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I write stories so that I won't be kept awake at night with a brain full of ponies.

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Sorry I vanished on you all... · 4:15am Aug 28th, 2016

I kind of left you all and basically stopped updating without any warning. Really, that was a bit mean of me. The truth is, however, that I recently have had little to no interest in pony stuff. Yes, I watch the episodes and maybe read a fic or two, but I just haven't been interested in ponies. Other things have caught my attention.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm on pony hiatus.

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Report wille179 · 1,850 views · Story: Split Second: An Eternity Divided ·

My Shared Multiverse

Every Story I write exists in a shared multiverse. Here's what you might want to know:

* There is only one Discord. He exists in every universe at the same time, though each body and personality may be different. He always speaks in blue.

* There are two major forces in the multiverse: Chaos and Harmony, who are sister and brother, respectively. All of the Chaos-aligned and Harmony-aligned hate the other faction, save for Chaos and Harmony themselves.

* Chaos is Discord's mother, and Oblivion is his son.

* Oblivion eats universes, but he became frozen in meta-time.

* Jack, the protagonist of Lupine Tree, is a fusion of a Timberwolf and a damaged soul from the Earth that Oblivion attacked.

* Twilight and Sparkle from Split Second exist in timelines that broke off from the timeline that would become Lupine Tree. The Equestria Girls human world remains connected to all three.

* Twilight (SS), Sparkle (SS), and Twilight Sparkle (LT) all have met in the human world, and all know Sci-Twi.

* Humans, from both the Equestria Girls world and the alternate Earth (BQ, RK), have magic, but are unable to use it until it has been focused. Focusing their magic permanently gives it the same properties as the source magic - the Other (LT) adapted to timberwolf magic and Sci-Twi (SS:AED) adapted to dark alicorn magic.

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  • Split Second: An Eternity Divided Sparkle is no stranger to death. At least when you're a necromancer, death is avoidable. Or is it? With a new body and new goals, Sparkle is ready to take on the world. Sequel to Split Second. by wille179 104,377 words · 6,173 views · 1,102 likes · 38 dislikes
  • Explain, Soldier Thanks to his sister, Shining Armor was running late. His drill sergeant asks him to explain why. This is Shining Armor's 100% truthful recounting of events. by wille179 1,751 words · 2,647 views · 207 likes · 12 dislikes

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Do you now when lupin tree will be back

Probablemente no se actualizará. Lo siento.
Tampoco hablo español y estoy usando Google Translate.

Cuando la actualización de slpit segundo?? :'(

last seen online 3 hours ago.

Author Interviewer

Looking through your body of work, I find myself ruing that you cancelled Two Tribes. D: That sounds fantastic! Think of this as encouragement to reconsider it.

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