

I mean, Snowball literally knocked out the mare that did that... I wouldn't say he didn't make a big deal out of it.

Granted, usually there's legal processes, but this is a pony from so far away he likely doesn't even know what "legal processes" are (judging by the "nomadic/tribal" descriptions in the prologue).

On google images, look up "thiccc" with 3 Cs

Google results are personalized, so everybody is gonna get slightly different results. That's one of the smaller reasons I don't like using Google.

But this is what I got for the first result:



What 11354646 said. Casually knocking several people unconscious isn't what I'd call "not a big deal." I mean, for frick's sake, he's only been in the city for a few minutes and he already has the guard coming after him. That's about as big of a deal as you can make without actually killing someone.

Besides, "Based" basically means being true to yourself without care for what others think.

He dealt with the situation in his own brutal way, and then went about his business like nothing even happened. In his mind, justice was served and that was the end of it.

So yes, that is pretty based.


him going around and punching you know that's not going to happen

Dayum this stallion have some hooves! Iโ€™m liking this!

I got the same picture as the first one!

This is going to be an absolute train wreck. First the pony sent to escort him is apparently not even paying him any attention so he just walks off. Then nearly every mare he passes tries to molest him in public, leaving a trail of ponies with missing teeth in his wake. Holy shit this is going to make equestria look insanely barbaric, because if they're acting like this then they only way a male could NOT Gen molested is being kept prisoner.

Diplomatic immunity for/to the win/rescue.

I guess it's the fact that it kept happening that was annoying. Like, if it happened once, you'd be based for laying them out. But after that? Mare after mare? Somethings got to happen that's more than just broken jaws. I don't know what, though.

That's fair. One incident is aggravating. "Several" incidents is... Depressing.

Honestly, I don't really like the take where RGRE society functions like a delusionally exaggerated portrayal of the middle-east. IE: Males aren't allowed to leave the house without a female escort. There's a rapist on every street corner. Every female has rape on the mind at all times, etc.

Any society that actually worked like that would be practically non-functional, because half of the population would be spending all of its time trying to defend or assault the other half.

Not to mention, if we take "Reversed Gender Roles" at it's word, such a setting heavily implies that the author has a ludicrously low opinion of men.

Well, it's a bit annoying. But it's all in good fun, I suppose.

True, though I think the original comment was referring to just the first incident.

Definitely not okay to continue happening, but I suppose we may see what comes of that in the next chapter here.

reminds me that this sort of thing can happen in reality. cops undercover as drug dealers and buyers can sometimes get eachother when communication between parts of law enforcement is especialy bad

Huh... and here I thought sexual assault would be illegal in equestria... but no, apparently the only crime being committed here is self defense...

I wonder how the princesses will try to make amends for the injustices he endured... I mean, even in extremist feminist dystopian nightmares, women can walk at least a single block without getting groped


Yeah, this is excessive.

It would be in the diplomat's best interest to leave Equestria ASAP and let everyone know that Canterlot (or maybe Equestria as a whole, I'm not sure) is not safe for diplomats and is full of rapists.

Either the princesses have no idea which makes them look incompetent or they know which makes them complicit.


Not an exaggerated portrayal of the Middle East. In Iraq, I saw a woman's burka accidentally get stuck on a door and get ripped off and because of that, she was beaten with a bowl. Women were treated basically the same way in Bahrain and Kuwait when I was there.


Depends on where you are. In Thailand, Vietnam, and Korea, you can get pretty handsy with prostitutes from what I've seen without repercussion. The prostitutes in Vegas, Britain, and Romania that I saw, yeah no touch allowed until money has exchanged hands.


ive seen some pretty douchy things done by fellow soldiers at bars or at the club

hmmm, nah. too much of the idiot ball being dropped here, it makes the story feel too forced and unnecessarily dramatic.

They ain't droppin' that ball. Someone superglued that thing to their foreheads.


Not an exaggerated portrayal of the Middle East. In Iraq, I saw a woman's burka accidentally get stuck on a door and get ripped off and because of that, she was beaten with a bowl. Women were treated basically the same way in Bahrain and Kuwait when I was there.

