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I write stories so that I won't be kept awake at night with a brain full of ponies.


"Unicorns are wonderful!"
"Unicorns are fantastic!"
"Unicorns are marvelous!"
"Unicorns are glamorous!"
"Unicorns are enchanting!"
"Unicorns are terrific!"

They also like to twist words. What would happen if you asked what they really are, without the wordplay?

Unicorns provoke wonder. They create fantasies. They cause marvels. They project glamour. They weave enchantment. But most importantly, they spawn terror.

For you see, nopony said that unicorns were good.

Massively A.U.

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Well! that was... interesting

The whole concept's pretty confusing, but overall it was a great story. I didn't really understand Twilight's motive.

6605601 I think this is set in an Equestria where there isn't as much magic as the normal Equestria and unicorns are evil tricksters that get you to agree to bad deals by playing word games.

02010 #4 · Nov 6th, 2015 · · 1 ·

This is the kind of thing that definitely needs a sequel/follow up

wille179 #5 · Nov 6th, 2015 · · 1 ·

Twiligh was an analogy to the Fay of mythology. Her motives are extremely alien and only make sense to her.


Oh. I'm still slightly confused though. :twilightblush:

The fay were often petty, willing to ruin lives for the slightest insults, say, not offering them warm tea when they're cold.

I'm not sure what some if the parallels are between the characters thoughts and Twi are.

Rainbow and Rarity in particular confuse me. What's the correlation between Rainbow wishing to be a gaudy Pegasus and dancing (to death?). And I'm not sure where Rarities thing comes from either.

I'm under the impression the general idea was a djinn style wish fulfilment thing, am I missing something.

wille179 #9 · Nov 6th, 2015 · · 1 ·

Twilight's spreading ruin. Rainbow Dash was whisked away, while Rarity had Sweetie Belle taken and replaced by a fay-child (not the normal MLP changeling). In this world, Rainbow's depression had sucked all the color and energy out of her life; Twi's musical colors restored that. Rarity threw herself into her work, not realizing that the most valuable thing she had left had been taken from her.

Btw, Pinkie was inflicted with madness (not a smile), Applejack was killed in the snow (her senses lied to her), and Fluttershy was tortued and eaten (possibly alive) by her animal friends (the ultimate sacrifice borne from the kindness in her heart).

In every case, Twilight was twisting the rest of the mane 6's desires, words, and actions against them.

Also, the segments are in reverse chronological order.

Excellent job as always Wille, you really portrayed the fae folk as the old tales do.


So you based Twi off this?

No credit to Sir Terry Pratchett for that story description? :trixieshiftright:

He and his original quote are in the author's note.

I honestly think these stories were created because of the ease with which humans could build trust without using emotional blackmail. Make a wish, then reveal a secret, and now you are interdependent of each other. A bond of trust requires affiliation, interdependence, and confidentiality. Emotional blackmail uses fear, obligation, and guilt, to coerce interdependence. The goal of emotional blackmail is subjugation. I believe the contract involved when granting wishes is a part of a game, a way of remaining technically honest while dishonoring the spirit of the deal should circumstances change.

Then again the meaning of words has a different context depending on what others believe to be true. I know people who believe respect means fear, loyalty means worship, gratitude means homage without reciprocal action, honesty is only for those who share the same EXACT definition of values, and strangely enough that offering aid makes you a servant. The difference between help and assistance isn't always about the strength of the persons offering it so much as how the recipient defines the relationship.

"Massively A.U."

Might as well be an OC story with pony names attached, eh?

Come to think of it
If unicorns are magical terrors?
Alicorns are chthonic horrors!


...now that's quite a reinterpretation.


Bells clanged cacophonously in the distance, calling the mindless worshippers of the moon goddess to prayer, while sending the sun worshippers home for the evening.

Who says they aren't?

Interesting, but like many other, i can't really say that i see that much of Twi in "Twi", but i suppose it doesn't matter really, since everything is different.

Holy fuck. I'm impressed, yet horrified, which seems to be a theme with your writing.

