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Lambs Prey

Mistakes were made. Most of them were fixed!


This story is a sequel to Prey and a Lamb

'Little lamb, Little lamb, where have you been?~ I've sown the fields and reaped the corn~'

Ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks. This story(s) mainly draws from the characters after the end of 'Prey and a Lamb'. These individual story-chapters are both about what came afterwards, and their owners involvement in the wider events of Equestria.

You don't necessarily have to have read the marathon long previous story, (its really long, I know) as the characters can stand alone to an extent, but it might help. Or not? You can do as you please.


Now, as a word of how I plan to do this, first off: There is no release schedule! Sorry, no bi-weekly update grindstone writing. However, each chapter will be a small self contained story in itself. I will maybe use certain characters more than once, and interweave these min-stories Time Lines, but this will at least mean there are no cliff-hangers at the end of each chapter.

(Disclaimer: I own nothing and have no say in FiM and associated industries. The cover image came from a suggestion from earth)

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that came out of nowhere! and much sooner then i ever expected!

rejoice my brothers, for the lamb hath giveth us more words to read!

YES YES YES YES :pinkiehappy:

That is all. :pinkiesmile:

even dead preys disdain lingers in the memories of those who forgot him

Glad to see you're writing again. Sorry you're not publishing on a regular schedule, but believe me I understand. :pinkiehappy:

As to worldly success vs writing skill......
Isaac Asimov wrote "Cosmic Corkscrew" at age 17 & it was published at age 18. At that time, AFAIK, it was the youngest paid sale in the world. (The previous record holder, Mary Shelly, wrote Frankenstein at age 18 & sold it at age 20.

He was a self made millionaire. He graduated HS at age 15. He wrote about 540 books. Sci-fi, mysteries, poetry, a 2 volume autobiography, a college level biochemistry textbook, edited The Thinking Man's Guide To Science & wrote the yearly updates between editions while writing a monthly science column for a magazine & traveling widely as a lecturer. Wrote many prologs & intros for other people's work. Earned a PHD in biochemistry while working full time. Wrote 90,000+ postcards and letters (snail mail. Most of his life was pre internet.) Worked as a science advisor for Star Trek. Invented the word "robotics", the 3 laws of robotics (later more), and the concepts of psychohistory and the human only galaxy (Said he got tired of arguing with editors about the way he portrayed aliens.)

He is the only author to have at least 1 book in every major category of the Dewey Decimal System. (Well, the 100s are a bit of a stretch. He wrote an annoted version of the Bible but no original work & parts of it were first printed as science articles & published elsewhere.

Despite all that, wether applying for admission or a job, he was rejected by almost every college or university he ever applied to. He became a biochemist because he couldn't get into med school. He became a full-time writer because Columbia tried to fire him (& would have if he hadn't had tenure.) So, they assigned him zero classes & zero $. (They did relent & make him a full professor -20 years later.)


Yay! I can't wait to hyperfixate on this and experience emotional distress all over again. The last paragraph is already making me tear up 🥲

"Gloom. In memory of an old, lost friend."

My heart, it hurts still to this day

And in the end, he even got somepony to wave back. Briefly, before they fully realised who he was and caught themselves, but he was still countingit.

Needs space

Mayflower held his beaming smile in the face of the negative emotions he was tasting. After a moment, he helpfully offered, being completely earnest, "If you want, I'd be happy to try being a therapist your
FOR either of you fine sirs."


Glad to see you writing again.

"Silly. Ponies don't eat raw eggs." He chided himself.

Well, they sorta do. Mixed in drinks like eggnog or Pink Lady, in mayonnaise or cookie dough. Of course, he wouldn't know that.


The painting has got to either be of Gloom or Prey. In the former he's trying to immortalize a memory of his friend. But if it's the latter, perhaps he's trying to remember Prey through painting him.

Atleast they are, happy I guess.

I think it's Gloom, seeing as he doesnt seem to hold Prey very close. He himself said he doesnt miss him, but he clealy misses Gloom very much if called his son so.

I also find the magic he imbudes into the art very interesting, it has to be runes, right? It doesn't feel like his special talent, but who could of taught him runes, Crimson? I mean, Prey did claim Crimson could do whatever he wanted with Prey's knowladge, and that he doesn't have to keep it a secret.

Also, he is painting a memory, so is it mind magic?

Seems Scenic unknowingly took a page from Prey's book and figured out you don't need a horn to use magic, it's everywhere, just waiting to be harnessed.

