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This is a story about a sheep.

A little sheep, locked away in pony prison. Obviously, he doesn't want to be there. But then, he's had to do lots of things he didn't want to. Still, no one to blame but himself for getting caught...


Hello, as stated above, this story follows a little sheep who is (for now) pretty jaded and hates everyone and everypony. Especially ponies. Stupid ponies. From his point of view, they're the reason for everything wrong in his life.
Oh, he's under no delusions that he's just as guilty on that front, he just doesn't care. What with the war and all... Stupid ponies. Why couldn't they just leave him in peace?
Too bad they're the ones with the keys to his cell, and now they want something from him. No doubt it's going to be something incredibly life threatening...


But we're not there yet in the story! So, before we go any further, a word from the author/delusional scribbler. Forewarning, this won't focus on the mane 6, and is about OC's, and the Luna Night Guard. Now, onto the rest:
1st, This will be a long, loooong story, with slow plot building and character development. If that is the kind of thing you like, please go ahead. (Might end up making it into multiple stories)
2nd, First story, please tell me what the heck I am doing wrong and point out grammar and stuff.
3rd, I'm writing this story for fun. That's important. "I do as I please!"
And finally 4th, Story is currently T, might change it to M for blood and gore later on.
Editor in chief kind of guy who I am very grateful for: Sweetolebob18

Have fun hopefully!

(And I own nothing, MLP and all associated products and agencies are not my property)

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