..........DANGIT! This story was good! Makes you think as heck!
Wait did Rainbow dance to death?
And what happened to Pinkie? Did the deppresion get her or did she just go insane?


Yes...the fay are not friends...

Her had had long since been lost to the wind, while ice had staked its claim in her mane in the hat’s stead.

I do believe that should be hat. Otherwise that was a great read.

ferret #26 · Nov 8th, 2015 · · 12 ·


So as we begin our story, Twilight is pure dag nasty evil, for reasons. She visits Fluttershy and forces her to treat her like a friend, since she's too evil to be friends with her in the first place. Then she punishes Fluttershy by murdering her, because evul. Then, she murders Applejack for more reasons. Then she turns Pinkie evil with magic, because obviously Cupcakes is quality literature that should be praised in homage, rather than spat on and ignored. Then Sweetie Belle is autistic and evil, and I guess Twilight killed her and replaced her with a robot, because Twilight seems to be pretty much the sole cause of these things for reasons. Then Twilight makes Rarity pass out with magic, and then kills Rarity I guess. Then Rainbow Dash is an earth pony for reasons, and Twilight makes her happy with magic, then uses magic to make her dance until she dies. Then Twilight disappears. Then the author orders all the scenes in reverse, so now it's artistic, not just stupid.

I shouldn't berate Cupcakes too much. A lot of good things came out of that story. In this case, that story actually saved Pinkie's life, by making the author too enamoured of imagining her engaging in pointless gore and edgedark emosanity, to kill her. By being written as a psychopath in another story, it forced the author to spare her life in this story, while everyone else got murdered because evulz.

Really, I adore Sir Terry's works, and this is a wonderful reference to them. ... I do recognize some of the ways that the poor ponies died, after all.

Oh goodness, though, it's so very enjoyable to see the fae folk portrayed in part of the way they ought be. The truth of them is more than either, though. Most of the fae had a nature that could, with small bribes and particular acts, be tempered into something roughly approaching neutrality at worst, so long as the rules were followed.
Of course, the rules were byzantine and often changed day by day and fae by fae, but still. Some were kind as long as the rules were kept, and others were cruel if they had the chance, and all in all they were very much their own, and though they were very much terrible trouble, the world is lessened without.

6613026 The Fae actually are only bound by two rules in every mythology, Balance and honesty. The reason why a fae could be bribed is because if it recived a gift it would have to give one of equal value/importance, and vise versa. The bit on honesty is shown the best with how the Fae would never lie even if they twisted words by use of double meanings or ommission. Now each Fae race had their own general temperments, Trolls are so well known for their roles other then the bit on bridges almost anyone knows how a troll should act. The little folk such as Pixes(and tinkerbell style fairies) were normally simple minded in perception because of a short memory or attention span, Cait Sith were fierce preditors that were the insperation for the chesire cat it a much darker sense of humor, and the list continues on while the "Proper Fae" where normally seen to play one of three roles from one of two respective sides normally and those are the Lady, Queen, and Mother of the respective court of the fae, though in the end each different type of fae was supposed to represent different aspects of nature and it's natural balance.

BCS #29 · Nov 8th, 2015 · · 1 ·


Well, when you simplify down an idea enough, it sounds dumb.

This was a bit dark in the world of grimness where no mercy can be allowed to exist and no innocent thought untwisted for me (I'd like to know the reasoning for why Sweetie Belle is a changeling, a true fae one or something like it) but it started off kind of shallow and got better by the end.

The best parts about it are actually the parts where it doesn't explain itself too well but just enough to fire the imagination.

6612943 Sweetie Belle is replaced by a changling not a robot, and before you say anything no I do know mean the changlings of MLP:FiM canon, I mean the Fae known as changlings. In that context changlings are one of two creatures, either a half breed of fae and another sentent creature such as humans or ponies, or they were a special type of fae that would switch their children for those of a sentent to feed off of the love for the child and parent respectively for the changlings involved. And I know the second type fits fairly well with Changlings of the show itself though fae changlings would be more mentally manipulative like twi was with fluttershy. Also it is possible that RD hadn't been killed in this story she could have instead been spirited away as is common with mythology for those who ran into fae singing and/or dancing in such a compelling way that the "mortal" would get trapped in a fae world for a time tell either they broke free of the spell or died. The story of peter pan is actually a very minor version of such tales at least in the sense of danger the fae provide.