I figure Scenic is trying to piece together who his lost friend was through his artwork, trying to bring back his memory through unconventional means.

(Should we spoiler Prey since he hasn't been revealed in this story yet? And it says you don't need to have read the original story to read this one, or is the name reveal gonna come soon?)

Celestia said that his soul would be tormented with misfortune upon his next life, what if Mayflower has Prey's soul? After all, Mayflower is young enough that he could have been a reincarnation of Prey.

Although, Mayfair is as far away from Prey as you could possibly get, young, literally a child, but looks old, naive, overly friendly, ready for change, looks up to people, embraces stereotypes, and granted magic from birth, so I don't know about that one.

I'm thrilled. Well done. A shame these have to be self-contained, because I want more! I didn't like the memory wipe thing before, but you're handling it well. I feel a bit better knowing Prey still had a significant effect on those around him.

I would think we don’t need spoilers for the Lamb’s name. But maybe spoilers for major plot points like why Gloom is not around.

IMO, it's some part of the whole horrible deployment


im not crying... its the onions I swear

Well Scenic specifically says "It's a who, not what."

Yes! What a pleasant surprise, I didn’t know how much I missed this universe until it came back. :pinkiesmile:

Mayfair was a really fun character, it’s nice to see that with this new format we can experience different PoVs. The jack-in-the-box sounded just as creepy as I imagined it could be.

Crazy Theory Time: So, we have a calm and silent foal with very balanced emotions, his fur has colors that are dull and easy to miss, living in a house surrounded by magical wards and other strong protections. And with wings that are hard to explain genealogically but that were the dream of certain character... Is there a chance that a certain lamb somehow found its way back? 🤔

He is now, the Lamb

That sounds much more scary and imposing, doesn't it?

Comment posted by Sweetolebob18 deleted Sep 30th, 2022

*Happy fan of lamb-words noises*

"Gloom. In memory of an old, lost friend."

*Subdued fan of lamb-words noises*

Oh, and also...

Like a mug of pencils, a golden Celestia figurine, a funny white hat with mesh,

Wait. They have a Celestia figurine? Could it be.. that Celestia figurine?

Rereading that part with this perspective sure does make him a lot creepier. Prey had a lot of interactions with ponies like Taffy, Honey Topaz, and Saffron where they were completely ignorant to Prey's oddities because they could only see that he's a child. This reminds me of that, where Mayfair doesn't at all read into how calculated all of Gloom's actions seem to be.

It's unlikely that Gloom is Prey himself. The ending of PaaL pretty unambiguously said that Prey's story is over. But I do think it's quite possible he had some influence over the child, directly or indirectly. Perhaps if it's not Prey, Lemon Pink is the one who did something to Gloom. Neither of them is above targeting children or playing god.

If I was to hazard a total shot in the dark. I'd say that Lemon Pink had Crimson and Scenic go visit that deer holt (which Scenic says he didn't know how Crimson found) to retrieve Prey's memories from the fawn he targeted. In those memories Sergeant Gloom's last 6 months would be, which she installed into the foal Gloom to try to resuscitate the original. But the process of creating a mind thrall apparently always results in very cold and robotic people. And thus the current Gloom was made.

So good to see this world again^^ and i think its great that each chapter is self contained. Less pressure on you to grind out another following a cliffhanger, and bite sized stories for us!

….a few spelling errors, spaces, etc. but…. Wow 10/10, I wasn’t expecting this spin to the PaaL world

This was...... surprisingly hard to read. After Prey And A Lamb broke our hearts, reading this felt.... apprehensive. Suspenseful. Waiting for a tragedy that never quite came to be, and an ending note that was unexpectedly..... benign. Bittersweet is still bitter, but...... it reminded us that bittersweet is also still sweet.

A lot of folks are wondering who the painting is. Sgt. Gloom? It would make sense, but their son is also a living reminder of the stalwart Thestral. Crimson, perhaps? Maybe, but it's hinted that Crimson is still around, so why would Scenic need to memory-paint him? Prey? Maybe, but Scenic tells us flat out that he doesn't miss what he can't remember, so why pick at that wound? No, I feel it would be someone he remembers traumatically. My money would be on Lilly Bloom, with the runner-ups being the kindersnatch donkey, the Border Guards Shimmer and/or Atlas, or the warlock Hard Baked.

