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Maybe stuff delays job? Not? · 8:06pm Nov 11th, 2020

Got a new Temp. job. The hours are long and shift rota's are awful, but it's a job so I'm taking it. 😐
Will have to wait and see what this means for new Chapters. Hopefully nothing, because that mean's there would be no change to schedule. We shall see I guess...

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love the lamb story. I'm starting to worry that it'll never see a fulfilling ending is all. Most of these longer fics are really good at the beginning and peter out, or the creator just loses passion, leaving a colorful husk behind. I love the story, and the narrative is still going strong. I just hope you don't lose your passion for this thing cause I really wanna see how it finally ends. Personally, I subscribe to the prediction that you'll have the story end with Prey dying without revenge/forgiveness he wanted. That the ending will dangle a faint light in front of Prey, only to snatch it away as his send off into the void.

I mean, if it's good? Then yeah? :twilightsheepish:

That there is a rather niche category, (only seen it ever work a few times), but Fanfiction in and of itself is a spin-off story of the original work, and so it isn't really 'owned' per-say. Therefore, in my own opinion, others can try their own takes on a story concept.

I have seen it being done for a few other fics such as for idol hooves and fallout equestria, but how do you feel about fanfiction written based on the setting of other fanfiction using the characters?

It seems like “I never comment, BUT” is a running occurrence here.
It makes sense, this story is masterfully crafted, leaving hints and teases you with the deeper secrets, leaving you eager and maybe even hungry for more.
Keeping away from direct involvement with the show works great and with the casual information on where you are in the ‘timeline’. It makes me excited to see what Discord’s involvement will do to poor little Prey.

Overall bro, it’s very high on my list. The Alfalfadale arc is definitely my fave. You interpreted the exhaustion and drain on the characters excellently.
Keep up the sexy work broski!!!!!

Yeah, this is my favorite story on the site right now, and i’ve never seen a story with more “ok I never comment but wtf why is this so amazing” than this one. This story is truly amazing

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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