6608787 Perspective of the worshiping masses says if they are or not:trollestia:

6613239 Trolls: Strong and honorable warriors bound by strict code, according to the older tales.
That business with the bridge and goats has very little to do with their origins, and would probably be highly insulting.
The 'proper fae' of the courts everyone knows of are the sidhe (pronounced shee. Because Irish pronunciation only makes sense when drunk and, preferably, lightly concussed.) And the Summer and Winter courts, Seelie and Unseelie, might have been the balance of the seasons and were governed by the Lady, the Queen, and the Mother; but the third court, commonly the Wild court, uncommonly the Autumn court, was very much a masculine and less ordered court. That's why tales of the Wild Hunt and Lord Oberon and so on typically involve the things of autumn. More amusingly is the fact that leprechauns were the largest of the so called little folk, typically standing closer to 6 feet.
And Tinkerbell is, in my opinion, as an insult to pictsies everywhere, bending over hand and foot to help a human like she does.

Comment posted by grogar deleted Nov 9th, 2015
Comment posted by grogar deleted Nov 9th, 2015

Good take on the traditional Fae folk, I liked it, as I like the rest of your works.:twilightsmile:

That Fluttershy part was emotional.:fluttershysad:

6613259 Actually your mixing two Different courts, The "Wild" court were not a specific court, they were those that had connections to both courts or none, and they were depicted as much spring as autum to show which side of the balance they leaned towards. The court that the Wild Hunt is known for is Ruled by the Erlking(most common title for their lord amongsts all of Europe) Ruled the goblins, who were the hunters and represented the primal forces of life instead of the natural forces like their kin elsewhere. Now the trolls are depicted just as cruel as they are honorable, and I only used Billy Goat's gruff as an example for a story of the Trolls other half in the balance the Gruffs. And I'm glad to see You know a good deal about the fae I hate trying to explain the difference between one of the shee versions their lower counterparts. Though I side thought I would think most trolls that did have the bridges issue would be insulted by the idiot representing them in the story as they did deal with bridges in they mythos but as you pointed out with their origin, It would have been more as protectors then a predatory using it as a trap.

6621872 Well yes, but for most people the Wild 'court' and the autumn court are similar enough that blurring the lines is fine, and I didn't want a massive block of text.

And yes, I do think most trolls would be insulted to be compared to the one that dealt with the... goat incident.

6622029 Sorry Go into the topic and started rambling, more for the sake of anyone reading these and trying to figure out just what we are talking about:twilightblush: Anyway You clearly know the Irish celtic side I'm curious about the germanic side you know though be ready for big replies If we talk about it in depth.


You say something in the first comment, then lie about it in the second. The first comment says Twilight's motives is that she was insulted, even if in a way only she would understand. Yet in the second comment you say she is punishing the ponies for just being themselves, and not anything they did to her. Rainbow was doing nothing, litterally, Rarity never left her shop, AJ was helping a friend, and Fluttershy did nothing wrong as she had nothing to offer. If she did have Tea, and didn't offer it because she was saving it for something special, or for AJ when she got there? Then that would be insulting. But not having it, and thus couldn't offer it? That is not insulting, not even to a Fae. In fact, Twi is the insulting one here, she is a guest and should have been Respectful to Fluttershy, but was rude to her first without warning.

I do not see Twilight as a Fae, I just see her as being evil, just to be evil because you the Author tell her to be. There is no motive, or reason other than to be evil.

6658502 I can see the way Twi is being evil for the sake of the author's amusementbeing evil.
However generally the Fay(at least as far as I understand the mythology) worked on an Orange and Blue Morality. In other words, our sense of right and wrong doesn't line up with theirs.