Comment posted by RandomCommentor deleted Sep 30th, 2022

Yeah, I can also see a strong argument for him to be a remnant of OG Gloom… Maybe that would explain why Scenic was “compelled” to paint the ceiling with that snow painting. And the wing tips being black would be a metaphor for how much of Gloom’s soul he contains.

A possible counterargument: Gloom wasn't that good at hiding his emotions and that this colt's eyes are grey instead of yellow. (But it may be my bias that thinks that Prey wouldn't want to suffer forever and would try to escape...)

Now I'm 74.9% convinced that it's Gloom, 25% that it's Prey and 0.1% of him being a normal foal 😅. But this colt is clearly more than meets the eye...

It was only then though... that Mayfair noticed it. Or rather them. Two of them.

To me, this quote reads as an allegory that the colt has or is the product of combining two souls. 🤔

Mayfair is adorable. They can show up and "be" any time and any where they want.

Comment posted by RandomCommentor deleted Sep 30th, 2022

Let it be known that i am Like 69 :trollestia:

Thank you for pointing out those mistakes.

Are the ‘lings in this the RainbowMoose version or the better version?

Likely the moose. Carton asks Mayfair to change into an original looking Changeling.


return of the sheepwords! mayfair is very cute sounding, maybe she will eventually join their friend group? dont know how lemon would feel about that, though.

gosh, this was so lovely. im excited for more stories to come :}

I am currently fabricating a nasty question to ruin the comments section. :pinkiecrazy:

before I get cancelled, I'm kidding (maybe).

The more pastel colourful variety, but with a bit more of an 'insect' vibe to them. Mandibles, some sharper edges, non-mobile faces because of carapaces, etc. Hmm, perhaps I'll have to draw one so people know what I actually have in my head.

Oh yea right. Forgot about that part lol.

Man, this is bittersweet... The changelings, though they were awful, went through such a tragedy in the original. The fact that Mayfair doesn't really know how bad it was and how optimistic and happy she is (or tries/pretends to be), probably because she doesn't know how bad it was... It just kinda hurts in all the right ways.

Scenic Paint paused, slowly sweeping his gaze from the top of Mayflower's jagged horn to the tips of his insect-like clawed hooves:

SCENIC? You paired them two together? And... Is Scenic alright? Last I remember he was still innocent, and not so... pessimistic... What have the years done to you, oh poor Scenic..

Edit: Wait, no, they've always been paired... I some how got them mixed up with Lily...

"Do you know how many changelings died in my old house because of that box?"

Wasn't... wasn't the box opened or did something when Prey died? I believe I can remember the last few chapters had a short scene just for the box doing something...

"I'm not star blinded or what have you. I'm just choosing to see the best in everypony, there's a difference." Mayfair firmly put her hoof down. She'd lived as a nameless, faceless drone under Queen Chrysalis, so she knew a ruler wasn't necessarily good. But because of the old mad Queen, Mayfair also now knew how good the Princesses of Equestria were.

I honestly can't describe just how much I relate to Mayfair here... Though, at some point, I just had to put my hand down, but still I try to hold to this.

Bloody hell... That was a rollercoaster ride. That name at the end though. That really got me. Gloom... Still makes me sad. :raritycry:

Glad this doesnt have any spoilers for me, I've yet to get the time to binge through the 20 chapters I have left of the first. Thank you again for making such fantastic works.

Okay first things first, seeing this story released literally brought tears to my eyes! I know it's kinda weird to admit but seeing another story from my favourite writer really made me emotional (ironic given the chapter lol).

Secondly, I've got to say, I love that I didn't know who the character was until I kept reading and learnt more. Instead of being spoiled by a sub-title I instead got the excitement of discovering new things in my own time. (Although I'm not sure how far in the future this chapter takes place compared to the epilogue of Prey)

Finally, you've put a tease in the middle of the chapter and now I'm aching to find out what it is! What is hiding under that sheet and on the canvas? My guess is either the slaughter in Scenic's house, the true version of what Discord's return looked like or possibly even Prey himself in some form. Plus the new development of memory magic paintings makes everything extra juicy! I cannot wait for more :heart:

"Gloom. In memory of an old, lost friend."


Yes, it failed. However, the monster/body stored inside the Jack-in-the-box was still there, still left over from Prey's failed soul transfer thingee. It was stayed there, waiting. Prey did half give it to Scenic to protect him, even if it was also a backup plan of Prey's own.

Her fur was orange, XXX tired back mane brownish, but she was huge!

Not sure what this is supposed to mean.

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