And what region were you in? Despite the fact that Iraq is a very poor country, it is much more developed than, for example, Yemen or Afghanistan. It is from them that such "troubles" should be expected.
However, once I had an acquaintance in Afghanistan, an orientalist, so she told me that because of her appearance (her clothes were in black tones, which is typical not for locals, but for Arabs), she was looked at with disapproval. It is quite possible that something new will appear in the Middle East every time.

Oh man, now the Royal Guards are attacking him. Absolute political disaster. And can you IMAGINE the insanity that would occur if all this were to become public? Just imagine the headline: "First Yakutian Ambassador to Equestria in centuries single-hoofedly fights off (absurd number here) public rape attempts without a scratch walking from train station to Canterlot Castle."

You know since he's supposed to be The syndicate and enforcer of The other Nation and he can tell the night guard tell them to knock it off or negotiations of our two Nations will be denied

Frankly, I agree. This is being dragged out for way too long. It went from being a curiosity if one were to suspend their disbelief to completely unbelievable, likely because the author REALLY wanted to hit home the fact it's an RGRE story but couldn't really figure out a way how to do it other than this. It's getting to the point where it's not JUST stupid, but it's stupid AND boring.

To the author: GET ON WITH IT. You've spent 3 chapters where the main character has basically just walked down ONE STREET, per your own admittance. Come the hell on now. Literally just down one street, getting molested and getting in fights because of it. Nothing else. 3 fucking chapters.


Abu Ghraib. Fun fact, my company deployed with a number of female soldiers and they were told that, on their time off, not to dress too "skimpily" or they might get heckled by some of the nationals that worked on base.


It has been 2 chapters but I get the gist of the request.

Also, "basically just walked down ONE STREET, per your own admittance", where did I write this?


Several members of the royal guard law enforcement division noticed that the reports of the crazed stallion had the incident location slowly moving closer and closer to Canterlot Castle. The perpetrator would be pretty easy to track considering it seemed like he was going in a straight line.

That's how I interpreted that sentence, at least. I'd be surprised if you somehow managed to put more than one street in a straight line, somehow. I mean, I guess technically you could name the same street different things as it progresses, but still..

EDIT: Also, looking back at my comment I realize now that I was being incredibly rude. I apologize for my tone and, honestly, bad attitude. I should've aired my opinion in a more constructive and nicer way. I'm sorry about that.

In all honesty despite the idiot ball moments the main character is actually being smart about this. Noone has been to the country in centuries, so let the general public behave as normal and you will see what they are truly like. He's not getting the white washed and controlled diplomatic tour. I do agree though. Thee chapters...

At list point, it feels like the story is almost... cartoonish, in a sense. Everyone other than Snowball, and maybe the night guards, has been acting really foolish and inept. It's odd how the royal guards had a hard time finding him, when having a spear, being alone, and walking in one direction- info I'd expect witnesses to be able to provide- ends up being clues to quickly clue the lunar guards to his position.

Snowball's attitude is odd, too. It seems like it'd be more in line if everyone was trying to rob him, rather than molest and rape him. You could actually make that swap, and the only thing to change as a result would that be the comments section would probably have fewer complaints. Any other person, at least as far as I'd expect, would be scrambling to get the hell out of Canterlot after the 5th rape attempt, much less after the lost-count-th attempt.

The comment above at least has a good point about him seeing the real populace, but even that feels more unintentional than not. The impression I got from earlier chapters was that he just skipped the ride since he could walk, and that he really didn't expect or foresee any form of nastiness from the population.

So, it seems that everyone not from Yakut right now is humping the idiot ball.

sting operations for drug dealers and buyers have had things like this happen. luckily things should be getting less dumb on the guards side at least a bit now that they have relised this... hopefully

The thing that I like most is how absolutely realistic that this is.

Anyone who has ever worked for a bureaucracy, or a hospital, or a school knows that this shit happens all the time.

I would say that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, but the real truth is that the left hand doesn't even know that the right hand is even there.

This story definitely earns a thumbs up.

โ€œThey may have been a pair of idiots, but the true test of intelligence is how you stick the landing!โ€ -The Dimensional Traveler

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