6695879 True, and that would work with Fluttershy. But the others didn't do anything that could even be mistaken as an Insult, as they never even met, saw, or interacting with Twilight. Fluttershy was the only one, if I remember. Rainbow was litteritally doing nothing, and not interacting with anything, inside of her home away from everyone and everything. AJ was just trying to travel to her friend in a bad snow storm. And Rarity was hard at work to make a living. Nothing either of the three did, even on some different wave length or morality chart, or even in Discord's chaotic work, would be insulting and demanding of punishment?

If they each interacted with Twilight is some way, then a punishment happened afterwords, THEN it would probably make sense. Atleast then something they said or did might be twisted as insulting. But they didn't interact with Twilight. Just 1 day, out of the blue they died/became punished.

It just doesn't make sense, even from a didn't perspective kinda way.

6695979 Orange and Blue Morality as in normal people don't think they way they do. Things we would consider wrong they wouldn't.
(Rarity) Changelings(not MLP changelings) were replaced children, though they tended to misbehave opposed to be quiet and such like Sweetie Belle is. Though that is Sweetie Belle's normal behavior so maybe that is why she was so quiet?
(Applejack)Will o' The Wisps (Bog lights, Jack o' Lanturns and plenty of other names) led travelers astray from safe paths into bogs in which they would probably die.
(Rainbow Dash) Dance with the Fay and bad things will happen.
(Pinkie Pie) Well, she did ask if Twi could help her get others to smile.
(Fluttershy) As the author said, the Fay are petty. Also, don't drink/eat anything they give you or give them your full name.

I think it needs to be noted of fae that they are, as we can related to them, insane. Specifically, for this definition of insanity: "A state of being in which one's thoughts, actions, and/or motivations cannot be understood by others."

We aren't able to understand Twilight's motives in this piece because we can't understand them, and we can't understand them because she is insane, using the definition above; the way she thinks is completely alien to us.

But I'll try anyway!

Fluttershy didn't offer her tea, which was just rude.

But Applejack was delivering Fluttershy's supplies, and if she had been faster, then Fluttershy would've been able to offer Twilight tea, and this whole business could've been avoided. Therefore, Applejack shares the blame.

But supplies to a pony includes things like sugar for tea, and flour for cooking. Flour and sugar come from a bakery, which Pinkie Pie runs. Applejack obviously couldn't make her delivery on time because Pinkie took too long to get sugar and flour to her. So, Pinkie's to blame for this mess too.

But Pinkie has friends, including Rarity with her meticulous eye for detail. Well, if she'd been paying better attention to things besides herself and her work, she could have told Pinkie that she was going to be late getting things together for Applejack. So it was her fault too.

Rainbow Dash was just a victim of circumstance, when you look at it. She was distraught over her friends, but she hadn't done anything wrong; she didn't deserve to be unhappy. She just needed something to fill that emptiness inside, and what better to fill it than music and dancing? She's already given up on everything else, so what does it matter if she'll be dancing forever? Dancing makes her happy, and if she never stops dancing, she'll never stop being happy.

That last one is the scary one, when you really get into it, because Twilight wasn't actually trying to hurt or punish Rainbow for anything: She was helping her. Yes, the idea that dancing forever and ever without stopping is "helping" is insane. But then, isn't that the point?

Very dark. I like it.

Man, insane or not Twi's a total ass.

If Applejack hadn't vanished that night, would both of then still be here?

If Applejack hadn't vanished that night, would both of them still be here?

There was a great, big world out there, Pinkie realized, and so many ponies that just needed a smile.

Heh. She's turned into the Joker!

6700552 ... That is a beautiful observation of the chain of events.

Pity there aren't more that know the rules of the Courts. They would know that a fairy always sticks to the rules. Rules make such lovely fences to keep away the danger.

@ Author
If I understood more about their don't's and do's, I'd try to write a Magic is Fae fic, but sadly I'm not hat familiar, lol. Not the first time I've read this, but I always enjoy it.

Author Interviewer

What a marvelous and original concept. :D

I knew I was in for a treat when I saw the Discworld-inspired story description. You most certainly did not disappoint. A truly wondrous, enchanting, and otherwise misleadingly described tale. Thank you for it.

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